Tuesday, November 22, 2005

A Dissertation: Inside Out Reeses

I almost hate to tell you all about Inside Out Reeses. Unfortunately they are "Limited Edition" and currently only available in random stores located in areas of the country where people do not share my appreciation for the lovely delicacies called Inside Outs and thus still have a back shelf with a few remaining bags of of Halloween candy. The last time I was able to locate Inside Outs in a retail establishment was weekend before last in Cambridge in the grocery store next to the MIT Hotel--and they were 75% off (a good deal always tastes better). You may wonder why I would choose to write my first blog about a piece of candy. If you're wondering, it's because you don't know me.

I looooooove sweets. I'm actually not that huge of a candy fan--at least when you compare my affinity for candy to my fondness for bakery icing, oreo encrusted triple chocolate Ghiradelli brownies, petit fours, peanut butter pie, white chocolate bread pudding with bananas foster, hot chocolate glazed cream filled Krispy Kreme doughnuts served hot after a second run through on the glazing convyer belt, or double doozies. Don't get me wrong--yesterday I ate half a bag of Hersey Kisses (the new ones that are filled with peanut butter....I must recommend those as well) and until recently thought two Snickers constituted a perfectly acceptable dinner but that's only because the only good bakery in Macon is inconveniently located and I don't bake that much now that I work. Plus lately I've been trying to be more healthy.

Ok back to why I'm writing about Inside Outs. I had not really thought about Reeses cups very much in the last few years until last fall. Like I said, candy isn't that big of a draw for me. I'm guessing I first tried them at my sister's house last October since she is really good about buying excellent Halloween candy. I remember picking out all the Inside Outs from her bowl and eating them. And then one Saturday on my way back from my friend Ryan's apartment in Covington I realized I was hungry. Since I was in some small Georgia town where my cell phone didn't work my choices were Wendy's or CVS. I chose CVS and bought a bag of Inside Outs. I know--not a healthy breakfast/lunch/dinner that day but yummy delicious! Sadly they were limited edition though....and not to be found despite my valiant search efforts until......

About six weeks ago, I received a package at work from a very handsome and kind friend I will call Donatello (to protect his identity). Almost immediately I ate ten sitting there at my desk. I wonder if the janitors see my garbage and think I'm a bulimic who binges on candy. Anyway Inside Outs are that good (and I have that little will power). Instead of the outer laying consisting of chocolate, peanut butter comprises the exterior. A subpar chocolate substance is in the middle--but nevertheless Inside Outs are absolutely delicious. I gave one to a secretary at my office, and she agreed. Donatello also agrees, but he cannot compete with my Inside Out consumption. I'll be honest though--he beats me hands down when it comes to regular Reeses and Big Cup consumption (sometimes he eats them when he wakes up at 3 in the morning...now that's dedication).The only downside to Inside Outs besides the fact that they are limited edition (but I wonder if that is part of the reason I like them so much?) is that I can't buy bags of them--simply because I'm too compulsive--I would eat them for breakfast, lunch, and dinner until they are all gone and never get any nutrients (at least peanut butter has protein, right?). Last year you could buy two at a time in single serving packages but not this year. My photo image must be from last year. Fortunately my buddy Donatello understands my nature and has been kind enough to send me one or two Inside Outs at a time so that I can enjoy a single serving. Sometimes they are smooshed because paper envelopes tend to allow for that, but rest assured my dear readers: Inside Outs taste just as delicious whether in their natural form or in the form of a pancake. In fact, I suspect that some of the fat in Inside Outs may be removed by the USPS's squashing (my theory is supported by the greasiness of the black wrapper upon the candy's removal--kind of like a napkin you use to blot pizza). Another good thing about Inside Outs: the packages are so easy to open--easier than regular Reeses cups.Keep your eyes open...you might luck up and run across an Inside Out....I promise you won't be disappointed!