Monday, September 12, 2011

We're Having a Boy!!

The day before Father's Day I found out that I was pregnant--just in time to give Blake an early Father's Day present. I wrapped up the positive pregnancy test and put it in a gift bag along with a card from Thatcher, and upon opening, Blake asked me "What does this mean?" I found his response hilarious as the test clearly identifies what two pink lines mean, and my husband has an engineering background and usually has no problem reading any test results. Needless to say he was ecstatic but cautiously so (he wasn't sure the test was reliable:). It became more real for him when we visited the doctor a few weeks later and were able to see our miracle on the ultrasound screen. Such a sweet relief to see the heartbeat.

Since then we've been able to see our baby two more times, and on our last visit we learned that our baby is a boy. We're naming him Jackson Ty. Jackson is my maiden name. We chose his middle name because I called my great uncle--"Uncle Ty"--as I couldn't pronounce Chester. I'm not sure how I came up with "Ty" (maybe because he often wore ties?), but it stuck and we all called him Uncle Ty. His wife helped raise my sister and me, and Uncle Ty often joined us for picnics, baton twirling, or harmonica playing.  He was a dear man and a blessing to our family.

The last 17 weeks have been so exciting and such a constant reminder of God's goodness and blessings. I love knowing our baby's name and being able to pray for him specifically. Plus it's great for me to mentally prepare for a boy since my sister has 3 girls; I'm 1 of 2 girls, and my mother is 1 of 3 girls.

The last 17 weeks have also felt like my body has a science project going on within it. It's really amazing how much everything is changing and how much I'm learning.

In other great news, we're back in our house and loving it. It's very comforting to finally be settling in.

p.s. I'm thankful for baby Jack and ultrasound technology that allows me to see him. I'm already looking forward to our next appointment.