Monday, December 23, 2013


Oh the joy of Christmas is so evident this year as I see the celebrations through Jackson's eyes.  After about 10 days of being house-bound with RSV, we've embarked on our Christmas festivities, and I'm not sure I've ever looked more forward to the get-together we hosted with my mom's side of the family.  I was so ready for company and to be with people and celebrate (after canceling two Christmas dinners we were suppose to host for friends and a Bible study).  Tonight I've reflected on the joy I've witnessed the last 3 days, and here are a few snapshots:
  • My father in law's impatience and excitement for Jackson to open his last gift tonight: a tricycle "lowrider" and hearing Jackson's giggles and "wee" as he was pushed on it through their house;
  • Our quick visit to see my great aunt and how incredibly proud she was to hold Ella Kate (as I helped) and to see Jackson.  One of my prayers was that she would live long enough to meet my children, and at 93, she's done just that and has enjoyed every minute of knowing them;
  • Jackson's sheer joy at having 16 people in our house Friday night--half of whom were children--and how much he adores my mother;
  • how my Dad's sister couldn't wait to give Jackson a ball when she arrived at our Christmas lunch yesterday and how his face lit up as he pronounced it "ball";
  • how loved Blake and I felt by our friend and babysitter Bess' gifts to our family which included a "gift certificate" for an overnight baby-sitting date;
  • how excited I am by the North Face sweater pullover my in-laws got me (silly I know, but we're on a budget these days, and I've really wanted this top!);
  • seeing my step sister-in-law 8 months pregnant tonight after their years of trying to have their second child; and
  • how my friend Chasie wanted to serve and love Blake and me by keeping our children this morning, so we could have a child-free breakfast together.
What an incredible season this is for so many reasons. I just cannot get over how much fun this Christmas has already been simply because of our son's joy as he sees friends and family, opens boxes and bags with toys, tries new foods and treats, and stays up past his bedtime to play.  I love our sweet little family of 4 and that next year Ella Kate will be almost Jackson's age and getting to have this same experience.  What a good God we celebrate!

p.s. I'm thankful for the two boxes of forgotten cookies my mom made for me (that I've already consumed:) and for my bright-eyed baby girl.

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Wordless Wednesday: RSV

p.s. I'm thankful that we seem to be over the worst of RSV. 

Friday, December 13, 2013

Favorite Things

I have so many random ideas for a post, but none are particularly compelling. So here are a few of my favorite things right now:

  • the fig preserves, arugula, gouda, and prosciutto pizza at Community Pie;
  • how Jackson's vocabulary is expanding so quickly and never knowing when he'll blurt out a new word (recent additions include shark, football, Nanee, book);
  • our Christmas tree;
  • that my husband is currently making pink origami stars for our daughter's bedroom;
  • having holiday traditions and time with family to look forward to and knowing that Jackson will enjoy it all so much more this year;
  • the incredible way God continues to bless us and our friends, especially the long-awaited answered prayers;
  • that we have already sleep trained our daughter and I'm getting at least 3-4 hour stretches between feedings;
  • how much Jackson and Blake enjoyed their recent "boy day" together while Ella Kate and I visited my home town;
  • how excited Jackson gets when he gets to play with play dough, gets his twice daily milk, or any other treat that isn't permitted all day long;
  • friends and their sweet children who brought my sick kiddos toys and cards today;
  • that Ella Kate doesn't cry for what seems like no reason any more & is so sweet and pleasant;
  • that more days than not both children sleep until 7-7:30;
  • that Jackson currently loves praying (although he has no idea what we're doing but will continue to sign for more as soon as we say amen);
  • a surprise visit from my friend Chasie and her new beau;
  • Tootsie Roll pops; &
  • how thoughtful and generous my mom is.
p.s. I'm thankful for a season dedicated to celebrating the birth of our Savior.