Saturday, July 30, 2011

The End is in Sight!

Thankfully it looks like we'll be moving back into our home at the end of next week. We're loving the way our house is looking and are so glad to have an end to all of this in sight. I imagine that by the end of August we'll be finished with all of this storm-related busyness, including the multiple phone calls to our mortgage company asking them to send the checks they were supposed to have already mailed, emails to our insurance adjuster to claim our depreciation money (so we can pay our contractor), and all of that hassle.

We finally got power back to our house (we've just had a temporary pole for construction purposes) a few weeks ago, so last weekend we finally installed the chandelier I bought last January for our dining room. I love it!

It's going to be nice to have more free time and for Blake not to be so stressed out and busy driving over to our house all the time. And maybe I'll find time to blog more; it's definitely fun to have a journal of some sort to reflect back on from time to time. Hope you're all well :)

p.s. I'm grateful for lazy Saturdays.