Friday, March 26, 2010


Blake (previous blog alias: Clay) and I walked Thatcher last Saturday night after dinner at Hennen's. During our walk at the park we came to a grassy area that's sort of isolated in the woods and surrounded by a round cement structure. Clay commented on how pretty it was since it was lit up, and I walked over to inspect the lights. Then I realized they were candles. I had a brief moment of suspicion but quickly dismissed it, simply thinking the candles must have been left by someone. After all Blake & I had been together all evening. When we reached the middle of the circle Blake started fumbling with his jacket pocket, and I realized he was about to propose. It was really sweet and felt surreal and after talking for a bit we walked over to the other nearby park to see some of our close friends (half of whom knew what was going on and half who were excited to hear the news). Thatcher didn't seem to have strong feelings either way :)

Since then I've been so excited (and anxious to get things planned) that I've barely been able to sleep. I couldn't be happier and am planning to get married June 12.

If you're like me and like to ready people's "stories," you can read about our first date here (where I say that I will not go out with Blake, my neighbor, again even though I had a great time:), our second date & how I judged him too quickly here, third date, fourth date, the eleventh date, and how I missed him when I was in Nicaragua, the delightful birthday surprise he gave me....that's at least the start of this story....

Happy Friday!

p.s. I'm thankful that I've been patient and didn't settle for less than God's best, especially when people told me I was "too picky," that who I was looking for didn't exist, etc.