Monday, October 24, 2011

Spoiled Thatch, Spaghetti Squash, and Sweatpants

So this week Jackson is slightly longer than a spaghetti squash (these fruit/vegetable analogies crack me up), and I'm realizing more and more of what a challenge we're going to have with our dog Thatcher when Jackson arrives.  We let Thatcher get away with a lot because he's so adorable, but it seems like it's time to be more strict with him.  Unfortunately I think Blake and I have both been more lax with him lately because we feel badly about how dethroned he'll feel once our baby arrives.  We're not worried about him hurting Jackson as Thatcher has been around babies and young children with no issues other than licking them too much; rather we're concerned about Thatcher being jealous and barking--like when we're holding Jackson and there isn't room in our lap for Thatcher.  Short of carrying around a baby doll to get Thatcher used to something else having our attention, I'm not really sure what to do to prepare him prior to Jackson's arrival. Any ideas?

As for sweatpants, if you're looking for a slightly dressier alternative, you should try maternity pants. 

p.s. I'm thankful that I can feel Jackson kick now.  The night of my last post I felt him for the first time, and it was so strange. I'm getting used to it now and love knowing he's moving around.

Thursday, October 06, 2011

10 Things

(1) We're halfway there! I'm 20 weeks pregnant today. 

(2) I've told my bosses that I'm not returning to work after Jackson's birth (because they asked)...and I'm thrilled to be able to stay at home.  Heck, I'd love to stay at home right now with Thatcher :) He needs love too.

(3) I still haven't felt Jack (at least to my knowledge), and last week I learned that I have an anterior placenta which means I'll feel his movement later than I would otherwise.

(4) I want to do some before and after posts to show the house progress, but I'm evidently too lazy to take and upload photos.  We're not doing a good job with the belly bump photos either....

(5) This weather is fantastic and makes me really grateful for the good job Blake did with our screened in backdoor porch and for the great deals we got on our outdoor furniture (yeah for Pottery Barn outlet having the same things as the regular Pottery Barn but for a fraction of the cost).

(6) I finally got to take Blake to my family's land in South Georgia for some 4-wheeling fun.  He and Thatcher loved it!  I couldn't believe what a little country dog Thatch became.

(7) There's definitely room in the maternity clothing market for a reasonably priced, well-made line of clothing, particularly for professionals.  Why is it that retailers think that now that I'm getting big that I want to wear teal and lavender (to the exclusion of colors like white and gray), loud prints, and cheaply made clothes? 

(8) It's depressing, but I really like The Civil Wars' "Poison and Wine."

(9) Over a year later and I'm still addicted to Words with Friends. Leave your username if you'd like to play.

(10) I think my blog was more interesting when I had dating stories, but I do not miss the drama and sometimes ridiculousness of dating. 

p.s. I'm grateful that I'm not working tomorrow and am heading to Nashville for fun with great friends.