Wednesday, November 25, 2009

This & That....

It's almost the end of November, so I figured it might be time for my monthly blog post. I hope you're having a great fall and as excited as I am by the four day weekend, time with family, and yummy food. Here are some random thoughts:

Thanks to my boss I tried (for free) the new Starbucks creme brulee caramel latte. The whip cream and caramel brulee bits were delicious, but the actual latte wasn't very good.

I had brie with jam wrapped in phyllo last night. It was DELICIOUS.

We saw this ad the other day, and Clay thought it was awesome. Maybe you will too.

Here are some excerpts from a recent deposition of one of my clients:

Opposing counsel: "Do you have type 1 or type 2 diabetes?"

My client: "Well the doctor told me to quit eating those sweet Little Debbies." [Ah, gotcha, you totally answered that question]

My client: [From out of nowhere during a break] My lawyer here, she's a good looking woman. She's like a movie star or something, isn't she?

Opposing counsel: [Blank stare. Then states:] "Let's get that on the record."

My client constantly compliments me on what a fine lawyer I am, how I am good looking and shouldn't live alone because I need someone to keep me warm on cold nights, etc. He's evidently read that flattery (or his version of it) will get you better service. That is, until the other day when he asked me if the opposing counsel and/or insurance company had bribed me to do their dirty work. Sigh.

Recent Facebook status update from a girl I went to high school with:

"Life is good, God is great and men are sleezy. I am going to take a bubble bath and think about how truly blessed I am I don't have to come home to a man. I am free! Good God Almighty Free at last...."

p.s. I am thankful for a relaxed weekend with no working responsibilities, good books to read, time with my nieces, spending my first major holiday with Clay, and that my sister's third daughter should be here two months from now.