Sunday, September 28, 2008

Krystal Square Off: Highlight of My Weekend

I've finally found something that tops arena II football. It's the Krystal Square Off complete with "bunnettes" (the girls who stand behind the competitors with flip charts showing how many Krystals each contestant has consumed), a professional announcer (who evidently shows up at most eating contests), and contestants with names like Hall "Hoover" Hunt and Rich “”The Locust”” LeFevre.

We arrived shortly before the amateur contest began with just enough time to play with the sumo wrestling outfits. The amateur contest consisted of several partners who raced to see which pair could both eat a sackful of Krystals first. The team that won was a husband and wife with their young child standing between them as they stuffed their faces. The wife actually finished her bag first. The announcer, who was tanned and wearing a suit and hat, said that these competitors were serving their country with each bite that they ate. He practically said that they were patriots, and I wanted to lead the crowd in singing that Lee Greenwood song that goes "I'm proud to be an American where at least I know I'm free. And I won't forget the men who died (or ate the most Krystals as the case may be) to give that right to me."

A bit later the announcer introduced the professional eaters. Listening to their resumes was fantastic, although my friends and I seemd to be the only ones in the crowd finding humor. One contestant is a vegetarian who evidently gave up his convictions to participate in this event, although I guess arguably the slim grey stuff in Krystals isn't meat. Another is a record holder in eating date nut bread and fried asparagus. One crossed "disciplines" (he usually eats sweets) to participate in the event. Needless to say it was a fine display of American heroes, or at least that's what the announcer implied. Many of the 10,000 crowd members agreed. The announcer called the contestants "warriors" and compared one's bowels to a serpent. In short, it was hilarious.

The winner, Joey "Jaws" Chesnut, ate 93 Krystals in 8 minutes. I think he was the one who dipped his Krystals in Kool-Aid prior to consumption, but it was sort of hard to see (we didn't arrive early to snag good seats). All of the contestants seemed to dip the burgers in water before shoveling them in their mouth. And what's really gross is that people were vying to get the left-over Krystals that the competitors didn't eat, which surely had sweat, salivia, and water all over them.

Needless to say I'm applying to be a bunnette next year.

p.s. I'm grateful for silliness and random events like this that make me smile all day long.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

I'm That Girl*

* This post is shamelessly copied from this post on this blog.

I'm the girl who spends entirely too much time editing a blog post, letter, or brief because I think I'm only valuable if people think I'm perfect.

I'm the girl who likes to talk about irresponsible or lazy or "insert another adjective here" people to remind myself that I'm not that "bad" because at least I don't do what they do.

I'm the girl who often struggles to notice the good over the bad.

I'm the girl who had to do something she never thought she would to understand that there is no sin that I'm not capable of committing.

I'm the girl who sometimes wonder why faithful Christians want to be friends with me. What do they really think of me? Do they think less of me b/c I'm fairly new to this whole "crazy Christian" thing?

I'm the girl who really thinks five pounds make a big difference. Or at least enough of a difference for me to waste hours thinking about it.

I'm the girl who sometimes overshares to distract you from who I really am because there's a part of me that can't believe you'll like what you see.

I'm the girl who wants open and honest relationships yet feels incredibly stung when given constructive feedback.

I'm the girl who worries that she said too much. And I'm the girl who does say too much.

I'm the girl who gets mad at her family for not being exactly who I think they should be. And I'm the girl who gets mad at myself for being so unreasonable.

I'm the girl who always has to have on concealer and who powders her nose and puts on lipstick a ridiculous number of times a day.

I'm the girl who found time today to write this post, check out Facebook several times, go by Starbucks twice, attend a birthday party, chit-chat over cheesecake, workout, and grocery shop, but didn't spend a minute in God's Word despite the fact that I'd say that was one of the most important things a person can do--and that it's one of the things that has been most life changing for me.

I like how Los ended his post:

"But you know what?
More than all of this.
I’m a guy who is going to continue to let God use him in spite of all that $hizz.
Because in spite of all that crap…God is using me and is only just beginning.

When are you going to stop waiting until you are out of your sinfest and let God use you in the midst of your arrogant and sinful chaos?
Get over yourself.
It’s better that way."

I agree.

p.s. I'm grateful that I'm working from home tomorrow. I get SO much more accomplished that way. Plus I get to sleep later, wear pjs, watch the news, and just generally feel grateful that I'm no longer an associate at a firm that doesn't get it.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Would You Rather?

The first time I remember playing this game was in middle school on a field trip. I thought I invented it, but I've since realized that this game has probably been around for a lot longer than I've been alive.

So lets play. Feel free to reply to these or with your own would you rathers.

Would you rather become deaf or blind?

Would you rather hurt or be hurt? Love or be loved?

Would you rather have milk chocolate chips in your cookies or semisweet?

Would you rather have a free 10 day trip to Australia or a 20 day trip to Italy?

Would you rather go on the trip alone or with a friend?

Would you rather weigh 30 pounds more than you currently do for the rest of your life or live 5 years less than you would otherwise?

Would you rather pay $21 for some cute trouser jeans from JcPenney's plus $7 shipping or $79 for a pair of Citizens jeans? Yeah, the irony of this kills me. My friend Isabella had some cute jeans with her when she visited me; I tried them on and liked them so much I wore them to dinner. And get this--they're $21 at JcPenney's, but I've refused to order them because I keep thinking I'll go by the mall to avoid the $7 or so of shipping. But when I was a boutique warehouse sale on Friday I didn't think anything of paying $79 for a pair of Citizens (and I got a pair of Citizen cords for $69). In fact, I was elated by this "steal." It's funny how our minds work when it comes to money (I'm sure Accidentally Me can add to this re: the current banking situation).

p.s. I'm grateful for the incredible beauty that surrounds me. I hear it in the music Pandora so carefully selects for me. I see it in the mountains I drive through on my commute. I felt it tonight when I walked with my nieces on the streets I've been walking and running for two decades now. I experience it when I reflect on the faithfulness and grace of the God who I'll never completely understand.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Life Then v. Life Now

After doing my senior year of high school/freshman year of college at Mercer, I transferred to the University of Georgia. UGA was odd to me in that most people seemed to hang out with their high school friends--not branching far beyond that group. Unfortunately despite my gradauting class' size, only three of us were attending UGA. Nic and I lived in the same apartment complex, and Greg lived around the corner. We saw each other pretty much every day. Greg and I ran together and watched Silk Stalkings at night. We had numerous Taco Stand and Hodgson's ice cream (25 cents a scoop!) runs. I even stole Greg's keys out of his pocket one night to drive Nic and me home (and I should definitely not have been driving), leaving him stranded downtown with a not-cute girl. And he wasn't even mad at me. And I've not talked to Greg in at least two years.

My boss from this last year at PTM called me tonight to tell me that they've missed me and to check in, and it's hard for me to believe I left such an awesome place where I felt so loved and appreciated. And I miss them a lot. In fact, whenever I think about starting to volunteer at the afterschool program nearby I get upset b/c it makes me miss PTM so much. And then I start thinking about my life in Nashville and the people that I miss.

With the way life is now, there will be hundreds of people who play important roles in our lives but eventually will just be memories. We won't necessarily know (unless they are our Facebook friend:) if they are doing well, are healthy, married, etc. And it's just weird. It's almost bizarre when you think about it. Just 100 years ago I imagine that most people never went more than a few miles from their homes--ever. They invested in the same community and people for their entire lifetime, only saying good-bye when someone died. Granted, I like having mobility and not being destined to live where I was born for my entire life, but there's just something bittersweet (and a bit emotionally exhausting) about the rapid way our lives change and how transient we are now. It's difficult to stay invested in old relationships and make time for new ones. It's challenging to let go of people, realizing that you can't move forward and cling to everyone from the past. And it's not that I even want to; it's just odd to think about how integral people have been in my life, and now how I don't even know their phone numbers.

p.s. I'm grateful for the healing relationships God placed in my life this last year. As much as people come and go, it's awesome to have relationships that will hopefully have a lifelong effect on me.

Monday, September 15, 2008

If You Have to Wonder, the Answer is Yes

* It's disconcerting that (1) so many people are googling "does my boyfriend look like a child molester?" and that (2) when you google that my blog is the first site google listed.

* I went to my very first polo match (or is it game?) on Sunday. Very random and entertaining. I avoided the "steaming divot" that I knew about from my multiple childhood (and adult) viewings of Pretty Woman. Check out that horsey's mohawk! It's like a horse from the '80s or something.

* I walked to Subway for a sandwich this evening, and that wonderful cool fall feeling was in the air; and it made me ridiculously excited. Yeah for having to decide if I should wear long or short sleeves or shorts to run or pants!

* As I sat outside and ate my sandwich, I marveled at how blessed I am. So many prayers have been answered with this move. A group of girls met at my place tonight for our first weekly Bible study--how great to already know five girls who want to study scripture together (and a Tim Keller study no less:). I've been seeing my family one night a week since I moved, which I love. My loft is perfect and well worth the rent. I've found a church that is gospel-centered and warm and welcoming, and already have a regular after-church lunch group. And I'm working from home 2-3 days a week, which means lunchtime runs, pjs, sleeping until 9:30, and getting chores done in between tasks instead of driving a commute.

* I have a crush. And that's all I'm saying about that.

* I'm digging Pandora, especially when I put in Counting Crows.

* There's an afterschool program that I can volunteer at about two blocks away. I may go tomorrow.

p.s. I'm grateful that God is ok with me being a hot mess and continues to pursue me despite how I reject Him.

Wednesday, September 10, 2008


On rare occasion I allow myself a late night run. Tonight was one of those nights, and as I ran through my father's neighborhood, I thought about why I love running in the dark the most.

I am unobserved. I am not distracted. It is quiet. I can hear the pounding of my feet and the sounds of insects. The moon shines on me instead of the hot sun. Only one car passes me the entire time. The rustle in the wooded area beside me reminds me of the feeling of the unknown--the same feeling I experienced as I hiked through the rain forest to a deserted beach in Costa Rica--not knowing what was in the trees around me. I feel alone. It is just my thoughts and me.

p.s. I'm grateful for the comments on my blog. I love reading others' perspectives. I went by Starbucks after work. They weren't super friendly but did give me a free drink. Lesson learned: As I've often declared--drive thrus are bad, and I shouldn't have been going through one. If I'd purchased the drink inside, this would not have happened. And I should find a less expensive alternative to Starbucks.

Consumer Survey...

so if you paid $4 this morning (which is a discounted cost thanks to my registered Starbucks gift card, which of course allows them to track my spending...sigh:) for a venti cinnamon dolce latte, and then as you drove away, you realized it was only slightly more than half full, what would you do? Assume you did not have the time to return to the store to handle the issue then. Here are a few possible choices:

(a) Let it go. Who cares?
(b) Ok, this is my final sign. I should NOT buy drinks from Starbucks. It's a rip off, and the drinks are too inconsistent from visit to visit.
(c) Stop by the store on my way home this afternoon and ask that they credit my giftcard with the cost of the drink. If the make amends, resume business as usual.
(d) Other (and please elaborate)

p.s. I'm grateful that this is the biggest problem I've faced today. Well that's not true exactly, but regardless my problems are all pretty insignificant.

Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Politics are Bad for My Blood Pressure

And like many politicians do, I just made a statement that might be true but for which I have no real proof. Anyway, I became entirely too angry while watching Campbell Brown interview a McCain representative this weekend. While Brown asked some relevant questions and attempted to get a straight answer, she also went entirely too far and made a mockery of her position as a "news anchor." For example, Brown strongly implied that Palin was a bad mother for accepting the vice presidential nomination and thrusting her pregnant daughter into the spotlight. I cannot imagine the same insinuation would be made if Palin was a man. And her pregnant daughter wouldn't be so much in the spotlight if anchors like Brown would focus on more newsworthy topics; surely CNN can find something else to criticize about Palin besides her parenting skills. Sigh.

CNN has been my network of choice for years now. I've recognized that it has a bias to the left but always felt like Fox News was even more slanted to the right (not to mention that its morning show is incredibly juvenile and irritating--or at least it was two years ago--the last time I watched it). Now both networks seem to be staffed by "commentators" more than reporters, which means everything is "reported" with misplaced cynicism, enthusiasm, sensationalism, etc. depending on the candidate. If you know about a more neutral news source, please share. Regardless I need not get so angry about it (or the continued computer issues at work....although I do now have my laptop--even if I can't have more than one internet explorer window open at a time...weird!).

p.s. I'm grateful for my friends Isabella and Chasie's visit to Chatty this weekend. We had a lot of fun, and I liked sharing part of my life here with them.