Sunday, May 30, 2010

Spanx for Men....

Did you know this existed? I was searching for a tie for Blake for the wedding when I ran across this creation.

Only 12 more days until our wedding, and we're both ready for this busy engagement season to be behind us and to be married (and on the beach in Dominican Republic). It's been a stressful season but such constant confirmation to me that I am incredibly blessed to be marrying Blake. The closest thing we've had to an argument was a one hour disagreement about whether or not I'd walk down the aisle, which given all of the decisions and whatnot we've had to handle is fantastic.

So two more cool things.....

(1) Our photographer contacted me. Yes, I didn't have to call or look for a photographer. Amy Beth emailed me to see if she could be of help! She's been reading my blog for over a year and photographs as a side job. She's definitely talented, and from reading her blog, I can tell she's a beautiful person. I'll meet her this week for the first time in person :) Gotta love the blogosphere.

(2) Speaking of the blogosphere, I helped host a baby shower last Saturday when one of the guests approached me and said I looked familiar....because she reads my blog! Ha. She doesn't blog but recognized me from photos. Small world.

I hope everyone is enjoying the long weekend!

p.s. I'm grateful for the rest I've gotten this weekend and for unexpected time with my friend Chasie.

Wednesday, May 05, 2010

"I Can Just Get Over It"

Given my aversion to effectively handling interpersonal conflict, I often, at least initially, take the position that "I can just get over" whatever has bothered me. I'm not sure this isn't a good approach--after all, I don't need to confront everyone about everything, especially since some things sting in the moment but are quickly forgotten.

On the flip side, sometimes I don't just get over it, and after a few weeks, I realize that I've become a little bitter and I've complained about the situation to others rather than maturely discussed it with those directly involved. As I began to write this post, I contemplated sharing the situation with you all. After all, I suspect most of you would agree with my position, and then I'd feel even more justified in my frustration. I would still not, however, be remotely justified in my delay in actually handling the situation as a Christian is called to do. So this afternoon I will (1) ask for forgiveness in how I've vented entirely too much about this and become bitter and (2) explain my frustration and seek understanding. Of course, I almost dread this conversation. I wonder when I'll finally learn that in some instances I just need to deal with things and not stew on them. I'm guessing marriage will give me some opportunities to practice handling things in a more immediate way since it might be hard to live with someone while I'm stewing :) Thankfully Blake is great at handling interpersonal conflict and calling me out when I appear to be pouting.

In other, oh-so-exciting-news, I think I'm going to go with roses as seen in this photograph but in pink. Blake will likely be wearing a navy suit, so should he wear a pink tie? I love navy and pink together....

p.s. I'm grateful for my time with my friend Allison this weekend (and that she wasn't at home in Nashville during the flood) and the super fun lingerie shower on Saturday night.