Friday, March 13, 2015

Friday Funday

I am spending today in a continuing legal education course, so of course, I have no excuse not to blog! Thankfully Nilsa's Friday Funday provided me with an easy blogging template for the day.

The highlight of my week was the seven hour break I had yesterday! Both children have been sick and sleeping poorly since Sunday, and I've been exhausted and grumpy.  We haven't been able to go anywhere since one or both have had fevers (and I don't want to infect others) and it's been raining most days, so this week has felt loooooong.  So I was extra grateful that my in-laws planned a fun day with both children. I had lunch out with Blake, did chores, watched Blue Bloods, got a pedicure, and almost finished my library book.  Lovely!

The low point of my week was just seeing how grumpy I get when I don't get good nighttime sleep (so many night wakings) or breaks (because naps were a mess).  I love being a stay at home mom, but man, it's really hard when the kiddos are sick.

The best book/article I read was the library book I just finished: The Sins of the Father by Jeffrey Archer.

My favorite photograph I took was snapped with my Iphone (so not that great) of my son wearing only an apron and underoos, pretending to be a baker.

This week's workouts were limited to two runs of a little over a mile each plus some walking since I couldn't go to the gym (because kids had fevers).  Last week I tried two P90x classes and made it to the gym 3 times!  My goal is to be in shape by April 18 since Blake and I have registered for a 5k with friends.

The best money I spent was on my lunch date yesterday with my husband.

My weekend plans include a night out with friends tomorrow to celebrate a birthday and check out a new upscale bar and bowling alley.

p.s. I'm thankful both children seem to finally be fever free!