Thursday, April 06, 2006

Jane says I’m goin’ away to Spain when I get my money saved….

Ah reality! It’s back upon me. Seven days of sun, sleeping in, hot tubs, beach, wearing bikinis and flip flops instead of suits, working out, eating excessive amounts of guacamole, new/clean sheets every night (sorry environment), relaxation, and a bunch of free stuff was absolutely awesome. Highlights include: not thinking, not paying for meals and drinks (and hotel and airfare), seeing Donatello seven days in a row, the surprise gifts Donatello had for me (an ipod nano, Big Fish—the book, Reeses peanut butter eggs, Robin Eggs, and a bottle of grenadine), the surprise gifts from the company that were in our room every night when we returned from dinner, ordering five shots of Tequila for some Florida fans and not having to pay for them, and seeing Maria Shriver about ten times as she was staying at our hotel. I also enjoyed playing some really mature games like tugboat and star.

What a blessing. I certainly could not afford a trip like this on my own, and it was absolutely delightful. So thank you Donatello for including me on your Mutant Ninja Turtle adventure! Cowabunga!

While on vacation I also continued my slow read of Passion & Purity by Elisabeth Elliot. It’s not really an easy or fun read, and it doesn’t flow all that well. And it’s pretty hard to relate to Elliot thus far. She was a lot further along in her walk with Christ than I think I am and had lived a much more sheltered life (especially given the era in which the events took place) and was a missionary. With all of that being said, I wish I had read the book sooner (like six months ago when Laura loaned it to me). There are a lot of truths in the book regardless of how well I can relate to Elliot’s story, and the one that I’m working on learning to incorporate right now is submitting my pain/sadness/disappointment to God. I’m really big on talking things out and feeling really emotional and praying, but I never really submit my feelings to God and hand them over….I think that instead I wallow in them sometimes. I’m sure there is a correct balance to be had, but I don’t quite yet know what it is. Maybe a nice long trip to southern Spain would help me figure it out…..

Donatello & his new friends


spam_price said...

Sounds like you all had a wonderful time! You can't beat hot tubs and guacamole :-)

I find that I generally have trouble submitting to God's Lordship over all aspects of my life. Being someone that is proactive, it is difficult to stand back sometimes and let God's timing be my focus. Either that or I decide that without my action God can accomplish nothing. Both are pretty foolish.

Don't know if the answers are in Spain, but maybe Perry Farrell can give us a clue? or maybe not??!

Rjj said...

Glad you two made it back O,K. and hope you got rested up. Hope to talk with you soon.

Anonymous said...

sounds like you had a terrific time. I wish I could've gone with you.

Jordan said...

when do you go to southern spain? make sure you see seville, there is a beautiful fragrance of flowers everywhere and orange trees on the sidewalk and gibraltar is simply an amazing place....the rock is huge and you can see Africa from there....Have fun!

Ally said...

Oh no "real" plans to go to Spain. I definitely think another extended stay in Spain would be awesome...Unfortunately I only get ten vacation days a year (which no other associates actually take), and I've already used I probably won't be going until next year. Seville is definitely on my list of places to visit as is Cadiz. I'd like to hop over to Africa too....Thanks for the recommendations!

kathrynthomas said...

i think the thing about passion and purity is that opposed to other books of the same sort (i'm thinking of that fellow joshua harris), elliot is saying that this is what she did, not read this book like a handbook for relationships. i respect that, atleast.

as for reading elliot, i invite you to read in the shadow of the almighty, a much more comprehensive book that gives more of an understanding of the lives they (elisabeth and jim) led together, as well as their relationship. this book is excerpts from jim eliot's journals. (if you're feeling especially motivated, his journals are an interesting read). the man journaled just near every day of his life. it's wow.

i'd send you my copy, but i lent it out about five years ago and haven't seen it since. :)

i leave you with my favorite quote from elliot. thanks for the birthday wishes also, friend.