Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Gratitude: The Letter "N"

Nerds (the small boxes that you can crack open with your mouth and then swallow the contents like a shot), Niagra Falls, nachos, nail polish (but just for my toes), naps, news, nurses especially nurse-practioners who almost always spend more time with me than doctors, nuts (almonds, peanuts, pecans, and cashews), night, Nutty Butty bars, Nutter Butter cookies, novels (and novel ideas), "Nothingman," and nata-flavored ice cream.

Nieces: They are complete joys. Not only are they great fun, they've brought me much closer to their mother (my sister; there's a pic of her below) and the rest of my family. Every visit home is so exciting because I know I get to be with them.

New: thoughts, ideas, clothes, cars, friends, books, challenges, paper, shoes....there's just something nice about having something brand new. With that being said, I was kind of glad to go ahead and scratch up my new car soon after I bought it. I didn't want to be the kind of person that gets wrapped up with his car being perfect and gets upset about every little scratch or ding.

New Orleans: I've only been twice, and the food is what sticks out in my mind. Brunch at Commanders Palace was probably one of the best meals I've ever enjoyed, and of course, I love pralines since they are practically 100% sugar.

Nicole: She has been my best friend since I was a baby, and amazingly, as much as we've both changed, we're still best friends. It's absolutely wonderful to have a friend who knows your past and your family and really understands why you are who you are. Nicole is married with two children now, so we don't see each other very often; but I cherish our weekly talks on my drive to work. She has become a really strong Christian over the last six years and has been a source of encouragement and inspiration to me.

Nice people: Like the ones who hold the door open for me or see me across the grocery store and make the effort to come speak or send me sweet e-mails to tell me that they appreciate me...in short, the people who make life a lot more pleasant.

Nice, France: The people there were so kind and helpful (unlike my experience in their nation's capital), and it was a fun town to knock about.

The Netherlands, specifically Holland: Everyone in Amsterdam seemed very friendly (the marijuana may help with that), and I especially loved the chocolate covered waffles. I went to Ann Frank's house, met a local guy who served as a tour guide for a day, and observed my Southern Baptist traveling companion's shock at the Red Light District. Oh a good small world story: I was standing in line for pizza one afternoon and noticed the guy in front of me looked American and can was wearing Nikes (Americans less-that-stylish shoe choices often give them away). So I started talking to him, and it turned out he was from Georgia too. I asked him which high school he had attended, and when I heard his reply, I asked him if he knew Coach Matherly, who had left my high school to go the one he named. The guy responded that Coach Matherly was his cross country coach. I told him that I'd run cross country with Coach Matherly too, and the guy proceeded to tell me a story that Coach Matherly had shared with them about a runner at my high school who always had to brush her teeth right before a race began. You can guess who that was, can't you?

More pics from the family get-together last weekend (sorry Dr. RJJ, these are my only outdoor pics of Walden):


ella w. said...

You do have nice teeth! All that brushing paid off!

Aaron said...

You bust out 'nerds' from the get-go and Blogger guys get all excited. :D

If your 4R has 4WD, I know some awesome places we can wear the new off. It's worth it for the views, I promise.

Nicole. I wonder if she'd shudder if you told her you still talk to me. ;)

The Netherlands. I think I'm the ONLY person on my team that hasn't spent at least a week there. I'm sure I haven't gone yet because the boss is tired of listening to me complain about that.

Oh, and this American wears Nikes for comfort. Not to pick up chicks in a foreign country. :P Speaking of which, can I borrow $130 to buy next years running shoes?

icadle said...

Nerds the Movie??? hello...

I expect to see Revenge of the Nerds in the appropriate thankful column.

Accidentally Me said...

I like these lists:-) They always make me feel warm and fuzzy!!!

I have to go back and read A-K...

e.b. said...

You had me at nerds....I could do a whole gratitude on New Orleans and agree ten fold on Nice (both in people and in France).

Jeff Price said...

Rock on with Pearl Jam's "Nothingman"! One of my favorites along with "Betterman", which I wanted played at our wedding, but Amy was against for some reason?! Go figure?

Ally said...

Ella: Thanks!

Aaron: I drew the line at 4WD. I knew I'd never use it. I used to be a big Nike fan, but then New Balance came along...and then after that Mizuno came along...p.s. I'll let you know about Nicole:)

Ivy: Duly noted. Check out my "R" list in a few months.

AM: I'm glad. Isn't it awesome how much we have to be thankful for?

e.b.: I wonder what New Orleans is like now. Have you been since Katrina?

Jeff: I always thought I wanted Pearl Jam played at my funeral....and yes, "Betterman" actually out ranks "Nothingman" on my list of favorite Pearl Jam songs. They're both awesome.

Ryane said...

I tried to post this earlier..damn Blogger! I love N's too..

Nirvana, nana's, nighttime, nakedness (b/c let's face it, sometimes it is fun to be naked), Loch Ness, no-work days, nickels, noodles...

Great list!

e.b. said...

No sadly I have not been back. Though I am set to return in just about two weeks.....wahoo!

Ally said...

Ryane: Blogger has been so irritating lately. No-work days are a favorite of mine too, and I'm thrilled to have three of those in my immediate future!

e.b.: I'll be curious to hear how it's changed. Hope you have a fabulous trip.