Sunday, May 20, 2007


Liechtenstein was....well it is evidently one of those countries people visit just so they can say they visited it. We traveled to its capital Vaduz and had a delicious lunch under some umbrellas while watching the patrons at the nearby flea market. There is a pretty castle on the mountain above, and the town is surrounded by gorgeous mountains. Sam was very impressed by the scenery on our one hour train ride, so that alone was worth the day trip.

Tomorrow we have half the day in Zurich before we catch our 5:40 flight to Malta. We are staying at an Intercontinental, so our hotel should be very nice. It is amazing how different the prices for the hotels are in Malta if you book it through the Air Malta website--much less expensive. I am pretty excited about there being a workout room too. I miss doing weights.

Sam and I sort of worked out a deal with this trip. He is much more of a spender than me, especially since I am staying here 33 days. If this was a one week vacation (and I still had a job:), I would likely be o.k. with $200ish hotels. But given the circumstances as they are, I would prefer less expensive places and tend to be game for getting cheap meals more often than not. Sam, on the other hand, prefers very nice hotels and wine, dessert, and appetizers with every meal. So we are staying in nice hotels every single night we are together, but he is using Hilton points to get three nights of our stay. So everyone is happy:) After taking a $60 cab ride to our hotel here in Zurich, he is relieved to do things my way tomorrow with a quick tram and train ride for the bargain cost of about $6 or so.

We also worked out a deal on me getting a few hours alone each day, and it seems to be going ok. At least I did not feel guilty when I declined his dinner invite tonight (I still had half my sandwich from lunch). Sometimes it stinks to be an introvert as I know he takes this "alone time" thing personally (since he has defensively told me that his other travel buddies say they enjoy being with him all the time on their trips), but I know that we are both better off if I insist on chilling out alone some even if I do not think I need it. One thing that is funny about the alone time thing is that I have found that when it comes to boyfriends I do not need nearly as much time away/alone to recharge or not feel irritated. I guess that is why they have been my boyfriends and not just friends?

I had a small world type run in last night in the elevator. A man asked me where I was from, and it turns out he lives in Atlanta and his in-laws live about a few miles from where I lived in Macon.

p.s. I am grateful for e-mail and friends. Even though I am here, I still feel so connected to my friends and family. Except my sister and father who have not written me...or commented (lurkers!). Sigh:)


Anonymous said...

Girl I would probably be looking for coupons in Europe!! I'd want to make the trip for as little $$ as possible. Enjoy and have fun. Are you seriously moving here?

icadle said...

You are such a comment beggar. Sounds like your trip is going well. :-)

Double-A said...

Hey, I commented! In fact, I called you out for not enabling comments on your last blog! :P

I hope you're taking plenty of pics!

Ally said...

FCF: I seriously am moving to Nashville!

allbilly said...

1. did the roommate situation at the hostel make you cringe in regards to having to room with people in Music City USA?

2. You're relatives are glad you are gone! ha...not really.

3. on the diet you see many fat people? I assume all the walking burns off the fat.

4. enjoy.

Kimberly said...

It's so interesting when you find out your friends' "travel personalities." It's like a whole new side of them you never knew. I'm glad you are good at communicating about how you travel especially since there are some differences.
I'm so excited for you to be moving to Nashville too...always seems like a fun city to me. I hope that now that you know that you can enjoy your trip that much more!

Lost said...

Oooh! I am so jealous! I love love reading about your trip and daily adventures! I can even "FEEL" what it's like to not be burdened by the everyday stuff! It's making me totally desperate to plan a big vacation like this for myself!

I hear you on the food...whenever I travel, I realize how in America, we have many more options of so-called healthy food. Yet, strangely despite the rich everyday food in other countries, you notice that there really aren't tons of overweight people. Odd, right?

Lastly, I'm totally with you I NEED alone time even when I am traveling with someone. People I've traveled with are often unintentionally offended. But, I need it. I think that it's b/c most people (our friends included) aren't used to being alone. Plus when you are traveling and asking for alone time, it then forces them to be alone for a short time too.

Look forward to reading more!

brandy said...

I agree with Lost. Alone time is necessary. I tried to avoid it and then half way through Europe my friend and I started going crazy. It's much more awkward to suggest alone time halfway through the trip than if you just say it at the beginning. Sounds like you are having a good time. Can't wait for another update!

ella w. said...

I think the reason people in Europe do not gain weight even after all that heavy food, is that they take their time enjoying their meal. And I guess all the smoking helps too.

Trixie said...

its sucha treat that you have free internet and that way you can do your travel blog as you go from city to city. at the same time, we your readers, can experience what you see through your blog. :)

i'm with you... alone time is nice to have on your trip.

happy travels.

LeiselB said...

Isn't it weird how evident it becomes that you need time alone when traveling with others? I'm glad you got to the place where you could voice your needs...I usually would just spazz out and dissappear once I couldn't take the company any longer. ;)

Ally said...

Leiselb: I just do not think we're designed to just be around one other human 24/7!

Lost: I agree--most people are not comfortable being alone; I find myself sometimes unintentionally filling the space with an ipod, etc. and not really being alone sometimes. I think Ella may be right that the Europeans enjoy their food more and thus perhaps eat less of it? Whereas Americans eat low-fat or low-carb food but are not satisified and then just end up eating more?

Billy: Good questions! (1) No, it didn't! I have thought this whole traveling experience (especially the hostels) is probably in some way helping prepare me for living on a lot less money and with roommates. (2) That is quite possible..... (3)No--I see people who are 5-15 pounds overweight on occasion, but I rarely see an obese person (and when I have they were probably American tourists:) (4) Thanks:)

Anonymous said...

Hey! The blog sounds great. I am glad your trip is relaxing and fun. The food sounds scrumptious! Eat some for me. Hope you are getting your much needed alone time. I totally get it. I look forward to hearing more from you! Love, nic

e.b. said...

enjoy the vacation! think of us in our offices and linger another moment longer at the museum or cafe.