Sunday, June 24, 2007

Fun and Lazy

I saw this on Brandy's blog, and the idea of doing something fun and lazy like this was appealing. Thanks Brandy!

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was preparing to go to Spain for a month to study and live with a family and then traveling through Europe to Amsterdam for two weeks. I finally made it back to some of those places this summer:)

What were you doing 1 year ago?

A year ago today I attended my friends' beautiful wedding (earlier in the day I had eaten Chinese, played tennis, and ran a mile or two...yes, I remember!), and the day before I celebrated my 28th birthday and ended a one year relationship--but that did not keep us from still sharing a fun weekend together.

Five snacks you enjoy:

1) Petit fours, cupcakes, cake, and frosting.
2) Almonds or most any other type of nut.
3) Popcorn....I like it best drizzled with white chocolate.
4) Peanut butter and the form of brownies, cookies, Hershey's kisses with a spoonful of peanut butter, etc.
5) Luna Bars....Nutz over chocolate is the best.

Five songs that you know all the lyrics to:

1) "You Oughta Know" by Alanis Morissette
2) "Anna Begins" by Counting Crows (for an excellent dissertation on the same, check out this blog)
3) "I Think We're Alone Now"....the version I listen to is by a, but the person who gave me the mixed CD didn't list its name; of course, I learned the lyrics originally from...yep, Tiffany
4) "Desperately Wanting" by Better Than Ezra
5) "Open Skies" by David Crowder; I'm still hooked on this song.

Five things you would do if you were a millionaire:

1) Invest more
2) Start some super cool program for children; I'd think up exactly what it would be while exploring Australia.
3) Take my family on a cool trip.
4) Send people random packages of cool stuff they'd like all the much fun would it be to surprise people at their office all the time with their favorite pears from Harry & Davids or something fun from Sephora or the interesting book you saw at Barnes & Noble?
5) Not much different than what I do now....I think I'd keep the same car; I might buy a modest house, but I definitely would not want to buy more stuff.

Five bad habits:

1) ridiculous quantities. And eating the wrong things.
2) Wasting time doing OCD things like cutting split ends or tweezing my eyebrows.
3) Judging others, judging myself, and being prideful....I listened to a sermon on "Blessed Self-Forgetfulness" during my trip, and it helped me realize that while I am not too bad about worrying about what others think I worry too much about what I think....yes, that sounds confusing, but if you could hear the sermon, you'd understand.
4) Procrastinating....for example, I still have not gotten my money out of teachers' retirement, and I taught 7 years ago.
5) Not sitting still despite the desire to do so.

Five things you like doing:

1) the week since I've been back I have taken walks alone and with Sancho (my dog), my nieces, my sister, my best friend, and my mother.
2) Writing
3) Entertaining/Baking/Cooking
4) Talking, especially invigorating conversations with super cool people that get me all wound up and excited about life and humanity and how inspiring humans and thoughts/ideas can be.
5) Learning

Five things you would never wear again:

1) Sebagos particularly with that stupid looking way of tying them.
2) Colored jeans...I had Guess jeans in purple, red with small white polka dots, green, etc.
3) Sweaters and shirts in at least one size too big
4) Bangs
5) Teachers clothes....I have no idea what came over me, but I'm blaming my mother since she footed the bill. I had dresses that could double as maternity wear or burlap sacks. And yes, one of the dresses was denim.

Five favorite toys:

Like Brandy, I'm not a toy person, so here's the best I can do.

1) My ipods
2) My Sony VAIO laptop
3) My digital camera
4) My cell phone
5) My magazines and books.

I'm not tagging anyone; but if you're feeling lazy and want to do something fun and distracting, knock yourself out.


PeeJ said...

Ace tag, I may well have to steal this for tomorrow's bloggery.


2xA+r0n said...

Sarah introduced me to David Crowder. The stuff of his I like, I really like. The stuff I don't like, well... I don't like.

You really should read his book. It's a GREAT READ!

In fact, if you haven't read it, don't buy it. I'll get you a copy for your birthday. :)

Scotty said...

10 years ago - I was in Mayport, Florida for two weeks. Part of which included being in a fake plane which was dunked into a pool, and I had to get out. Everyday was like 8 billion degrees, and the humidity was a bit much for this California person.

1 year ago - Working full time at previous job, and going to school full time. But I was glad, as once the summer was over I was to be done!

cdp said...

This was a fun read. I am glad to know I'm not the only person who actually likes Luna bars. McD tells me they are the grossest things on the planet.

Thanks for the link! I have to say that I, too, could listen to Desperately Wanting ad infinitum. Between Anna Begins, Desperately Wanting, Jennifer Knapp, and Live; I think we share a LOT of the same musical tastes. Alanis is the most articulate angry white woman in the world, and no worries - we ALL learned those lyrics from Tiffany. There's a late elementary school talent show story there . . . {shudders}

Happy Monday!

ella said...

Welcome back and HAPPY (belated) BIRTHDAY!

Kimberly said...

I liked reading this too...I like your surprising people with everything they like idea. I would love to do that. I would like to have the energy to do it (inasmuch as I can afford) right now!

I hope you had a GREAT birthday!!!

brandy said...

Ohh "Anna Begins"! I'm going to have to read the link you set up because I LOVED that song. The of course, I did the unthinkable and listened to it a lot with a certain ex boyfriend and now the song is ruined. From now on, I'm saving all my good songs just for me.

Ally said...

Brandy: I think saving the songs for yourself is wise. After break-ups I often avoid the radio or music; it's too (potentially) depressing.

Ella and Kimberly: Thanks. I did.

cdp: I hope said elementary show is on video....

Scotty: The humidity here were I am in soooo disgusting.

Aaron: I've never read it and would be happy just to read your book.

Peej: Checking to see if you did it right now.

Anonymous said...

Oh man... Hershey's kisses with a spoonfull of peanutbutter... made in heaven!

Clearlykels said...

Happy Belated Birthday!!! I am impressed that you really remembered what you were doing 10 years ago.... good job... oh, so I just bought some Sperry Topsides in light blue.... ha ha

allbilly said...

Shouldn't you be posting alot more frequently since you are a SLACKER and all?

Trixie said...

Happy Belated Birthday! :)

I'm trying to remember what I was doing a year ago this day....