Thursday, August 16, 2007


Beginning on September 1st, I will once again have a roommate, but I know almost nothing about her (except that she's fluent in Spanish and a Christian). I've been fortunate to live alone the last four years and have loved every minute of it. As an introvert, I need lots of alone time to recharge and like the ocassional weekend with virtually no human interaction. Thankfully I learned that I needed that sort of space when I was 18 after taking the Myers-Brigg test. At the time I had three roommates, and it was exhausting for me (especially the uber-religious, judgmental, mean one). But because I'm so outgoing it never ocurred to me that I might be an introvert; shows how little I knew.

My last roommate lasted for two years, and she was really something. I'll sum it up by saying that she was almost expelled from law school during our 3L year and basically had her face "redid" our 2L summer. She also stole a Nordstroms wool coat from me that I still miss about seven times a year. Anyway, I'm sure you all have your roommate horror stories too, but today I want to focus on good roommate stories and hopes for this future roommate.

For example, I hope she's not a vegetarian. I'd like to be able to eat meals together sometimes, and I rarely find a meal complete without meat. It'd be great if she was an excellent cook and into healthy foods, so she could teach me some new things.

I also hope she's 25 or older. Since she's not in college and has done missions for one year, I assume she's at least 23.

I'd love it if she was an introvert too. My last roomie knocked on my door all the time and wanted to hang out in my room. Annoying. It's hard to tell someone to leave your room....every other hour.

I hope she's outgoing and not at our house all the time. I like roomies that are ocassionally not there, so I can have the entire place to myself.

I hope she's got Brad Pitt look-alike, single, Christian guy friends in Nashville who are 30 years old or older.

I hope she makes my world bigger and challenges my views.

It would be great if she was athletic and fit and pushed me to try new sports/exercises.

Of course, I'll know soon enough, but it's fun to wonder about it. Even my last roommate (the crazy one) had some really positive traits. She was incredibly generous (although that was sort of offset by her stealing some of my things and borrowing brand new clothing without asking--she'd cut the tags off herself!) and often brought me double doozies from the mall. Another roommate had gained some weight, so she let me wear all of her clothes for six months while she worked on losing it. I thought that was really sweet. So if you were chosing a roommate, what would you hope for (assume your roommate must be of the same gender:)?

p.s. I'm grateful for swimming pools. As hot as it's been, they are the only reason I'm ever outside.


brandy said...

Oh Miss Ally, I hope you get all of those things in your roommate. I've always been lucky (having had my best friend be the only roomie I've ever had other than family) and have always enjoyed it. Oh, I also hope your roommate is one who enjoys all those jobs no one likes- like cleaning out the fridge.

Ally said...

Brandy that's a great addition....I hope she LOVES mopping.

e.b. said...

First, I was just whining to Magoo about wanting a swimming pool and he told me to give it up - but it is so necessary in this heat.

Second - I had great roommates for four years in college and law school, so I know they exist. They gave me space when I needed, and were up for midnight margaritas too. We shared food, cooking, shopping, cleaning, and clothes. It is possible - and I hope the same for you!

Still just me said...

A roommate is something I never had, and one I always wanted. I went from my parent's house, to my husband's house.

I wish I had that life experience before forcing myself into adulthood.

AaroN said...

I hope "she completes you."

Ally said...

Aaron: I have a feeling you're going to be disappointed:)

SJM: I can see why you would want that experience; I take a lot for granted in that respect.

e.b.: As much as I like lounging by/in the pool, I'm not sure about owning (i.e. cleaning) one. I've been spoiled my apartment complexes that always have one or two.

Ryane said...

ally, that is such a tricky situation. I hope she's perceptive enough to know when she needs to let you have your space, kind enough to know when some 'roomie' time is needed, motivated enough to use e.b's suggestion and just overall awesome enough to make living together a blast!

my biggest pet peeve w/roomies is when they don't clean or pull their share of the chore weight. so, i wish you the best. =-)

Ryane said...

wait! i read too quickly. it was your suggestion about mopping! gah...need more coffee...=-)

Accidentally Me said...

I have no bad roommate stories, and I feel very lucky about it. My first roommate in college is one of my favorite people on earth and was the ideal person for me to live with at that age. And I lived with her and close friends for the next four years, and now with one of those friends and my little Munchkin:-)

Now, if any of them really loved doing dishes, I would have totally been in heaven...

Scotty said...

Getting that perfect roomie is somewhat a gamble. At the very least you guys have something in common from the get-go, what you're there to do.

ella said...

Having lived with a passive aggressive roommate for 3 years up until recently, I think it's important that you two are able to communicate. Cleaning was a major issue for us and thankfully she finally let me hire a housekeeper. I know that probably isn't an option, so my suggestion is to be upfront with chores etc...

The good news is that you two don't have to share a room...and who knows, maybe her she has a brother that looks like Brad!

icadle said...

My favorite roommates are the sort who have girlfriends and have absolutely no qualms about shacking. Additionally, I like roommates who have their own apartment upstairs and tend to keep to themselves unless they want to drink gin & tonic on the back portch.

ruby said...

I hope your new roomie is super fun and all the things that you're hoping for too! Good luck!

The Egg said...

Good luck with the roomie! My last roomies were ones from high school summer pre-college programs (the learning never ends!). The last one didn't have the courtesy to ask for alone time with her man, so I got to hear some heavy breathing while I was sleeping in the same room...Really I could have crashed with someone else for that night. Guess they were itching for action. So, if I had to ask for a roomie, I'd ask for common courtesy and cleaning skills.

B said...

Hey I am a veggie and I can eat meals with meat eaters. It's not so bad really it's not! LOL

Susanna Rose said...

Hope things work out between you and your coming new roomie! It's good to have alone time but even more of a great growing experience to learn how to live/put up with others and their particular quirks, etc...unless it ends up to be a complete worst night mare experience of course!;)


P.S. Thanks for your comment on my blog tonight...I always reply on my blog to comments when I can and should reply to yours shortly!:)

Still searching said...

I dont remember if I ever had the perfect roommate! Its definitely a long shot, thought currently I'm very pleased with my roommates, dont know waht will happen next!

Waiting to hear how things turn out!

Ally said...

Still Searching: Glad you're please with your current roommates; it makes coming home much easier!

Susanna Rose: As much as I love living alone, I don't want to get too set in my ways. This should be very good for me.

B: I shouldn't let my one bad vegetarian experience poison my outlook:)

the egg: That's gross. Sharing a bedroom is just too much especially when that's going on.

Ruby: Thanks.

icadle: Ha ha. I have a feeling my roomie will not be doing much shacking:)

Ella: Ooh a brother would be perfect:) And thankfully, I'm getting better about communicating instead of stewing.

Scotty: You're right, and I am hoping that will result in less common courtesy type issues.

AM: You're just a very lucky girl! I've never lived with a close friends, but I can totally see why it has it's upsides.

Ryane: I'm a big cleaner and seem to like things cleaner than most, so I hope she's the same.

cdp said...

Sorry I'm late!

Amen on the swimming pools, dude. It's been unbearable around here! The kids and I spent a good two hours underwater this weekend and it was glorious. (With McD and his kids, btw. Four kids, two grown-ups, six water guns: good times were had by all.)

I totally relate to everything you said here about roomies. I would hope for a roomie with the same qualities you mentioned (hot friends? yes, please!) and I'd also like someone who had good music and good books to share/recommend. Of course, sharing the clothes is always a plus, too.

For you I hope that she is someone who makes your NEP experience a richer one, and with whom you can develop a strong friendship with just enough bonding and just enough alone time.

Look forward to hearing all about your adventures in roomie-hood!

Clearlykels said...

Good Luck! I'm sure it will be great. It is always fun to get to know someone. You really seem to know yourself, that will make getting to know her so much easier.

I live alone and love it... of course, it has only been a year that I've lived alone. It has taught me a great deal about myself which I think is important.

PS I loved the Memory Keeper's Daughter!

Pam said...

Being an introvert myself, I know what you mean about having to have your space. I've only ever had two roommates. My first one was a childhood friend in college. Since she practically already knew everything about me, it was easy and she gave me my space. My last roommate wasn't so great. I guess I woudl chose a roomate who was a light bit more outgoing than myself just to help me actutally get out of the apartment at times but sensitive enough to know when to leave me alone without having to tell them.
I hope you find a gem!