Wednesday, March 09, 2011


Hopefully Blake, Thatcher, & I will be moving into an apartment later this week. It's not a great location, but we're beyond tired of living in a small hotel room and out of our suitcase. Thankfully we're both feeling less anxious, angry (at the adjuster), and exhausted than we have over the last 10 days. Last week was pretty awful. We were preoccupied by ridiculous comments by our adjuster (which could constitute an entire post), uneasy feelings about the structural engineer hired by our insurance company, and our inability to sleep through the night in this small, uncomfortable hotel bed. I struggled a lot with anxiety.

Last Saturday we had a 5 hour meeting with our adjuster and her structural engineer (our insurance company refused to pay for/use a local engineer and insisted on using the firm they use "all the time"), and it was a really frustrating and disheartening experience. While we know that in the end everything will turn out fine, we're realizing that it may be an exhausting battle to get there (at least with this adjuster).

Thankfully our relocation company is more reasonable than our adjuster, and while they initially suggested we consider an apartment complex that was totally unsuitable, as soon as I located an acceptable place, they contacted the leasing agent and got the ball rolling. We're just waiting on our adjuster to decide whether the insurance company is going to pay to move our belongings (which is the logical choice given the construction and refinishing of our floors that will occur over the next few months) & furniture to this apartment or if she's going to insist that we use rental furniture, etc. Based on what contractors have told us and the lag time with insurance, we're thinking we won't be back in our house for 3 months or more.

The highlight of the last week has been how beautifully Blake and I have worked together and encouraged each other through this ordeal. Despite being exhausted, we've been patient and kind to each other and worked well as a team as we make numerous phone calls and decisions(engineers, electricians, contractors, remediation companies, utility companies, relocation company, and the list goes on) and meet for appointments, etc. I've felt so grateful to have him at my side--and that he has an engineering and construction background--because I do not understand a lot of this. Thankfully I do understand our insurance policy...Blake & I both see how uneducated insureds could be taken advantage of easily.

p.s. I'm grateful for your prayers. I know this isn't a tragedy like the loss of life or an illness, but it's been a really overwhelming experience for us.


TC said...


I'm glad to hear you two are doing well together though, because in the end, that is the most important part.

Still, hoping you'll be back "home" before too long!

L.C.T. said...

Just because it isn't loss of life or illness doesn't mean it isn't a really tough situation! Think you're doing pretty well all things considered.

Laura Anne said...

Man it sounds unbeliably stressful and challenging. Praying for you & Blake.

PS My friend had a baby boy last week and he's been named 'Blake' too!

Pam said...

How stressful for you both! Hang in there. hugs!

HappyascanB said...

Bless your heart! What a terrible mess! So very sorry y'all are having to go through all of this! Praying for you!

Anonymous said...

What a miserable situation. I wish that you didn't have to experience this so early in your marriage and so soon after you bought the house, but I'm so glad that your relationship with Blake is so solid. :)

Ys said...

It's great that you have each other to help you through this difficult time. I really hope everything gets sorted out for you. It sounds like an awful situation :/

ella said...

Thank you for the update! I have been thinking of you, Blake and Thatch. You are all in my prayers. <3 you!