Monday, May 06, 2013

29 Weeks

We finally had another ultrasound last week & were delighted to see our little girl again.  Her feet are huge (just like her daddy and Jackson's feet), and she had a pouty bottom lip.  All of the potential health issues the doctor had mentioned after our 16 week ultrasound have resolved as expected, and everything looks great.  Ella already weighs over 3 lbs and is measuring 2 weeks ahead.  I've gained 18 lbs., although I haven't weighed since our weekend away which included cheesecake, cupcakes, Chipolte, and pizza....

The unfortunate pregnancy side effects of heart burn and indigestion have heightened to the point that Tums aren't very effective, so I've started eating dinner earlier and sleeping a bit propped up.  The last week I've felt really worn out, and while I still managed my two gym workouts I think we only walked one day and it was cut short by the rain.  I'm hoping my tiredness is more a reflection of the cold & wet weather we've had than of this stage of pregnancy because I'm a much less fun mom to Jackson when I feel so tired.  We took a walk last night, and again it was cut short because it started raining.  I'm sure I'm quite the sight--pushing a stroller, pregnant, holding Thatcher's leash, and running to avoid a downpour.  I have start feeling a lot of pressure and some swelling if I overdo it, and I've had a lot of Braxton Hicks contractions the last few weeks, especially when I'm exercising or walking.  I'm carrying Ella so much lower than Jackson, so I guess that may be why the pressure seems worse.

I'm trying to remember to get a few bump photographs, and Jackson insists on getting in every single one.  He just keeps reaching up until I let him join in, and I don't mind having the photos taken nearly as much since I have some company. 

Thankfully I haven't had back pain in weeks, and I found some dresses on our shopping trip that will make maternity dressing easier this summer.  Two of the 3 dresses aren't even maternity, and while I don't usually wear maxi-style dresses, I figure I might still wear these after Ella is born and I'm not fitting back in my normal clothes.  They are so much more comfortable than belly panels and trying to find the right shirt that will cover the panel, etc.  Speaking of shopping, a lot of pink things have entered our home now....a pink Pottery Barn anywhere chair, Boppy cover, crib sheet, hooded bunny towel, and a navy & pink diaper bag.  I love it! Can't wait to meet this little girl, and if she's like her brother and comes early she should be here in 2 months.

p.s. Thankful for a great workout today with my friend Maggie. The elliptical is much less painful with company.


Mrs. Match said...

What a relief that the health concerns have resolved for your little girl. Sounds like she's growing nice and healthy in there!
I did the same thing recently with a maxi dress, actually the one in my maternity photo shoot. It's a non-maternity dress and I plan on wearing it a lot this summer while I work off the extra pounds. I'm really going to miss how forgiving pregnancy pants are!!

lisacng @ said...

Hi Ally! Yay for a great ultrasound! I don't think my insurance will pay for another one, so I won't meet our little girl until she's here :). Gosh, I think we share similar due dates. Mine is July 26. I love that your son wants to join-in on the bump photos. I'm debating whether or not to take family photos with the bump. They'd be super cute with our son kissing the bump ;). And hehe about all the pink stuff entering your home. We haven't bought much stuff yet, even though it all looks so tempting!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I'm pretty sure you forgot to mention the pink shirt you're sporting in this photo, too! ha.

Everything sounds great, Allison! I'm sure you're doing just fine in the parenting-to-Jackson category and I'm also certain he won't remember when you slack. =)

Did I know you picked the name Ella? It's a lovely name! And, if it didn't break one of our naming rules (no names of friends or their children), then I'm quite certain I would've added it to our list when we were coming up with names for Gavin (no, I wouldn't name a boy Ella, but we didn't find out the sex when I was pregnant - ha!).

Bumble Of Joy said...

So happy to hear that your last ultrasound looked good and all healthy issues have been resolved! I had many more ultrasounds when I had the twins and loved seeing the babies later on in development. And girl things are so much fun to shop for =)~Zi