Monday, June 24, 2013

Slip and Slide Stud

We had such a wonderful weekend, and the highlight was watching Jackson's sheer joy and fearlessness as he experienced the slip and slide for the first time.  Saturday our neighbors put out their son's new slip and slide, and thankfully Kate quickly pulled out her camera after she saw the expressions my son was making. Who knew a 16 month old could/would slip and slide? Not me.
And little man wasn't just timidly sliding.  Blake was turning and twisting him, and Jackson was running back to slide again and again even after face-planting numerous times in the mud at the end of the slip and slide.  He never whimpered, shed a tear, or showed any fear.  I don't think his Daddy has ever been more proud :)  And I don't think there's any way we could have had more fun on our Sunday night.  Some other friends and their three boys came over and joined us, and four of the boys slid down at the same time. They loved it. 
Sunday we celebrated my 35th birthday, and I enjoyed a cookie cake breakfast.  So yummy.  Saturday my friend Cindy and I had 2 hours of child-free time at the pool, which was awesome since most of our time together includes our (combined) 4 boys.  After we had lunch on Sunday at Blake's mom's house, I had 90 minutes at the pool during Jackson's nap.  I really enjoyed having so much time in the sun even if it is a little hard to get comfy these days....but I'm still rocking the non-maternity bikini since my husband says it looks better than the alternative....
My mom came up late Sunday afternoon and was going to watch Jackson so we could have a child-free dinner, but I ended up wanting take-out and to eat with her too.  We had yummy food on our back porch, talked, and then she helped me organize all of Ella's clothes.  This little girl has SO many clothes--almost all hand-me downs, and we are so blessed to not have had to buy any clothes for her yet have so many nice things. My mom spent the night and helped me get lots of ducks in a row today.  She also played with Jackson, which he enjoyed immensely.  What a wonderful birthday weekend all-around!

p.s. I'm thankful for the delicious sweet potato chips and blue cheese dip I inhaled last night.


Blake said...

Definitely a proud Papa moment!

lisacng @ said...

Love the photos, so much fun! Even the face plant was endearing! He is so courageous. Happy belated 35th and glad you got your cookie cake!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Summertime begs for water fun! Looks like Jackson was having a blast! Love the mud mustache! Gavin loves the water, too ... can't wait for our water days at the splash park to begin!