Tuesday, August 26, 2014

These Are The Days

With the exception of last week when we were in the throes of a very nasty case of Hand, Foot, & Mouth Disease, in the last month I've often thought "these are the days."  Our children love and cherish their dad and me, and they love and enjoy each other so much.  They want to hold hands and make each other smile. They delight in the smallest things. I just can't imagine a sweeter time.  My son seriously believes that when I kiss his head (after he runs into the corner of the counter) it makes it all better.  My daughter lights up when she sees me.

I'm trying to soak up these moments and revel in them instead of some of the challenges of this season.  It's incredible how my days currently hold such high highs yet also include such exasperating moments.  At the end of the day I often find myself so weary yet reflecting on the goodness of our days together. I just can't imagine a more rewarding way to spend my time.

When I was in high school people often said "these are the best days of your life" and that prospect made me really sad.  And it certainly hasn't been true for me.  Falling in love with my husband and our year of dating was one of the happiest seasons of my life.  And seven years ago, I traveled alone in Europe for six weeks and lounged on beaches in Spain, Greece, Malta, and Portugal.  I visited places I had wanted to see for years (parts of Switzerland, Sevilla, Cadiz, Granada) and set my own leisurely pace each day. And now again, I'm somewhat setting my own pace each day, although a needy one year old often sets the tone too. On days like today (when no one is sick
and the sun is shining:) and we take a neighborhood stroll, read books, I teach Ella Kate to kiss Jackson's boo boo and he stops crying, she grins because I give her mandarin oranges, and he's ecstatic because he gets to wear his $5 Old Navy train tee shirt, I think surely these are some of the best days of my life.

p.s. I am so thankful Ella Kate's rash and blisters are healing.


Anonymous said...

That's a really wonderful way of looking at this season. It makes me smile to read blogs when people are making the most of being in the moment.

Sarah said...

I think my kids are about the same ages as yours (4 & 1?) and I definitely get worn down by them some days. I love your attitude, though! I read something once hat really helped me change my perspective: imagine you're a visitor from 20 years in the future getting to experience your kids when they are little again. When I think of my boys being 24 and 21, I suddenly get a lot more patient!

lisacng @ expandng.com said...

Sorry about the HFM! Glad it's clearing up in your household. It's adorable when the siblings are so sweet with one another. I love that they hold hands while walking. I bet my kids will do that too once the little one starts walking on her own. Your kids are adorable. I just want to hug them. I totally am with ya on the high moments being high, and the low moments being low. Trying to cherish it all!

Dr. Rjj said...

Sounds as though you are living the idyllic life. I'm sure your parents are very proud of you and your family and you are proud of all the opportunities they provided for you in college supporting your "globetrotting etc.". They,too, much be special.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Beautiful family, beautiful life. So glad to see you recognize that are are so very grateful.