Monday, September 29, 2014

A New Routine

The last time I can remember consistently working out was about the time I started dating my husband Blake.  I ran a 4 mile road race in May 2009 and about a month later I went to Nicaragua for two weeks and got some sort of intestinal bug that took at least a month or two to go away.  Since I got sick every time I ate, I finally quit exercising, and by the time the bug ended I was thinner than usual (lost muscle) and spending the time I'd previously spent at the gym or running with Blake.  I didn't mind the trade and loved spending my evenings with him.  Over the past few years I've walked a lot, gone to the gym some, but between two pregnancies, the related recovery, and a torn meniscus/surgery, I've not consistently really worked out--meaning the sweaty, fast heartbeat kind of workout that gives me the rush of energy I craved in the past.

Now that I'm most likely finished birthing babies I've decided it's time to attempt to develop an exercise routine of sorts.  So for step one we joined a gym with excellent childcare.  Step two is getting my daughter Ella Kate to stay with the strangers in the childcare.  Today I ran a mile in 9:40 on the treadmill, which is the furthest I've run since I had part of my meniscus removed in April. And Ella Kate made it 20 minutes with only a few minutes of crying.  We gotta start somewhere!

I'm super motivated by numbers and goals, so I think I'll work up to running a 5k and work on my one mile time.  I think a 9 minute mile is a good short term goal.  My weight is where I want it to be, and I can wear all of my clothes; but I'm guessing my body fat is not in a healthy range. And I could definitely use some toning.  So I've asked a trainer at the gym to test my body fat. Interestingly she said she didn't think numbers mattered and wanted to know why I needed to know my body fat percentage. I explained that I think body fat percentage is much more of a health indicator than weight and that numbers motivate me.  

p.s. I'm thankful for our new gym and the kind childcare workers.


Anonymous said...

Very inspirational. I also started back walking 1/2 mile a day and working my way up. You look as though you may not have Enough body fat for good health. With me that is not a problem but I've lost about 7 lbs in past 2 or 3 weeks. Good luck. Dr. RJJ.

lisacng @ said...

That's great, to get back into the workout routine. Not just for body, but for mind. I'm trying to get back into it as well. Great that your gym has good childcare and the kids are getting used to it. Go girl! Go girl!

megabrooke said...

It's hard to get back into a routine, and easy to get out of one! Remember it takes something like 21 days to form a habit. You're on the right track! If numbers motivate you, I think it's great to have a goal for a 5K, and getting a certain mile pace. Also, how about picking a goal number of days to workout each week? I think that stuff is more important that body fat personally-- the fact that you are out there and getting back into it is important- give yourself lots of credit for that!

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