Thursday, December 01, 2005

What I Love This Week....

"Dancin' where the stars go blue, dancin' where the evening fell..."

is the beginning of the song I've placed on repeat this week in my car (compliments of my friend Carson--Ryan Adams' CD Gold). I have so much to be thankful for, so I though I would write about what I love this week. So...this week I love that song ("When the Stars Go Blue"), wrapping Christmas gifts in newspaper (although wrapping paper is pretty, it's incredibly wasteful of both landfill space and money), mailing packages, venti upside down caramel macchiatos (and the fact that several employees at Starbucks now know my name and a special button has been added to the register for my upside down preference--they even know me when I order at the drive through--fun!), looking at photos from Thanksgiving (for example the photo of Lauren following her Aunt Ally's example and brushing her teeth), chicken caesar salad from Offbroadway, my beautifully decorated Christmas tree (thanks Sambo), asiago bagels with sun-dried tomato cream cheese, and kind of getting back into the swing of working out.

Things that I'm not that crazy about this week: the post office's hours, billing, the distance between Boston and Macon, lack of free time, being responsible, Reeses's peanut butter (what a disappointment--it's OK after a few tablespoons full with chocolate chips sprinkled on top), and leaving my cell phone charger in Calhoun and being too cheap to go buy another one.

What do you love this week?

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