Wednesday, January 30, 2008

My Favorite Things

right now are:

Song: Foo Fighter's "Best of You" and "Mighty to Save" by Kristian Stanfill are tied right now, narrowly beating out "Love is a Battlefield" by Pat Benatar.

Album: Louder than Creation (courtesy of Aaron for Christmas:)

Movie: Juno was good, and Atonement was well made (but depressing). I've been thinking that I'm overdue for a viewing of Dead Poets' Society and Flashdance.

Thought: "Just as I cannot trust someone I don't really know, my ability to trust God will only be as deep as my understanding of Him."

Activity: dodgeball and hanging out with Carter are both pretty high on the list (Speaking of Carter, he's asked about the blog (and knows the url), but I've asked him to not read it. I feel like he'd learn a lot about me from reading it that I'd rather him learn from conversation.)

Meal: Honey almond chicken salad on cranberry pecan bread with Kettle chips and Diet Coke at Bread & Co.

Workout: Elliptical for 30 minutes followed by kicking around a soccer ball.

Jeans: The $220 Citizen of Humanity jeans I got for free!

Shoes: The moccasin-ish flats I got for Christmas.

Drink: A good fountain diet coke barely beats out a nonfat sugar free cinnamon dolce latte with two Sweet-n-Lows.

Photograph: I love anything that reminds me of Santorini. My few days there were some of the best of my life.

Gifts: My friend "Grace" brought me a bag of my favorite chips (terra cotta) plus a bunch more goodies when she came to visit this last weekend. She's the best guest ever!

p.s. I'm grateful for people who speak the same language as me. While diversity is great and all, it was so wonderful to spend the weekend with Grace and have such easy conversation and fellowship. I've so missed the kinds of conversation we have; this was exactly the sort of weekend I needed.


brandy said...

Ack! Atonement is depressing? I'm going to it tomorrow. Also, I'm with you on the elliptical machine- it always feels like the time goes by faster on it rather than on a treadmill. Is it the hand movement? The fact that it feels like more work? I do not know. Also? I'm going to have to hear the story of how you got free jeans!

Anonymous said...

In most cases free is good. Tell us more. Dr. Rjj

AaroN said...

Thanks for the shout-out. After I heard the album, I just knew it was perfect for you. Especially since I knew you missed the music of North Point. Wow, those guys really know how to bring music worship to a new level!

And to answer Brandy's question: An elliptical is more work if you do not use your hands to hold onto the grips. In keeping your upper body free, you're forcing your core to work harder by keeping your balance (which wouldn't be required with the use of hands). Try it, it's the ONLY way to use an elliptical to it's full potential, IMO.

Ally said...

Brandy: Atonement is sad, but it's (otherwise) a good movie. I think I like the elliptical better because it feels so much easier than running?

Dr. RJJ: I bought a pair of Seven jeans from Nordstroms in August of 2005, and the jeans ripped in September of this year. So I took them back after Christmas, and while the initial person who waited on me didn't seem too encouraging about replacing the two year old jeans--a manager came up and asked me to "go on a walk" with him. He walked me up to the denim department and let me pick out whichever jeans I wanted to replace them. And it just so happens that I liked one of the most expensive pairs, and they just gave them to me. Awesome customer service!

Aaron: That elliptical hint makes sense, although it had never occurred to me. I always use the ellipticals that have the hand grips that go back and forth though--what do you think about those? Still better to not use hands?

ella said...

I agree with Aaron on the elliptical. When you use the moving hand grips, you are propelling yourself and not using your core to it's full potential. Try is out.

As for Nordies..I got two pairs of the same Miu Miu shoes for the price of one last year. Returned one and got store credit - so the shoes were like FREE. Granted between me and Tim, we were really pissed off by the time the shoes arrives, so we felt entitled.

anne said...

Free jeans??? Thats pretty awesome.

icadle said...

The same language? Have you been working on your spanish? Or is this more of a dialect thing?

Ryane said...

See...I didn't like Atonement really. I mean, it was well made and beautiful, but I didn't find it all that romantic or moving. It was, as you said, depressing...

But, I can back on on the Foo Fighters song, 1000%!!

Sanyukta said...

Santorini yeah...I love that place too from all that I've read and the pictures I've seen. Hope to go there someday...mind if I ask you for travel tips ? :)
Btw, I read all the posts of ur europe tour..never got around to commenting though..and they were great. :)

happy blogging.

Kimberly said...

I'm amazed that you would return jeans after two years. Did they come with a warranty or something?

Ally said...

Ella: I'm going to try it out tonight.

Anne: Yes!

Ivy: Ha ha.

Ryane: You're right about Atonement; I didn't particularly like it, but it was so well made that I hate to say it's bad.

Sanyukta: Ask away!

Kimberly: Oh, I firmly believe a pair of jeans should last longer than two years, so it didn't faze me to try and return them. I still wear jeans from seven years ago, and they cost much much less than the pair I returned that ripped (and a big rip).

Princess Extraordinaire said...

How did you get a pair of CFH free??