Thursday, August 28, 2008

Random Acts of Kindness

Wanna play a game? When I was in middle school the book Random Acts of Kindness was really popular, and I loved the concept and enjoyed playing along. I remember giving my parents money to pay the $2 bridge toll for the car behind us and stuff like that. I still enjoy performing acts of kindness, but I must admit that now I rarely look for opportunities to perform random acts of kindness for strangers.

So lets try to come up with some really random ways to show others that strangers can be loving and nice. We've got a long weekend, so we should have time to come up with something cool. Post whatever you end up doing in the comments, and maybe it'll inspire someone else. It can be super simple or as creative and as extravagant as you'd like. Aaron, you could cut that neighbor's grass, for example:) I'd love any ideas you guys have (even if you don't get around to actually doing the act); it's fun to brainstorm just so those ideas are floating around in our heads, waiting for an opportunity to be used.

p.s. I'm grateful for Charlie Hall's song "Marvelous Light." I am constantly amazed by the freedom that I'm experiencing in Christ. On the outside--as an agnostic--looking in, Christianity seemed so limiting and rule-oriented; it's amazing how my relationship with Christ has shown me how enslaved I was and how liberated I can be in Him.


Aaron said...

I *could* cut the neighbor's grass provided two things:
1.) My lawn mower were actually working
2.) My lawn mower was really a bush hog.

Lib said...

okay, so have you seen the movie "Amelie" ???

If not, you must. it's all about random acts of kindness (it's in french and it's really clever) :)
It's impossible to watch that movie and not be in a good mood afterwards!

i like to randomly send my friends cards in the mail, just to tell them i love them. i love receiving good mail (Lord knows we get enough junk mail!).

one random act of kindness i value is when people hold the door open for me when i have Tess in the stroller. it makes life so much nicer.

Kimberly said...

Allison, you are a lovely person inside and out!

Ys said...

I will try my very best. You've got to be careful round my way, though; a lot of strangers don't want to be so much as looked at never mind helped ;)

Ally said...

Lib: Funny you should ask. My friend Mark gave me Amelie, but I couldn't sit still through it. It seemed dreadful, but I clearly need to give it another try. I'm big on sending out "fun mail" too. I've not come up with a clever random act of kindness yet (other than buying a drink for the person behind me at Starbucks or something like that). Thinking cap is on.

Kimberly: Aw, thanks.

Ys: Aw, thanks for trying (despite the lack of ideal circumstances and danger!:)

Aaron: Ha. I'm sure you'll come up with something else.

Jenn said...

I always try to smile and conversate with cashiers at the stores I'm at. Most of the time they look tired and weary and people can have such attitudes. I like being the one that can brighten their day a little bit,even if I'm just being silly! (o:

ella said...

Does letting a car pass in front of you count?

TC said...

I love this idea. :)

Sunday night, my best friend and I were coming out of a movie theatre in Bend, OR. We needed to find our hotel and didn't really have a clue how to find the parkway to get to the hotel. We knew how to get to the hotel once on the parkway, but their roads are a little screwed up.

We asked these ladies for directions and instead of pointing and sending us on our way, they called the hotel, gave us directions... and then even told us to follow them. They got us on the parkway before heading on their merry little ways.

So that's what is coming to my mind when I think random acts of kindness right now.

Sara Jane said...

This is such a great idea.

I like to bake, and when I do I try to make enough to take to some of my neighbors.

I try to open doors for strangers with kids, or offer to take the cart back in the grocery for the random older person or person with Children.

Anonymous said...

This is my first time visiting your blog and now I'm wondering why I didn't sooner.

I love your PS on this post. It hits the nail directly on the head. "And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall set you free ..." (John 8:32)