Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Vote for Pedro

The pastor of the church I worshiped at in Nashville recently went to India with Compassion International. During his trip he posted the following anonymous exchange on his blog, and it's been on my mind ever since:

“Sometimes I would like to ask God why He allows poverty, suffering, and injustice when He could do something about it.”

“Well, why don’t you ask Him?”

“Because I’m afraid He would ask me the same question.”

It's easy to ponder this sort of question and then shove it into the back of my mind, but one simple and easy way I'm trying to make a difference is through Compassion International. I've been skeptical of organizations that promise to use my money for children in other countries, wondering how much would be used for administrative costs and how much would actually benefit the alleged child. Last year, however, a blogger who I trust really looked into Compassion, how it works, etc. and whole-heartedly endorsed the organization. His investigation extinguished my objections, and I no longer had a reason (or excuse) not to sponsor a child. So I began sponsoring Pedro who lives in Peru. Pedro is 14 years old, likes soccer and ceviche, and his favorite subjects are art and social studies.

I am honored to correspond with Pedro and be a part of his life, and it's only $32 a month to help provide him with food, clean water, an education, health care--and perhaps most importantly--hope. Isn't it incredible that we're so wealthy that we can help provide so much for a child simply by eating out three fewer times this month?

Click here if you'd like to see some of the children waiting for sponsors.

p.s. I'm grateful for the Chattanooga Market. Sunday was Latin Day, and there were adorable children dancing, yummy burritos, and cheap fresh strawberries.


W T G said...

Good for you Ally. We’ve been sponsoring two kids for three years. I understand your initial concern as we too had those but after a quick review we just stepped out in faith. A compelling question indeed as to why poverty exists. Who can really say? Only God knows but I tend to believe it’s not His doing and besides, He can turn a bad situation into good when He has folks like YOU who are willing to demonstrate their love for others by giving. And when you really think about scripture, you are indeed giving onto the Lord when you ‘ …give unto the least of these…’
Be well & good cheers to you .
(sorry for the long-winded comment)

HappyascanB said...

I follow LPM's blog, and Melissa just went to India, too. I'm amazed at how these families live in such poor circumstances. Supporting a child is definitely well worth every penny, and I'm going to talk to Tim about us picking up a child. Thanks for sharing.

B said...

Because I’m afraid He would ask me the same question.”

so true!!

Aaron said...

I signed up for Compassion last year and never regretted it.

Ally said...

Aaron: Yeah, I don't think it's the sort of thing anyone would regret doing.

B: Yep.

HappyascanB: Oh, I hope you guys do. Choosing a child is really fun too, although it's hard to pick just one when there are so many in need.

WTG: Very cool. And I happen to really like long winded comments. I think poverty is a result of our fallen, sinful states. We surely have enough resources on this planet for everyone; it's just the distribution, etc.

Scotty said...

What part of India did he go to?

OK Chick said...

Pioneer Women recently (2 days ago) posted about her friend going to India with Compassion Intertnational too!

I think it's great that you are sponsoring Pedro. I'm sure the letters you receive from him are priceless.

My 4th graders at church sponsor children in Afria at Hope Village. It's such a great thing to teach children, giving back is what we are called to do!

Ally said...

Scotty: They were in Calcutta, but I think they made some day trips too.

Ok Chick: I love the idea of a group of children sponsoring another child. It's good for children in America to realize how blessed they are to have safe homes, food, and water and to realize they have a responsibility to others.

Ys said...

I'm so glad you were able to help :) Unfortunately, we just don't have any extra money at the moment. One day I really hope that changes.