Wednesday, July 08, 2009

"Now if she does it like this, will you do it like that?"

* "Shake It" by Metro Station has been on repeat for the last week. I can't help but dance.

* I think Clay and I have been on about 25 dates now, and it's been 90 days since our first date. He's crazy thoughtful and kind--flowers for no reason Monday night, a happy day card under my windshield wipers this morning (we're neighbors), and last week while he was in Vegas he asked me to look in the cabinet above his coffee maker--voila, a jar of peanut butter, a jar of marshmallow fluff, a 4th of July card, and Starbucks caramel macchiato truffles. He's been a real bright spot in what's been a less than ideal summer, and I'm really grateful for him.

* The lab results were negative for bacteria and parasites. I am, however, still getting sick several times most days. I thought I was on the mend after having two good days, but then my symptoms came back. I'm calling the doctor tomorrow to see what the next step is and am trying not to be too whiny about it since in the grand scheme this is so incredibly minor. It may sound dumb, but I'm so tired of not wanting to eat (b/c I know I'll get sick) and not being able to work out (b/c I think it's a bad idea given how often I get sick); those are typically two of my favorite things to do :)

* I booked a round trip ticket to Los Angeles today (for $200) to meet Ella who I've known through the blogosphere for 3 years now! Exciting! I'll head out her way in mid-September.

* I'm finally reading The Shack.

* My grandfather is still in cardiac-ICU and stable but obviously not doing well.

* My sister is pregnant with baby #3, and I'm so excited. So are my nieces. Can't wait to meet this baby; due date is in January though, so we've got a while.

p.s. I'm grateful for Panera cinnamon crunch bagels with honey walnut cream cheese and *peanut butter and marshmallow fluff sandwiches on white bread grilled in butter; somehow these two meals don't seem to make me sick and sound appetizing.


Aaron said...

I really hope you get over the, uh, "sickness." ;) A friend of mine did a 2yr mission in Columbia and he's never been the same since. :(

Funny that I was just telling Ella yesterday that if I ever vacation in LA I was going to crash her place. :D

OK Chick said...

"I'm grateful for Panera cinnamon crunch bagels with honey walnut cream cheese"- AMEN SISTER! It's my favorite bagel, hands down!

Congrats on the new niece or nephew-very exciting.

Your neighbor sounds awesome. I love how thoughtful he is towards you. You know, it's the small things that make all the difference.

I booked a couple trips this week too! I'm heading to San Francisco and Portland. You gotta love Southwest causing a price war!

L.C.T. said...

How exciting about the baby and the Shack is great:D

Ys said...

Aw I hope you feel better soon. My sister has had similar problems so I know what you mean about not wanting to eat. With her she needed to cut out all dairy products. Even now she has to be very careful with what she eats - absolutely no sauces or salad dressings, etc. And I can sympathis with you feeling poorly cos I've been sick for two weeks now with Labyrinthitis and no one can tell me if it will ever go away. We can be sickly together, okay? ;)

HappyascanB said...

If I had read your blog before I emailed you back about my blog comment, I wouldn't have had so many questions for you!! I'm glad you've found some things you can eat without getting sick. Clay sounds like the most thoughtful guy! Love it!!! Still praying for your grandfather. Always know we'll do anything we can since we're right here. Hugs to you!

Accidentally Me said...

You poor thing:-( Is it some kind of colitis, maybe? Yea, I am not a doctor, but I play one in blogs sometimes...

Super excited and kinda jealous of you and Ella hanging out!

ella said...

I can't wait!!!!!

And Clay sounds like a dream come true. :)

W T G said...

Hope you like The Shack - I did.
Hoping for the best for your grandfather.Coming to LA huh? Nice. I hope you have a nice stay here. I live in Manhattan Beach. Who are you visiting and are they in my neck of the woods ?

Be well & many good cheers !

I presume your illness is affecting your running ??

TC said...

I hope things get better with your Grandfather.

Clay sounds awesome. A thoughtful boy is the best thing in the world.

A2 said...

sorry that you are still sick...that is no fun!

so excited that you are reading The Shack. keep with it...the second half is the best part!

my niece will be just turning one when you get your new niece/nephew. maybe they can be friends :)

Jennifer said...

Your blog almost always makes my mouth water - I now want marshmallow fluff more than anything in the world.

I hope a blog about your thoughts on The Shack are coming soon. I would love to hear your thoughts on it. (o:

Ally said...

Aaron: Argh, I hate to even think about having this for two years. Just to eat a decent meal last night and have a drink I ended up eating like 8 pepto tablets (2 every hour for 4 hours). Guess I need to buy some Pepto stock.

Ok Chick: Yeah for fun trips! I'd like to visit Portland too.

LCT: That's what I keep hearing. Going to finish it this weekend.

YS: Yes, I guess we'll have to be. Sorry you've been so ill.

B: Thank you!

AM: I'll mention that to my doctor :)

Ella: I'm so excited too!

WTG: I'm visiting Ella (she posted the comment above yours), and I'm not exactly sure where she lives; I'll know soon enough though! And yes, the sickness--and resulting lack of nutrition/appetite--has pretty well killed exercising for me. I'm doing some weight-lifting and walking and light cardio here and there. It just seems ill-advised to do any thing more than that.

TC: Thoughtful boys are so much fun. I had a surprise outside my door (again) this morning :)

A2: Absolutely! Play dates!

Jennifer: I'll see what I can do. And I just ate a grilled marshmallow fluff/pb sandwich. So yummy!

BrunetteKoala said...

Hope you feel better soon.

I'm just back from South Africa, and having some similar issues with my digestive system (in that it doesn't seem to like digesting anymore...)