Sunday, August 09, 2009

Quite the Summer

Life has felt overly busy and stressful of late, leaving me feeling distinctly non-blogorific. It's really been quite the summer--with some real bright spots amidst a lot of stressful not-fun stuff. My mom is sorting through my grandparents' estates, and I've been helping with that as much as I can. It's a TON of work; I wish there was some way to take that burden off of her, so she could just grieve.

I'm finally back to normal health-wise, which is such an answered prayer. I'm definitely much weaker fitness wise though, so for now, I'm mainly just walking a few days a week. Hoping to get back in the gym routine soon, although I do sort of like not being ravenous all the time, which is how I feel when I run a lot. Unfortunately I got the lab bill from my illness, and it's almost $800. Sigh.

I'm really swamped and feel so behind at work; yet again I'm struggling with work/life balance and setting boundaries.

The Lord is reminding me that I'll continually need to rely on Him--as I struggle with some of the same sins over and over. Sometimes I wish I could just strike a few off the list :)

On the bright side:

My sister planned a great 6th birthday party for my niece...complete with a huge water slide-slip and slide-end in a pool inflatable. So fun!

My (great) Aunt Rene turned 90! She's such a blessing to my family.

I'm still crazy about Clay and enjoying my time with him immensely.

I'm going to see Counting Crows in concert on Tuesday. Last week I saw William Fitzsimmons in concert, and Clay just bought us tickets for Ray LaMontagne.

Last weekend I saw two of my favorite people...Allison & Chasie came to visit.

So on a thoughtful note, what lessons (serious, funny, or otherwise) have you learned this summer? I've learned that even when things seem sucky, there's still such an incredible amount to praise God for that it's astounding. I've also (re)learned how yummy margaritas are. And I'm working on learning how to hope more fully.

p.s. I'm grateful for my blogger friends. I know this blog world seems crazy to a lot of people, but I'm glad for you all.


Jennifer said...

Something so yucky about this summer...I was glad to say buh-bye to July. Hey. That rhymed!

Lessons. When things are going bonkers, all forward motion counts. Sometimes, all He's going to show me is about 4 inches ahead of my face, and that will be as far as I need to go for now.

I've learned a lot about friendship that I missed a while back. The blessings of good friendship go far.

Thomas said...

Hello, old friend. Can we help in anyway?

Ys said...

I'm so glad to hear/read a post from you again :) I'm sorry things have been so yukky for you though :/

Lessons learned? Well, thanks to labs I have learned what it is really like to have a 24hour-debilitating illness and can therefore appreciate what my sister goes through every day of her life. That's helped both of us, cos we've both realised how the other feels.

And I've also learned that I do believe in marriage and can't wait to get wed this winter! ;)

I'm glad for all the positives in your life so that there is some kind of balance for you. Stay strong :)

Aaron said...

Wow, what a weekend!

I can't wait to see how much Sarah's lab work is. I think I'll change my mind, support "universal" healthcare and let all you productive taxpayers cover the costs from here on out. :P

Ally said...

Aaron: Ha! Yeah, $800 lab bill or not, I'm not supporting Obamacare :)
Hope Sarah is ok.

Ys: CONGRATULATIONS!! That's fantastic. And your lesson learned is a huge one; thanks for sharing.

Thomas: I wish you could try this case next week for me...or at least draft some motions....but since that's not possible prayer would be great.

Jennifer: Isn't it easier when we realize that He's got it under control? And that all we need is to move forward and trust?

HappyascanB said...

Oh how I've missed you!!! Sorry your summer's been so very stressful and hectic, but I'm thankful you've also had time to enjoy life! Take it easy on yourself while you let your body heal. Walking is good!!

Accidentally Me said...

I've missed you, too! Glad to hear you are feeling better:-)

W T G said...

Indeed, Christ is the God of the mountain and God of the Valley, God of the night and God of the day; weather things are up or down, dark or light He's always there.

Wishing you all the best and hey, go enjoy a few of those margaritas with a few close friends. Be well and good cheers to you Ally -

OK Chick said...

I am happy to have you back in blogger world.

I'm sorry that your grandparents passed in such a close amount of time. I'm sure it's a blessing to them, but hard on your family.

Bone said...

I was at the Counting Crows concert!!!

Please tell me you weren't in section 5, row W.

TC said...

Did they play "Accidentally in Love"????!?! That's my favorite song of theirs. Ever.

brookem said...

glad that you are feeling better!
counting crows is going to be a great show! i saw them a few years ago and it was awesome!

Ally said...

Bone: If we'd been in the same section that would have been very small world! But no, I wasn't in that section.

TC: No, I don't think they played that. And they didn't play my favorite either--"Anna Begins," but it was a fabulous show.

Terri said...

Glad you're back and doing OK. Sorry to hear about all the turmoil in your life, but I've no doubt your faith will see you through.

Lesson for me this summer? Love is all that really matters.

brandyismagic said...

Glad you are feeling better lady! I would definitely be down for seeing Ray in concert, I bet it's amazing!

Jennifer said...

Great to see an Ally update - I've been out of the blog loop for a while with the baby and all. IT feels great to catch up on all of my blog-friend's lives! I'm glad your health is back to normal, even if it put you into an $800 hole!