Monday, April 26, 2010

Wedding Planning....

Reception Centerpieces: After spending hours clicking through images of floral centerpieces and feeling stressed about having to make decisions about something that really isn't that important to me, I've decided to go with my original idea for centerpieces: cupcakes (probably on cake stands) and maybe my favorite appetizer at the restaurant where we've having our brunch reception (homemade sweet potato chips with an oddly yummy blue cheese fondue).

My bouquet: SO now the only flower decision I have to make is for my bouquet. I'd love your ideas. White calla lilies are simple & pretty, but since I'm not having attendants (and their dresses to brighten things up) I wonder if I need to have a flower with more color. I also like flowers tightly smushed together and pink....Any thoughts? Links? Suggestions? I guess I need to have a boutonniere for him too? I'm hoping to find photographs of what I like and then take that to a florist.

Dress: It's here! I'm not in love with it, but given that I didn't want to spend much money or time my options were limited. So I bought a dress at David's Bridal for $250 plus tax. David's isn't a pleasant shopping experience (no one will help you get in & out of dresses; the dressing rooms are small; and it sort of gives me that same overwhelming feeling that Walmart does on a Saturday), BUT you can try on dresses in your size (unlike boutiques that seem to only carry a size 10) and the dresses are very cheap compared to most stores. Here's a shot of me in the sample of the dress I bought. The back of the dress isn't so cute, so Blake's mom is adding buttons. AND I need no alterations! That's saves me $100s! The store said I need to wear a slip under the dress to make it go out more, but I'm not sure I want it to poof out any more. Thoughts?

Can you tell how poor I am at making decisions? My mother has picked out a veil she really likes, but I haven't brought myself to spend $80 (even if it is my mom's money:) on tulle with ribbon on the edges! I think that when you add the word bride or wedding to something, retailers take it as an opportunity to mark things up even more than usual. It's such a racket.

We've spent the last 10 days moving most of Blake's stuff into my place (no small feat, esp. since I have ONE closet), and while moving is no fun, it's been such a reminder of how well we work together and how incredibly blessed I am to have met someone I'd want to share all of this with. He's sweet to stay at his dad's house the next 47 days, so we can put what he would have paid in rent/utilities toward our honeymoon expense. And now I get to sleep in his nice king size pillow
top mattress.

p.s. I'm thankful for Thatcher...he's snoozing beside me on the sofa and so good at cuddling.


L.C.T. said...

I actually think that dress is really cute. I can't believe you've found a wedding dress for that price. I don't think they even make them at that price here in the UK!

Aaron said...

I'm shocked both of you can fit all your stuff into your place. Maybe Sarah and I have too much junk. (Or maybe she has too many clothes.) :P

Anonymous said...

I tried on that same dress at David's Bridal! I really liked it, but not on me. :) I had someone helping me in and out of the dresses, but I agree about the Walmart feeling. I got my dress elsewhere. I really didn't want something huge and poufy, and I'm pleased with what I found. Pictures will probably show up on my blog in, oh, about three months. :)

HappyascanB said...

Okay, so Blake doesn't read your blog or does he? Has he seen the dress? I LOVE IT! It's very much YOU!! :) And I say nix the slip business.....

Love the idea of cupcakes and appetizers for centerpieces. That fondue sounds very delicious!

I had a bouquet of red roses I carried on my wedding day, and I'd do it again in a red hot minute! LOVED that pop of color! I did a bouquet of tightly wrapped red roses.

As for a veil, check online. My sister ordered her veil that I ended up borrowing online for $30 plus shipping. Seriously! It was just perfect for us, too! I'd definitely let you borrow it if you'd like! I'll be happy to ship it to you for you to look at. Just an offer...

Keep enjoying these precious times! I am sooooo happy for you!

bMoles said...

The dress looks good, AllyJack. Congrats on the engagement & all. Hope everything is going well for you

Accidentally Me said... that a comment from Aaron? Well, I'll be!!!

I LOVE the dress...simple and clean and gorgeous and it doesn't look like it is super heavy or will be hot and uncomfortable. Is the back just plain? Or is there something about it that you don't like specifically?

And I like the idea of some color in your bouquet...but maybe even the little pink in the lilies will be enough.

Jennifer Kirby said...

I think the dress is really pretty! I definitely do not think it needs a poofy slip unless you decide you want one. The David's Bridal people told me the same thing but I went without and I have not regretted it.

Props to you for the way you're going about this wedding planning. People spend so much time and money obsessing over things that no one's going to remember (from the dress right on down to the centerpieces).

I carried tulips for my bouquet -- definitely colorful -- but for the smushed-together factor, have you thought about hydrangeas?

Anonymous said...

I carried Florida tropical flowers of oranges, greens, yellows, and purples. It fit since I got married on the beach in Florida. I'd add some color to your bouquet. Maybe you could dye some of the calla lilies? Your dress is pretty...very simple, yet elegant. I'd skip the slip and the veil. I'm not much for veils. I wore a big white floppy hat instead. Enjoy!

Trish said...

So exciting...I've told you before but I think the dress is classic and very "you" and also I don't think I'd add the poufy looks great the way it hangs now, I think! Love the cupcake idea...and you actually get to EAT those as oppose to having tons of flowers that just up and die after spending money on them! As for the bouquet, love the idea of some color...I really liked the idea of tulips above...but if you want the compact look...hydrangeas are a great idea...I love those and have seem them in all colors! Is it June already??? I'm so excited!

Trish said...

Ooooh, these are pretty and kinda peonies...

Ally said...

LCT: Yeah, I'm very glad to find something relatively reasonable in price.

Aaron: We're getting a storage closet down the hall in two weeks, and my father generously lets me store things at his place :) We've definitely given/thrown a lot away!

rachel: It's harder than you'd think to find dresses that aren't huge and poufy--and are also well made. I'm glad you found something you like. I'll look forward to photos.

B: Blake actually picked the dress out by looking at my three favorites. He nixed the two expensive boutique dresses immediately! Of course, he didn't know which dress was which. I'll let you know about the veil--thank you for the offer! And I'm starting to think dark pink roses in a tight bunch are super pretty. Thanks for your ideas and thoughts!

Brian: Thank you!

AM: The dress is just a plain zipper down the back, but the fabric pulls a little bit on each side. I checked online, and it even does it on the model. I'm hoping buttons will distract from that :)

Jennifer: I really like hydrangeas! So yes, they are in the running. It's definitely easy to get sidetracked by details like centerpieces, but we're doing out best to stay focused on what's important to us.

Anon: My mom is love with a veil with ribbon trimming, so I'm planning to wear that for her :) Maybe that'll make up for not having flowers at the reception!

Trish: June will be here before we know it! We're definitely excited! And yes, that was my thought--centerpieces that are edible are much more my style! I can't get the link to work, but I looked on that site and it's really helpful. Great pics.

Jan @ Struck by Serendipity said...

That dress is beautiful on your frame! I do think it would look even better with something making it slightly more poofy at the bottom.

Cupcakes as centerpieces is a great idea!!

Can you find the veil on ebay? I remember I bought mine on ebay and resold it for the same price after my wedding, making it effectively free. :)

Ys said...

The dress is gorgeous, very simple and stylish :) I just adore all your plans. You're having YOUR wedding and not what everyone else thinks a wedding should be, which is what me and my hubby did too :D

kathryn thomas said...

the dress is beautiful. it is elegant in its simplicity; i think you chose well.

as for the veil, if it's taken care of over the years, it could become an heirloom that one of your neices (or daughters, should you have any) could use one day. maybe that makes it a bit easier to purchase?

Our Happy Married Life said...

very cute dress! you look great in it. I don't think you need a slip or anything. As for flowers, I know what you mean. I never understood why brides carry white when their dress is white so I added color to my bouquet for sure! I did star gazer lilies with pink, soft and hot pink roses (different sizes), pink peonies (LOVE), and some greenery. If you want me to email you a picture just to see how it all went together I can. I must say i loved my flowers soooo much. But as far as "scrunched all together" you should consider peonies. they are one of my favorite flower. :)

Ally said...

Jan: ebay is a great idea! Thanks.

Ys: Aw, thank you.

Kathryn: Good point :) Or I could sale it on ebay!

OHML: Yes, definitely email me a photograph! That would be great. My email address is on my profile page (allyjack at Thank you!

Ally said...

OHML: Also, where's your blog? Did you take it down?

Our Happy Married Life... said...

Ally: I will email you a picture tonight. I have them all on my computer at home. My blog is I'm not sure why it doesn't link up with my above comment. I'm still here though. :)

TC said...

Stargazer lilies. With tiny pale pink roses if you need both. But Stargazers are already a super, super gorgeous pink and they're perfect with a plain, elegant dress.

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