Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Best & Worst of Pregnancy

Five of the best things about being pregnant:

(1) Knowing that at the end of 10 months we'll have a child. SO. EXCITING. I just can't wait to meet and hold our son and see Blake be a daddy.  This is such a blessing that I wonder how it is that my mind too often focuses on the worst things about being pregnant.

(2) It gives me an immediate common ground with a lot of women, and it's been fun to see people I don't normally connect with feel excited for me and interested in sharing their pregnancy/parenting experiences. 

(3) It's been a reminder of how loved we are by friends and family as they want to celebrate our son and help us prepare for his arrival.  It's amazing how much stuff such a small person needs, and so many people have given us necessities and adorable baby things.

(4) Feeling Jackson move.  It's still a bit weird to me, but I love wondering what he's doing in there and knowing that he's active.  The other day I had a fluffernutter sandwich for lunch, and he went crazy....I think he may have a sweet tooth like me :)

(5) It means I'm quitting my job soon! Valentine's Day is my last day unless Jackson decides to bless us with his presence before then.

Five of the Worst Things about being Pregnant (that are blog appropriate):

(1) Skin problems.  My skin hasn't been this greasy...ever.  Even my hair is greasier.  And I've had acne on my chest, back, neck, and face....yes, it's lovely.

(2) Fat face...and thighs.  I really notice how chubby my face has gotten when I see photographs of myself.  Not attractive.  I guess I just can't gain 30+ pounds and not expect some of it to be in my face?  This blog post made me feel better and reminded me that I'm not alone.  Fat thighs are also a bummer.  I expected my belly to get bigger, but why are my pants tight in my thighs too?

(3) Backaches.  These started in November and usually begin around 1:00 p.m. on any day that I work or overdo it at home.  Nothing seems to help except leaning back in a fully supported position, which is obviously hard to do at work.

(4) Maternity clothes: Don't even get me started.  I'm sure if I were willing to spend lots of money and hours shopping (and driving to cities that have stores with maternity sections or trying to find regular clothes that cover my growing bump) I could look much more presentable, but since I'm not I'm looking really uncute these days.

(5) Feeling out of control.  I know this is my ugly vanity rearing its head again, but I'd be less than honest if I didn't admit that it's been challenging to adjust to sometimes rapid weight gain and out of control appetite.  There have been days and weeks when I feel like a bottomless pit and never feel satisfied, and then there have been weeks where I really watch what I eat and still gain 2-3 pounds.  It's made me feel out of control at times and has frustrated me, especially since I feel like I should be grateful and not begrudging these pregnancy symptoms.  After all this baby is an absolutely tremendous blessing.  I thought I would watch my weight gain and only gain 25 pounds since I normally manage my weight fairly easily, but I've already gained 35 pounds and don't feel like I've had a lot of control over it. 

Fortunately pregnancy is coming to an end soon.  My due date is February 22, and based on physical exams, my doctor thinks Jackson is likely to come 2-3 weeks early.  I'm so ready to meet him!

p.s. I'm grateful that the Lord has blessed us with this baby and that I've had such an uneventful and relatively easy pregnancy.


Anonymous said...

Really don't think you will have a problem losing the extra weight. Glad all is going OK with pregnancy. Be sure to let us know when Jackson gets here. Glad you won't have to work after his arrival. Dr. RJJ

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

The mama community can be one of the most amazingly loving, supportive communities during good times and bad. It can also be one of the bitchiest (am I allowed to say that?), caddiest (is that even a word?), judgmental groups I've ever seen. My very unsolicited advice (get used to it - ha!)? Focus on what's best for you and your family. You can take in advice, observations and insights until you're blue in the face, but only you know what's best for your beautiful family!

Trish said...

Allison, you looked perfect the last time I saw you so I doubt you are gaining too much weight, and I think you'll get it off too...if you are breastfeeding you will be able to eat like a bottomless pit and still lose weight! I cannot believe Jack is almost here!!!

Pam said...

Wow, I didn't realize your due date was coming up so soon. So exciting!

Our Happy Married Life... said...

thanks for stopping by and saying hi! :) Congrats on your baby boy. That's so exciting. I'm almost 7 month post partum, breast feeding and still having a hard time losing the weight. Everyone is different though! Best of luck with your delivery and can't wait to see a picture of your sweet baby boy! PS-Jackson was my favorite boy name ;)