Friday, March 15, 2013

I Wonder....

how I can be so blessed yet still find things to complain about throughout the day.

how many more intrusive or annoying things Facebook will have to do before I'll quit.

why my belly itches all the time even though I'm using Bio-Oil & lotion twice a day.

why Jackson has been waking up every other morning around 5:30 and only able to put himself back to sleep for a few minutes.

how some people make it through life given how complicated it can be (I'm working on our taxes, tag renewal, will, and medical bills today).

how I will be different with a second child.

if our dog will run away when we bring home another baby.

how many Cadbury Eggs I'd have to eat to satisfy my craving.

when I'll see my next really great movie (recommendations welcome).

p.s. I'm grateful for the internet as I sit in an eight hour CLE course all day.


laura anne said...

theres a bunch of lindt chocolae bunnies here screaming at me to eat them!

HappyascanB said...

Love this!!! My Easter food craving is Reese's Eggs. I have not caved.... Yet. Because I know if I do, I will eat waaaaayyyy too many!!

Jeff Price said...

Do you ever wonder why you wonder so much? I get trapped in metaphysical loops like that all the time. I think if you could just sit back, eat a bucket of cream eggs & have your belly scratched - you just might find all the answers you need for your wonderment!