Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Five Things I'm Liking Now

1. Our wagon.  Poppy & Gan gave Jackson a wagon for his birthday, and we use it all the time.  It's perfect for short walks and when I don't want Jackson to get sleepy during a walk (like he might in his stroller).  It has a seat belt too, which keeps him inside, and it has an extra seat which is perfect for when we run into our neighbor Holden on our evening walks.

2. Ebates.  I heard about Ebates several years ago but never looked into it.  I'm doing more online shopping now since it's a little harder to get out and about amidst nap/eating schedules, etc., and Ebates has netted me $60 in about 6 months just for clicking through its website prior to making a purchase.  It's really that easy.  I love a deal, so it makes me happy.  If you're interested, I'm glad to send you an invite (since they pay you for referring using customers).

3. ZoLi Bot Sippy Cup.  Yes, I'm now finding joy in finally discovering  a sippy cup that does not leak.  It's been about a 7 month quest with lots of wasted money, spills, etc.  This cup is $15, and you have to order it online, but if continues to work, it's worth every penny.  Jackson loves it too.  One of my recent favorite bloggers recommended it.

4. Sleeping Until 7:00.  Miraculously our son has started sleeping later--as late as 7:20 and often until 7:00.  He's much happier in the morning and so am I.  When daylight savings time came around I used it as an opportunity to start pushing his bedtime a little later (like 7:15-7:30:), but really the biggest change has been that he's just sleeping about 11 and a 1/2 hours at night instead of 10.8-11.    Maybe it's because he is so extremely busy all of the time! Regardless I'll take it :)

5. Otterbox.  I managed just fine without an Iphone case until recently.  My relatively new Iphone 4S fell out of the stroller pocket when my husband collapsed it last fall, so we spent $100 having the exterior replaced.  Then Jackson knocked it off the dining room table, and the back is cracked again.  So I finally bit the bullet and ordered an Otterbox.  I've been really surprised that it doesn't bother me at all and has a very minimal effect on my use.

p.s. I'm so grateful for this spring/summer weather.  We spent 2 hours walking on Monday, and it was just wonderful to be outside.


Laura Anne said...

The wagon looks like lots of fun!

Bumble Of Joy said...

We have an older version of the same wagon and love it as well! The kids always enjoy going out for walks and such in it! ~Zi

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

Gavin was almost 1 when I got my first iPhone. Without a doubt, I got a sturdy cover. They're lifesavers, no!?