Friday, April 12, 2013

Pregnancy #1 Versus Pregnancy #2

It's been interesting to compare pregnancies, and I've been thankful for some of the ways this pregnancy has been easier than my first.  So here's a list:


1. Morning sickness ended much sooner! About a day after I started taking progesterone, my morning sickness decreased by 80%.  All morning sickness was over by 10-12 weeks, whereas I had bouts of sickness during my first pregnancy until around 18 weeks.

2. No pregnancy acne or backacne.  So thankful! Having zits on my neck, chest, and back only added to the vanity-destroying state known as pregnancy, so I'm glad to skip it this time.

3. Back pain started much sooner this go around.  During the later parts of my second trimester and third trimester I would have back pain beginning around 1:00 p.m. most days and particularly if I was on my feet a lot.  With this pregnancy, I've had days of back pain that is on-going as early as about 18 weeks.  I'm sure it has to do with lifting a 14 month old out of the crib & carseat, etc.  Thankfully I haven't experienced it recently, and my husband is great about doing all of the carseat in/out when we're together.

4. I think about being pregnant about 75% less than I did during my first pregnancy.  A lot of that is because so much of my mental capacity is consumed with a 14 month old and his nap schedule, 3 meals and snacking schedule, and all of the rest of his needs, and I'm sure an equal part is that this isn't new to me.
(Photo just taken:)

1.  It feels like a miracle....that we're being blessed with a child and that conception and pregnancy have both been so easy.  Both pregnancies are huge reminders of God's goodness.

2. Weight gain feels out of my control, too quick, and in places other than my belly.  When I'm not pregnant I have a decently easy time of maintaining my weight, so it's been frustrating to gain weight so quickly (like 3 pounds in 3 days).  I'd like to gain a pound a week for a total of 25-30 pounds (and only in my belly region:), but it doesn't seem to be in my pregnancy cards.  The second trimester dramatically increases my appetite, so I've been trying to exercise more and make better food choices.  It's weird to be pregnant and almost feel like I'm dieting, although don't get me wrong...dieting for me means only having 2-3 pieces of pizza when I'm wanting much more because I'm a bottomless pregnant pit :)  I've gained 16 pounds so far (all in the last 12 weeks) and am almost 26 weeks pregnant.  I gained a total of 40 pounds with my first pregnancy (and delivered at 37.5 weeks).

3. First trimester scares.  With Jackson I passed tissue that really scared us, and with this pregnancy, I had spotting for several weeks. 

4.  I hate maternity clothes.  Thankfully I'm not having to navigate maternity professional wear this go-round since I can't even seem to find casual wear that is cute, affordable, and doesn't fall apart after being laundered.  Good thing I'm at home most of the time in pjs or leggings.  Next month I get to figure out what kind of bathing suit to wear at 30 weeks preggo at the beach! Regardless I'm very excited about going to St. Simons.

p.s. I'm thankful it's Friday. Love spending the weekends with my family.


Anonymous said...

You handle pregnancy like a champ. Can't wait to see you as a mother of 2.


Mrs. Match said...

Aw, I hate first trimester pregnancy scariness. I had a lot of scary bleeding the first 12 weeks of this pregnancy, though thank god it was nothing compared to my last pregnancy. Still, getting past that was such a relief. Glad to hear you're doing better now!
You look great! Especially for baby #2!
I love maternity jeans myself, but I hate hate hate the shirts. I have a really hard time finding ones that work for my short frame. Lucky for me, hubs' tshirts have been great, and stretchy regular shirts from Banana Republic work perfectly!

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

You make for an adorable pregnant gal! I bet most people don't see that you're gaining weight in places other than your belly.