Saturday, July 06, 2013

38 Weeks

My belly is huge! People are starting to ask me when I'm due and look a little nervous around me :)  I look a bit like I swallowed a watermelon whole, and I'm feeling a bit over being pregnant.  I had my weekly appointment last Wednesday, and I'm between 3 & 4 cm dilated and 80% effaced.  We went ahead and scheduled an induction for July 15, but Blake and I both suspect (and hope) I'll have progressed enough by my next appointment that we'll move the date up a few days.  Neither of us are crazy about the idea of my water breaking and rushing to the hospital and just hoping I'll receive the recommended 8 hours between doses of antibiotics before delivery to prevent Ella from contracting group B strep.  I know transmission is unlikely, but a friend's friend's baby contracted it this spring during labor and almost died so I'd rather not take chances.

I packed Jackson's suitcase yesterday and wrote out his schedule for Blake's dad and step-mom along with a list of last minute items to be added to his bag.  Thankfully Jackson enjoys being with all of his grandparents including overnight stays.  In fact, he's spent the night with Blake's mom once a week for the last 3 weeks! It's been one of the big reasons we've been able to get so much done in these weeks leading up to Ella's birth and has been a huge blessing to me as I've been able to rest a lot more.  Other preparations have included a pedicure and haircut/color :)

I'm continuing to feel pretty tired, but thankfully most days I'm able to nap and rest during Jackson's nap. I definitely feel more swollen and uncomfortable on the days I don't rest during his nap, especially since he's been waking at 5:30 some days.  Ella is continuing to be really active, and her heartbeat sounds good.  I've gained another pound for a total of about 30 pounds, and while I can still wear all of my maternity clothes I've been sporting Blake's boxers and tee shirts more the last few days.  The last 24 hours I've had a lot of back pain.  Have I mentioned that I feel really pregnant?

Jackson has been much more clingy this last week and wanting me to hold him more.  I left him with sitters twice on Monday, and he cried both times.  He usually loves being left with cute, young women, but he was just wanting his mommy to hold him. I'm wondering if he's sensing something is up.  We've been praying a lot for his transition to being a big brother and our transition to a family of 4, but I haven't thought about it all that much.  I figure we'll just take it one day at a time.

p.s. I'm thankful for our friends. We had 16 friends & their children over for a sort of last minute dinner Wednesday night, and it was so much fun.  Blake smoked two Boston butts, and it was delicious!


Mrs. Match said...

Wow, first off you look amazing! I wish I'd thought to get my hair cut while I was pregnant. I am in desperate need of a cut now but have no time!
Second, that's so crazy that you're dilated but not in labor. I've heard of that with others too. For me, I was dilated to 3 when I went to the hospital with steady contractions. So strange how every pregnancy and every woman is so different. Hope baby Ella comes before your induction! I think big brother will do great! He will probably adjust but you guys seem totally up for the task. And it's so nice that you have a good support system!

lisacng @ said...

Know what you mean about "a bit over being pregnant". Evenings are the worst for me, especially trying to get to sleep at night. You are already 80% effaced! Wow! Certainly soon, very soon! Hope you make it to your scheduled induction. I am hoping to make it to my scheduled C-section. Your hair looks lovely & love all the bump updates with Jackson in them! Such a cutie. I also am not giving too much thought or worry about how our boy will transition when baby girl arrives. Like you said, one day at a time.

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

I love love love that second photo of you and Jackson. Your hair behind your ear opens up your face beautifully!

I don't get why people are so uncomfortable around pregnant women. It's not like you're making yourself at home on their deserted island. If something were to happen in their presence, all they'd have to do is call 911. It's not that hard. And pregnant mamas deserve to feel a little more welcomed during their most uncomfortable days of pregnancy!

love jenny xoxo said...

Sounds like you are really ready! I wish I was further along, I had an ultrasound yesterday and they said the baby is measuring to be 8lbs 10oz.... and I'm due the 17th! Hopefully he'll come soon! I'm thinking this weekend sounds good!

You look fabulous! Good luck with everything!


Anonymous said...

I heard you will probably have Ella on 7/15 which is my grandaugter Lauren's birthday which would be great. However I am compelled to believe she will come no later than this Friday 7/12. " I may be wrong but I don't think so."