Thursday, July 04, 2013

Jackson's Big Boy Room

We moved Jackson upstairs to his "big boy room" two weeks ago, and he hasn't skipped a beat.  I think he enjoys the new play space since we rarely spent time upstairs before this transition, so he's having fun exploring (and pulling out his bath toys every time we leave the door open).  It's definitely been a lot of work to get it ready since Blake wanted to build the furniture for this room, which means we had to find plans, stain, etc. that we both liked.  Thankfully I had chosen to have this room painted gray before Jackson was born because it's such a great gender neutral color, and we both still love gray so no wall painting was necessary.


Unfortunately the closet door and door frame had to be replaced, so that was Blake's first project.  He decided to put wood on the back of the closet and stain it to match Jackson's bed frame and installed shelves and a rod.  It's a really nice touch. Then Blake built the headboard and footboard and stained them.  I found some cubbies on Pinterest, and he built those too.  They're perfect for toy storage and sound machine placement.  We borrowed a crib from our neighbor, and until Jackson high jumps/crawls or otherwise escapes from it he's sleeping there.  We just wanted to have a bed ready for when we need it.  Once we move the crib out we'll add a dresser and nightstand to match.

Blake's mom added blackout fabric to our existing white curtains, and we moved the rug from our office into the room.  Now all we lack are some decorative accents.  We plan to add some artwork or photographs to the walls and some sort of hooks for his bags, hats, etc.  I also hope to find another light fixture.  The room has  shaped up nicely, and I hope Jackson likes it as much as we do one day.

p.s. I'm thankful for our freedom and a day to be with friends and family.


Laura Anne said...

Looking great - do you want to come and sort my big girl room?! I think it needs your home design touch! :)

Nilsa @ SoMi Speaks said...

How on earth does Blake have time to do projects like that? Totally impressed and love the rustic/beachy feel to the bed.

lisacng @ said...

So glad that Jackson is liking his big boy room! Can be a rough transition for some and glad it wasn't for him. I love the grey too! And so impressed that Blake made and stained all the furniture!!! Woweeee! Can't wait to the decorative accents and photographs and dresser when Jackson's ready for the big boy bed!

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