Friday, March 24, 2006

Lets Take a Vote....

Which of the Girl Scout cookies is your favorite? A recent e-mail debate with Donatello prompted me to pose this query to my faithful readers. I’ll give a brief overview of the cookies I consider to be the top competitors.

Tagalongs: Perfection. They are just the right combination of chocolate, peanut butter, and cookie. This perfect combination can be consumed in mass quantities with little chewing effort. To inhale more than five at a time, milk is required. I discovered these in law school, and I would sometimes eat a box a day rather than meals. I recently consumed 25 Tags in a 40 hour period. Delicious.

Samoas: Very good. These were my favorites for years (until I discovered Tags). They are unique, and you cannot really find any cookie/candy like them. Unfortunately they have one enormous drawback. Mass Samoa consumption causes jaw discomfort. Eating more than three to five at any given time is not advised. Some may consider this a plus as it makes it easier (almost mandatory) to savor these once-a-year treats. I am, however, of the school of thinking that if something is good, I’m gonna eat it ASAP. I’m working on overcoming this line of thinking as I know mass sugar/fat consumption is unhealthy.

Do-si-dos: Pretty good. These are made for peanut butter lovers. I like them dipped in milk. Easy to eat, and they make for a good breakfast. I am contemplating taking a box of them and dipping each cookie in chocolate to make a special treat.

Thin Mints: A lot of people love them. I’ll eat them in a pinch. The people I nannied for would buy their daughter’s required order number of cookies in the form of Thin Mints, so they had about 50 boxes in their freezer. I understand that Thin Mints freeze very well, but that only supports my claim that they are not the best kind of Girl Scout cookies. If they aren’t good enough for immediate consumption and necessitate your freezing them, are they really that wonderful?

I’m sorry, but the other kinds of Girl Scout cookies are not deserving of my review.

Please participate in my poll and settle my dispute with Donatello. May the best cookie connoisseur win.


Anonymous said...

Somoas are the best! Gooiness is god... If you crushed up soem tagalongs, all youre left with is ingredients for reeses cups. There is no replacement for Somoas!

the Cookie Monster said...

Tagalongs rock!

Larry said...

Somoas and Thin Mints are my faves. :)