Monday, March 06, 2006

Setting a Record.....

I've been wanting to set some personal records. While I wish I had some awesome record to report, like reading the Bible every single day for a year or running a mile in seven minutes or volunteering every single week, I am instead reporting a personal record for cupcake consumption. Or rather, icing consumption. I've taken to just eating the icing off the top of cupcakes to preserve more stomach capacity for the really good part--the pure sugar icing.

I did not set out to set this record this weekend, but like many wonderful things, this was unintended. Last Tuesday I began searching on the Internet for restaurants and bakeries to visit on my trip to Nashville. I came across Darlene's Kakes (it's just OK....not exceptional, although I was impressed with the peanut butter icing which is fairly rare in bakeries). As a surprise, I decided to order a dozen for Donatello, whose sweet consumption can almost rival mine. I thought he'd especially appreciate these cupcakes since they had peanut butter icing.

Well Donatello had also decided to surprise me.....with cupcakes from the best bakery (at least when it comes to icing) ever. Party Favors in Brighton, MA makes the most delicious and sweet icing that I've ever tasted. Donatello and I discovered it several months ago when we were knocking around Brighton and decided to share a cupcake. The icing is about an inch thick if you choose the right cupcake (one with decorations such as a flower or the Cookie Monster).

Check this bakery out if you're ever up in or around Boston

When I got to the hotel room, I found a note that led me to a scavenger hunt....ending in the refrigerator with a container with five cupcakes! Exciting! I proceeded to eat the icing off of four of those over the three day weekend. I also managed to eat five or six of the cupcakes I bought Donatello (he was busy with the cookies I had brought him and real food). That brings my cupcake icing consumption to the grand total of 11. I'm not going to try to top that as it's just not healthy.

Did anyone else set any records this weekend?

As different Donatello and I are, there is one thing for sure....we both like cake! Check out our photos from a recent wedding....


kimberly said...

congratulations on your awesome record! I'm excited to have a friend who shares my super sweet tooth! Another good place to try in Boston (your boyfriend probably already knows about this one) is Mike's Pastries in the North End. They have string flying everywhere in the air to tie up their little white boxes of pastry goodness. And if you are ever in Baltimore, Vicarro's is absolutely AMAZING. I haven't found anything like that here in Columbus yet...but at least we have a Krispy Kreme!

RJJ said...

You are so much better looking than the Donatella mobster-guy. You should dump him for a southern guy.