Thursday, July 27, 2006

Happy Happy Joy Joy

It's almost the weekend! And like the last two weekends, I've got fantastic weekend plans again. Last weekend I went to Columbus and hung out with my best friends from law school, who happen to be married to each other, and I had such a good time. I love being with people that I enjoy so much that no activity or plans are needed. And being in their house feels like home in a way, which I guess is just part of the connection I feel with them.

Last weekend I also met up with my friend Kimberly, who I don't technically know very well. With that being said, I feel like I know her. Yes, that is a contradiction. Every now and again I am blessed to meet someone for whom I instantly have great affection. It's always very exciting for me when this happens. I guess the best word for it is "clicking." On a side note, it'd be cool to date someone I felt that way about, but for me, this "clicking" is always platonic. Sometimes it's an element of the person's personality that is striking. Other times it's how open they are or what they share. It's often something inexplicable. I think Kimberly and I have now actually seen each other three times, but you'd never guess it. When we talk we really talk, and we've skipped all of the formalities of surface level getting to know each other conversations.

This weekend I am hosting two lovely guests, who will hopefully not pee on me. Seriously I've been debating on whether I should go buy a plastic mattress cover just in case. Alaina has peed on me at least three times now, but it's been at least a year so I'm going to risk it (and my feather bed). Lauren is still sleeping in pull ups, so I'm probably safe on that end. Alaina and Lauren have been to visit before with their mother (once), but they've never been permitted to come alone. Their father doesn't think it's safe "for them to be down here without a man." You'd think I lived in the hood rather than a gated apartment complex in the safest area of town. Whatever, I'm just excited that they are finally coming to visit. Several people have made suggestions for different activities I should plan for the weekend, but like my time with my law school friends, we'll be happy doing nothing or anything. It's easy that way.


ilLegal said...


kimberly said...

I also agree that we clicked. I love it when that happens! I had a good time with Trisha and Travis too. I can't wait to hang out again! Have fun with your nieces this weekend! I'm sure you are the coolest aunt ever.

Anonymous said...

As a psychologist I can assure you based on your past blogs that those two little ladies will enjoy anything to do with water, or something along the line of "kidsplay" where you slide down large air-filled slides or jump in with the colored balls etc. That would be good option if weather not conducive to water. Dr. RJJ

Aaron said...

Blogger Pool: Even money the weekend involves sweets. Email me if you want in on this bet. :D