Thursday, February 22, 2007

Gratitude: The Letter "T"

I am nearing the end of the alphabet! And about to begin some tough letters.

Traveling: This activity is definitely among the top of my favorite things to do list. I'm especially grateful for the opportunities I had in Costa Rica & Spain to live with a family and learn about how the people there live and how that reflects their values (and makes me think about Americans' values).

Trust: It feels good to be trusted and to trust--even if it is hard and/or doesn't feel natural.

Tranquility: Sometimes I still think about going to spend a week in the woods a la Thoreau just to see how this feels. An hour here or there isn't quite the same, but I'm still grateful for the feeling when I actually make it a priority.

Tacos, the Taco Stand, trees (especially the ones you can easily climb), traditions, Thanksgiving--and turkey and dressing, toothbrush & toothpaste, Twix, tee shirts, turtles (I liked having them as least for a day or two), tea, Titus & Timothy, Toyotas (it's so nice to have cars that never have any problems), tank tops, and truth

Transformation: Placing my faith in Christ, learning more about the gospel, and seeking God has absolutely transformed me.

Teachers: I've had some really amazing teachers over the years--one of whom is my Uncle Joe. He challenged us to examine our culture and choices and taught me a lot about the kind of person I want to be. (I just had a Dirty Dancing flashback.)

Teaching: I taught elementary Spanish for a year, and it was such a positive experience. Before that I taught in an after-school/summer program and worked with special needs children and that work helped me learn to be patient and very creative. I especially love being creative with disciplining children.

Trav & Trish: My best friends from law school who are conveniently married to each other. Fortunately I get to see them this weekend. Speaking of the weekend, it's almost here.


allbilly said...

Very good post. So how did the cultural experiences in Spain and CR change your view on America?

And in re Thoreau. Definitely cannot be done in hours or pieces of days or probably not even in a day. I think a week would be a very, very bare bones minimum. I'd love to just "walk off into the woods".

allbilly said...

Oh...and TEXAS should be somewhere in that T category of things to be thankful for.

Ally said...

Billy: But Texas produced W. But I like Austin, so you're right. As for my perspective of America changing, I began to recognize our arrogance a bit; but more than that, I saw how unecessarily hurried and harried Americans are. While the "standard of living" might seem lower in Spain, the quality of life seems higher in many ways. It seems like we value more stuff, and they value time with their family and leisure more.

Jeff Price said...

You're starting to sound like a Dixie Chick there with your Dubya comment :-p

I love Twix and cool T-shirts too. That is one of things I enjoy about traveling is getting a t-shirt from that place to remind me of my time there whenever I wear it.

What about some gratitude for Pearl Jam's debut album Ten?? or for thankfulness itself??

ella w. said...

What, no "Text Messaging"?

Clearlykels said...

Traveling, teaching & tacos-- all very wonderful things!!

Accidentally Me said...


Ally said...

Jeff: Excellent additions! Ten is one of the best albums ever. And I'm grateful for thankfuness too.

Ella: Afraid that doesn't make the cut:)

Clearykels: Yep.

AM: How could I forget the main ingredient in margaritas?

brandy said...

I'm glad I wasn't the only one who thought 'tequila'. I'm thankful for that, until the next morning and then I'm thankful for t-t-tylenol...

Allen Madding said...

let me add Tattoos :)

Taquitos (if you don't know what one is - visit a Quick Trip or a mexican grill)

Taco Bell! (30 yrs of loving to run for the border)

Tomatoes (Home grown, vine ripe. Slice and add salt and pepper.)

Time...with the ones I love

Third Day

Targa roof (the one piece removable top in a Ferarri 308/328)..even cooler than T-tops

Tuesday's Gone With the Wind - Lynyrd Skynyrd (from the Pronounced album)

Train, Train - Blackfoot

Taylor Guitars - I don't believe there is any reason for any other manufacturer to build acoustic guitars

Jeff Price said...

Holy mackerel, I can't believe I forgot Tequila & Taco Bell. What a great 2 AM combination that is!!