Sunday, February 11, 2007

NYC: My First Day (ever)

Excellent trip!!

My plane landed around 10:30 Thursday morning, and I arrived at the hotel about an hour later and was glad to find out my room was ready (and glad to eat the warm, delicious chocolate chip cookie from the hotel). The room was the smallest hotel room I've ever stayed in--and also one of the most expensive hotel rooms I've ever paid for. After putting on some Cuddle Duds under my jeans and sweater, I bundled up, grabbed a map from the concierge (who told me that I shouldn't even consider play tickets for less than $200 and refused to give me any information on less expensive tickets) and headed for the Theater District. And as soon as I set out to explore, I was so glad I'd come early and alone. I forget how much I love wondering around new places. On my walk, I came across Rockefeller Center and watched the ice skaters. Periodic stops at various stores helped me acclimate to the cold air. I met a super friendly cop who directed me to the place to buy discounted play tickets (and gave me a great map), but it wasn't opened yet. I also stumbled upon the Hershey Store but was disappointed as it only had the stuff you can buy at the grocery store.

By this point I was starving and searching for lunch. While I looked I had several guys stop me and ask if I wanted to go to the Letterman show that afternoon, but I said no, thinking I'd rather see a play. I walked by Roxy's Delicatessen and stopped in my tracks when I saw the dessert display case. It was ridiculous. A ton of cheesecakes, brownies, and creative desserts in between. So my first meal in NYC was a fudge peanut butter cup New York style cheesecake. It was enormous and totally different (and better) than any cheesecake I've ever had. And for once I didn't finish my dessert. So after I left I decided the Letterman Show might be fun after all, so I got a ticket. It was quite a production with lots of twenty-something drama/high energy-types wanting us to yell, clap, and generally act excited out of our mind about being there. I made friends with a gay couple from Arkansas, one of whom works as a headhunter for one of my firm's big clients. I love how small the world is. So as we're waiting for taping to start, they finally announce who the guests are, saying "And from Grey's Anatomy [of course, I'm thinking "yes, McDreamy!"] Katherine Heigl." Speaking of television shows, does anyone else watch Brothers & Sisters? It's my new favorite show. Rob Lowe is even hotter than McDreamy too.

Letterman was cool and thanks to the "Ask the Audience" segment, my mom and aunt saw me on television that night (I was behind one of the people he talked to). Afterwards I submitted my name into the lottery for the 25 front row $25 tickets for Wicked but had no luck. And then I realized I didn't really want to go to a play for the next three hours; I just felt like I should, which isn't a very good reason.

After some more exploring, I headed back to the hotel and asked the concierge for a restaurant recommendation. Again, he was a disappointment and sent me to one of the few Mexican restaurants I've ever been to that isn't good. Oh well, at least I had a nice long conversation with a very cute boy in a sharp suit (I'm a sucker for suits) and his friends at the bar. Needless to say after beginning my very full day at 4:55 a.m., I slept very soundly in my hotel bed. Hope you all had a lovely weekend too.


PeeJ said...

WOW! I'm so jealous, it looks like you had an utterly awesome trip! Great pics too!


Aaron said...

Ally goes to NYC and promptly blogs about food. haha!


e.b. said...

Sounds wonderful, can't wait to hear about the rest. So funny that you had cheesecake for a meal - that is NY style and I sure it was excellent.

Allen Madding said...

you went to the Letterman show! sweeet :)

ella w. said...

I see you didn't have to wear a ski mask afterall! I look forward to reading more about you NYC trip...especially how it was with Oz.

icadle said...

So did you just go to NYC all by your lonesome?

allbilly said...

I love wanderin' around. It's the best way to see a new city. Other than running.

Lost said...

sounds good! I assume the friendly police officer sent you to the TKTS booth to see if you could get tickets to a show on the day of?

sounds like a good visiting day 1 in NYC!

Stay warm, it's CRAZY cold here!

DCVita said...

FUN! I always have the BEST time in NYC. And everytime I go, it is like I have never been before because there are so many things to do and see and go and eat! lol. I definately can't wait to hear more!! Glad you enjoyed yourself :)

Accidentally Me said...

I love the "Little Blue Riding Hood" look!

Glad to hear you had fun, although Ella brings up a part of the weekend that is a glaring omission...

Ally said...

AM: Well Oz didn't arrive until dinner time on Day #2 hence no mention.

DCVita: I feel the same way--unlimited options of things to see, do, and eat.

Lost: That's exactly where he sent me. I couldn't believe my concierge wouldn't tell me exactly where it was located!

Allbilly: Agreed. Wish it had been running weather.

Ivy: I was there for basically two days on my lonesome and loved every minute of it.

Ella: I did wrap my pashmina around my face a few times, but I guess that's better than a mask.

Allen: It was definitely fun to watch.

e.b.: Tomorrow I'll write about your suggestion that I took.

Peej: Thanks. It was awesome!

Ally said...

Aaron: Surely you didn't expect me not to mention food? And more pics to come--a downside of traveling alone is not as many pics.

Kimberly said...

You're so brave Allison. Love that about you. I'm glad you had fun and that you didn't give in to the concierge's snobby expectations ;)

icadle said...

very cool

Anonymous said...

Ally went to new york
where she should have tried the pork.

She arrived on a big plain
to find a city quite plane

Her travels were exciting
Her adventure inviting

Why she came back
To work for a factory in a sack

We may never know
What makes her go

And that is our poem for the day.

Trixie said...

so jealous! looks like a fun trip to NYC!

going to the tapings of live shows are fun -- never what it seems to be on tv. it is a lot of work as the staff wants the audience to keep clapping, yelling and be enthusiastic. we went to a live taping in LA and they had a guy tell funny jokes in between to keep the audience loose. hubby & i were on tv for a split second.. well mostly his arm as he waved... :)

Anonymous said...

That cheesecake sounded like the best thing ever to put in a persons mouth!!!

So glad you had fun.

I think it's cool you got to see Katherine Heigl, it's not something that happens everyday, that's for sure!

I heart NYC!!!

Ally said...

FC&F: It was way up there!

Trixie: I had no idea either--they had blaring music, funny clips, and all of that at this one too. Definitely interesting to see what's behind the scenes.

Anonymous: Nice work, again:) I'm stuck on the why she came back part too....

Ivy: Definitely was.

Kimberly: Thanks! Yeah, I wonder how many people he's intimidated into spending waaaay more money than they planned to see a play.

Jordan said...

I miss my NYC... I haven't been back in 5 years. I'm glad you had a great time. Autumn in NY is the best though, so you must return!

brookem said...

Sorry I'm late to respond! Just wanted to say it sounds like Day 1 was a hit! That's wonderful you got to see Kathryn Heigl (I think I spelled that wrong, I'm too lazy to check). So they tape Letterman during the day, huh?
I LOVE a man in a crisp suit as well. :)