Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Who Has the Most Wrong with Him?

I was so tired on my date on Friday night that I briefly wondered if my neighbor had slipped Ruffies into my drink. Then I reasoned that if he had I would probably have been taking my clothes off or something. Plus I was drinking water with dinner, and I think you're supposed to mix it with alcohol. I read way too much true crime in middle school.

It was fun to go on a proper date with a non-internet person. Conversation was easy, albeit riddled with red flags, and after dinner (checked another restaurant off my list) we went to the neighborhood bar for drinks. By that point I was almost deliriously tired but having enough fun to want to keep going, so I just had one martini and proceeded to engage my neighbor in my made-up game "who has the most wrong with him?" It's a stupid game but fun to see what people 'fess up to and how creative they become. My neighbor did surprisingly well and has written to say he's come up with a few more. There's a lot wrong with me, so we may need to go for round two.

The dating scale won't work for this date because I had a really good time but wouldn't go out with him again. With that being said, I'd definitely hang out with him again as friends...in a group or something since I sort of have a rule* against being friends with guys that I find subjectively attractive. Maybe a few of us could have a neighborly outing and include him.

p.s. I'm grateful for my upcoming three day weekend in Nashville and face time with two of my favorite people.

* I'm sort of fond of rules and find that wide margins work best for me in this arena.


Ys said...

You sound like such a fun person to go out on a date with! I'm always crap - awkward, never know what to say, etc.

Enjoy Nashville :)

Ally said...

Ys: Ha. I generally have plenty (too much) to say :)

TC said...

Why wouldn't you go out with him again?

Jennifer said...

I love that you know what boundaries are good for you and you set rules to protect your own heart. I think that's where I got into a lot of trouble in the dating arena and never considered myself "worth" making rules for. You are one very cool and wise chick Ally.

Ally said...

TC: He's been on again off again with his ex-girlfriend for the last few months; they've been off for the last two weeks with what seems like a good bit of drama. I'm a fan of people taking time "off" after long relationships.

Jennifer: Aw, thanks. I'm trying to learn from all of my mistakes--and not repeat them hence some of the rules.

Anonymous said...

My goal is to also not make the same mistakes in my next relationship as I have in the past.

So, I'm not worrying about whether the guy I went out with last night (and had a blast with!) calls or not.

He said he would, that he wants to go out again, so I'm going to believe him and wait it out. He's well aware that I want to see him again, so the ball's in his court.

Oh, how I dislike dating!

Aaron said...

It sounds as if you're almost making excuses to see him again.

Chasie said...

Two of your favorite people are excited to see you too!!

cat_chaser said...

Round two might give you an opportunity to try that Peace Pill. :)

Anonymous said...

"I'm a fan of people taking time "off" after long relationships."
I agree. I don't like when people hop from relationship to relationship. I think there needs to be a time to grieve/learn from the relationship.

I'm happy you had a good time. I can imagine it was nice to just go out on an old fashion date...one that did not involve a computer.

Ally said...

Anonymous: Absolutely. Plus people who are always in a relationship leave me feeling like a widget.

CC: Hmm. I've never heard it called that.

Chasie: 10 more hours :)

Aaron: Yep.

BEG: I'm glad you can describe a first date as a "blast." That's impressive.