Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Would You Rather?

The first time I remember playing this game was in middle school on a field trip. I thought I invented it, but I've since realized that this game has probably been around for a lot longer than I've been alive.

So lets play. Feel free to reply to these or with your own would you rathers.

Would you rather become deaf or blind?

Would you rather hurt or be hurt? Love or be loved?

Would you rather have milk chocolate chips in your cookies or semisweet?

Would you rather have a free 10 day trip to Australia or a 20 day trip to Italy?

Would you rather go on the trip alone or with a friend?

Would you rather weigh 30 pounds more than you currently do for the rest of your life or live 5 years less than you would otherwise?

Would you rather pay $21 for some cute trouser jeans from JcPenney's plus $7 shipping or $79 for a pair of Citizens jeans? Yeah, the irony of this kills me. My friend Isabella had some cute jeans with her when she visited me; I tried them on and liked them so much I wore them to dinner. And get this--they're $21 at JcPenney's, but I've refused to order them because I keep thinking I'll go by the mall to avoid the $7 or so of shipping. But when I was a boutique warehouse sale on Friday I didn't think anything of paying $79 for a pair of Citizens (and I got a pair of Citizen cords for $69). In fact, I was elated by this "steal." It's funny how our minds work when it comes to money (I'm sure Accidentally Me can add to this re: the current banking situation).

p.s. I'm grateful for the incredible beauty that surrounds me. I hear it in the music Pandora so carefully selects for me. I see it in the mountains I drive through on my commute. I felt it tonight when I walked with my nieces on the streets I've been walking and running for two decades now. I experience it when I reflect on the faithfulness and grace of the God who I'll never completely understand.


Lib said...

How is this game still so fun after so many years??
here are my answers:

Definately deaf.

I would rather be hurt than have to live with the shame of hurting someone else...I don't like looking at my imperfection and I don't like apologizing. I've perfected the art of "beating myself up," and I'm tragically good at punishing myself when I know I've failed someone else...it's an ugly cycle.

I want to love and be loved...can't choose on that one.

In an ideal world, I would want semisweet choc chips...in a perfect world I'd rather have dark choc chips.

Is the trip to Italy free as well? If so, I'd pick that one. The flight is shorter and 10 days isn't worth the travel time to Australia...I'd have to stay at least a month to make it worth my while.

I'd definately be bringing a friend along with me!

I'd rather die five years earlier than weigh 30 more pounds than I currently do. Heaven is far more appealing than not fitting into my jeans.

Citizens jeans all the way baby.

I also like that you thought you invented this game. haha--we all think we're so clever don't we. I remember playing this game growing up too...i probably thought the same.

TC said...


I would rather be hurt (even though it sucks).

I would rather be loved. I've loved too many people who haven't loved me back I guess.

20 days in Italy.

With a friend for sure.

30 pounds more... I want to take advantage of all the time I have here.

$21... but that's because I'm ridiculously poor these days. On a normal day, I'd spend more.

Anonymous said...

We put a lot of stock in the "name" on the tag of clothes. No way would we pay $79 for a pair of jeans at JCPenney, even if they fit great.

I would much rather go on a trip with a friend.

Aaron said...

Deaf; I already have poor hearing and perfect vision.

Hurt; I'm used to it by now.

Love; It's the greatest commandment.

Milk Chocolate: duh!

10day trip to Australia. You can spend 20 days in Italy for HALF the cost of 10 days in Australia!

I'd rather take that trip with a friend.

I'd rather live 5 years less.

And I'd rather not wear women's jeans. :P

HappyascanB said...

I'd rather be blind; I can't imagine not hearing happiness and love in voices.

I'd rather be hurt than hurt someone. One of the most painful things I've ever experienced was knowing I hurt someone. I'd rather love than be loved.

Give me milk chocolate and 20 days in Italy with someone! A trip abroad alone sounds terribly scary to me!

I suppose I'd rather live 5 years less than be 30 pounds heavier. Weight is my constant battle; please don't make me gain back my weight plus!

JCPenney all the way! I'm way too cheap to ever feel like $79 for a pair of jeans is a steal!!! Show us the jeans from Penneys, too, please!!!

Ys said...

Blind. Be hurt (hurting someone else would hurt me so...). Love. Milk chocolate (mm I'm so hungry right now this isn't helping!), Australia. With a friend. Probably, honestly, I'd rather live five years less, which just makes me sounds awful, doesn't it?

Haha, the way the mind works when it comes to shopping and bargains - yeh, I'm exactly the same!

Jenn said...

I like this game.

Definitely blind. I couldn't go without hearing music and being able to sing.

I would rather hurt than hurt someone else. That's such a crappy feeling. It's easier for me to love than be loved on a regular basis anyway so that was easy.

Definitely semi-sweet. Now I'm hungry for some warm cookies.

Italy, Italy, Italy.

I would have to go with a friend on a trip - it's more fun that way.

30 pounds more than I already do - YIKES. Five years less sounds more appealing but honestly, I really don't know.

I get my jeans at Old Navy - so I don't care either way. (o: But I thoroughly enjoyed your jean story. And would totally pay $79 for a perfect pair.

Okay Miss Ally - your turn - I want to see your answers on these!!! (o:

ella said...

Love the comment about the jeans. I'm the exact same way when it comes to shopping. I'll spend tons of $ at sephora and then hem and haw over a $4.00 bottle of hand soap at Target.

cdp said...

OMG you got a pair of Citizens jeans for $79??? (You knew I'd open with that. I can't help it. It's just who I am.)

I really think a strong part of me would rather love than be loved. (Obviously none of us would like to have just one, but . . . ) Loving people gives me a sense of centered purpose. Having someone to take care of and to nurture just feels like a part of what it is we're meant to do as members of the human collective. I think with this, though, almost always comes an unspoken notion that we believe on some level that the people we love, love us back. And I think often we'd rather not really know than to expose ourselves to the hurt that comes with finding out we might be wrong.

Ally said...

Lib: Because we keep on coming up with new questions!

Aaron: Yep, it comes down to the economics for me too. A free trip to Australia is worth a lot more money--plus I want to go there.

Jenn: here you go!

Deaf....I feel like losing my sight would really limit my freedom and independence (since I couldn't drive or run on my own, etc.). I'd totally miss music though.

Be hurt.

Be loved.

Australia....b/c it's so expensive to go there whereas I could swing Italy on my own. I'd rather go with a friend of my choosing. If it's a random friend, I'll go alone.

Die 5 years sooner. I'm all about quality of life, and 30 extra pounds on me would mean potential health issues, make it more difficult to do the things I enjoy, and honestly it would drive me crazy to be 30 pounds overweight. Plus I don't dread dying in the least. Heaven is gonna rock.

Ella: I hem and haw over 25 cents sometimes! It's crazy.

Ally said...

cdp: Yeah that deal is so fantastic; I knew you'd appreciate it. And the cords are so cute too.

I do feel a need to take care of others and feel uncomfortable being loved and not reciprocating. But I'm learning about receiving. Just letting myself receive without the need for it to be "even." My friend Mark loved me well, and there was no way I could love him back the same way...and that was really good and healing for me, I think. And yeah, loving in an unreciprocated way hurts bad.

Amy said...

Because I'm in the middle of not eating sweets for two months, I'd take my chocolate chip cookies with ANY kind of chocolate in them. :)

Seized by Hope said...




semi sweet

20 days in Italy

30 pounds

Citizen's jeans for sure...and I will make them black if I am also weighing 30 lbs more!

Great post Ally.

HappyascanB said...

PS ~ I'm cleaning the house while jamming out to Pandora; thanks for the shout out! I put in Colbie Calait's Bubbly. . great music!!

Name: Songer said...

I know it doesn't answer your question, but I'd rather be a Maverick.