Monday, September 15, 2008

If You Have to Wonder, the Answer is Yes

* It's disconcerting that (1) so many people are googling "does my boyfriend look like a child molester?" and that (2) when you google that my blog is the first site google listed.

* I went to my very first polo match (or is it game?) on Sunday. Very random and entertaining. I avoided the "steaming divot" that I knew about from my multiple childhood (and adult) viewings of Pretty Woman. Check out that horsey's mohawk! It's like a horse from the '80s or something.

* I walked to Subway for a sandwich this evening, and that wonderful cool fall feeling was in the air; and it made me ridiculously excited. Yeah for having to decide if I should wear long or short sleeves or shorts to run or pants!

* As I sat outside and ate my sandwich, I marveled at how blessed I am. So many prayers have been answered with this move. A group of girls met at my place tonight for our first weekly Bible study--how great to already know five girls who want to study scripture together (and a Tim Keller study no less:). I've been seeing my family one night a week since I moved, which I love. My loft is perfect and well worth the rent. I've found a church that is gospel-centered and warm and welcoming, and already have a regular after-church lunch group. And I'm working from home 2-3 days a week, which means lunchtime runs, pjs, sleeping until 9:30, and getting chores done in between tasks instead of driving a commute.

* I have a crush. And that's all I'm saying about that.

* I'm digging Pandora, especially when I put in Counting Crows.

* There's an afterschool program that I can volunteer at about two blocks away. I may go tomorrow.

p.s. I'm grateful that God is ok with me being a hot mess and continues to pursue me despite how I reject Him.


brandy said...

I've watched a fair share of polo (and have attempted to play and have learned that's FAR HARDER than I imagined), and I say 'polo match'. But, I don't think I'm basing that on anything other than I like how fancy it sounds.;)

As for the crush & Pandora... both of those are very good things. (And I used to LOVE Pandora but now it's not allowed in Canada... which breaks my heart into 35920 pieces. So every time you listen to it, please know I'm jealous.)

Ally said...

Brandy: I can only imagine how hard it is. I decided I was definitely only interested in watching. What do you mean it's not allowed? Do you guys have radio? :)

jennifer said...

What Tim Keller study?

I'm glad so much is falling into place for you! It all sounds great.

Ally said...

Jennifer: We're doing "Gospel Christianity." I love his studies, and my Sunday school class is going through part of his book too.

Anonymous said...

It does not seem like you are a hot mess - it sounds like things are really coming together. Congrats!

Sara Jane said...

I used to go watch polo all the time when I lived in KY. It was so fun to go out on a Sunday afternoon.

Love the mohawk!

Ys said...

Everything sounds wonderful for you. It makes me all happy for you :)

But I have to ask...why does your blog come up first for that question? Have I missed something?

Ally said...

Ys: Ha. That's a very fair question. Over two years ago I wrote a post about my boyfriend at the time; he would occasionally (like for Halloween) grow a "disgustache" that made him look like a child molester--or Magnum P.I. depending on your perspective.

Jenn said...

I've gotta say....I'm excited to hear more about the crush. WHenever it is that you divulge more of that information.

ANd we're getting some of that awesome coolish weather too. LOVE it!

Pam said...

I'm so happy that thinks are working out for you in C-town. That's so great that you have a group of friends for bible study and have found awonderful church.

I use to listen to Pandora all the time and I had forgotten about it until you just mentioned it. I discovered some great music that way.

Jeff Price said...

P.S. Did you say you are a "hot mess"?? Is that like a beautiful disaster or are you just claiming to be really pretty??

Ally said...

Jeff: Ha ha. "Hot mess" was a term my students at PTM used to describe someone who is a total mess. I just think it's a fun expression; you can also find it in the urban dictionary:)

kathrynthomas said...

i'm just going to admit that that first point made me laugh a lot. sounds like something that would happen to me. more so, i am wondering how you found this out?

btw, mentioning that phrase again on your site just helped your search engine ranking on that one. just head's up.

glad the new loft and city are awesome.

Lib said...

loved this post. i love those moments when we can sit down and allow our thoughts to ponder the magnitude of ways in which we are blessed.

oh, and're totally making me miss the south! (family close by, polo matches, croquet, easily finding a group of girls to study scripture with, etc.)

what kind of subway sandwich did you get?

Ally said...

Kathryn: I've noticed in my sitemeter that a lot of people end up on my blog through that search. And yes, I know that'll only make it that much more likely--but seriously if you're worried about your boyfriend being a child molester (especially if you're a single mom), that should be enough!

Lib: Aw, sorry I made you miss the wonderful South. I do love it here. I got my usual--Italian Herb and cheese toasted with pepper jack and turkey with honey mustard. Not much to it, but I like it.

Anonymous said...

I would not say you reject are far from sinner-like.

I wish I could walk to Subway from my house.

I would have only known about the steaming divot from Pretty Woman, too.

Crush? Keeping fingers crossed.

Ally said...

FC&F: I LOVE being able to walk to so many restaurants! As for rejecting God, I have so much trouble really believing in my heart and actions that I cannot earn my salvation and am forgiven by sheer grace. My pride, self-centeredness, and other sins all get in the way of fully accepting what He's offering me. I can logically tell you the gospel, but I often find myself not living as if I believe it.

TC said...

CUTE post! I'm so excited for you that things are working out so well. And I'm hoping we eventually get to hear more about the crush :)