Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Not a Girly-Girl

Sometimes I think life would be easier if I were a girly girl...or rather getting dressed would be easier. I have friends who daydream about outfit combinations, wear skirts in the middle of the winter, and wear shoes that are admittedly uncomfortable. I, on the other hand, wear pajamas whenever I can get away with it and just generally do poorly in this arena.

So....my friends and I are going to a party on Saturday night that is cocktail attire, although a friend said that last year some people had on jeans. If this party were in the summer or even the early fall, I'd wear a cocktail dress. But alas the party is this weekend, and weather.com predicts temperatures much too cold to wear a dress comfortably. I realize that I will be inside and that it may be warm enough, but I sincerely doubt it. I am the girl who wears heels to work and then puts on socks as soon as she sits in her chair. I am the girl who always wants a blanket and wears her wool coat around the office for the first hour after I arrive. So what do I wear? I'm hoping some of you girly girls can send me links and suggestions. I know I'll need accessories, and I've been working hard in this department.

Times like this are the only times I miss my old (crazy) roommate. She was so good at this stuff and could use our collective closets to put together fabulous outfits in no time. I don't have her gift, but I hope one of you does! And don't get me wrong...despite wanting to wear pjs all the time and not being good at this, I like feeling and looking cute; I'm just bad at it.

Happy Wednesday!

p.s. I'm grateful that my sore throat seems to be going away.


Accidentally Me said...

I am sort of with you...I do love admiring clothes, and I love planning things I will wear. But when it really gets down to it, I would wear pajamas to work every day if they let me!

Ys said...

I often think I'll wear a skirt but when it comes to it I just wimp out and put my jeans on ;) But I do adore fashion so I'll try my best to help...

You could always wear a good pair of thick tights (or over-the-knee socks depending on how long your skirt is and whether or not you prefer wearing tights) under your favourite dress. Thick tights would lessen the impact of a dressy-dress if you'd prefer to look more casual. Other wise a really nice dark-black pair of jeans/trousers with a really cute girlie top on top would look very pretty. Something that's fitted and shows off your womanly curves - florals are meant to be very fashionable at the moment too.

Does that help at all?

Sara Jane said...

I don't want to be the one to say it, but I would advise you not to wear jeans. It's always better to be a bit over dressed. I would say dress pants and a cute top or you could wear a dress with tights. That's so stylish right now, not to mention helps with the warm factor. Most important is that you are comfortable. If you feel akward, you'll look akward.

kathrynthomas said...

something that's big here in seattle are the knee high boots with leggings or tights (depending on what you like). american apparel actually carries some tights that are pretty warm considering that they are tights. wear that with a longer coat, and you should keep warm.

if you need another layer, what i do is to have a wool cardigan that i wear beneath my jacket sometimes. i also like to take a warm cardigan or shawl to drape around my shoulders, as i get cold during the actual party.

you can also look into long-sleeve dresses that are wool (ex - http://www.jcrew.com/AST/Browse/WomenBrowse/Women_Shop_By_Category/dresses/knitdresses/PRDOVR~97722/97722.jsp). i'm not a girly girl either, so good luck. hope that helps. let us know how it goes!

Pam said...

I hear you...I long for my PJs at the end of the day. I don't really have much advice because I'm usually the one seeking advice in situations like this but I'd probably go with some dress pants and a top.

Seized by Hope said...

So I would definitely wear flats..something dressy and fun like these

As far as an outfit I like this sweater and cami and you could pair it with black slacks.

I hope you'll post a picture of what you end up wearing!!

Aaron said...

If you were a girly girl, you'd make kissy photos with Oliver.

Jennifer said...

I'm in the same category as you. I am no fashionista, much to the chagrin of my mother and sister. Although I do love skirts and dresses, because it makes me feel a little more feminine.

I'm always for being overdressed for occasions, and here in Texas, I'm always overdressed. Like being one of the only ones wearing black at a funeral. Yeah, good times.

I'd go with pants, because you are most comfortable. Go with black dressy. Then I'd go with a Christmas-y sweater. Or just a plain red or red and black one. There are so few acceptable Chrismas sweaters anymore. That way you look dressy-enough but not to dressy.

Do let us know how it turns out!

Cat_Chaser said...

I live in the land of the frozen tundra( Minnesota), dunno what southern women wear to cocktail parties!:)

ella said...

I just suffer through a little black dress and heels....and this back when I lived NYC. In the snow. I would end up layering cashmere sweaters and pashminas over my dress and strip as I get warmer.

As my friend says, "beauty is pain".

That being said, the first thing I put on when I get home are my sweats.

Lib said...

I suggest you wear a sexy, tailored pant suit...with some fabulous heels...i know they're uncomfortable, but you really can find some good ones out there.

Good luck.

I'll be on the prowl for some pictures for you--


Ally said...

AM: That's the best part of working at home--pjs!

Ys: Yes that definitely helps. I looked for cute tops tonight and only found one that was cute at all--the maternity style needs to go!

Sara Jane: I'm now strongly considering the dress with tights...I ordered one from Nordstroms that should arrive on Friday. Fingers crossed.

Kathryn: I have a black wool wrap that I may wear in addition to my coat--good call. Oh and I went to J.Crew, but of course the store didn't have that dress in stock.

Pam: I was hoping to find some cute dress pants and a top but no luck so far...

Seized By Hope: Thank you so much for the links! Very helpful. I think posting a photo is a great idea--I should be able to do that Sunday or Monday.

Aaron: What does that make you? A girly boy? :)

Jennifer: I love skirts and dresses too--I just hate being cold. Too bad I'm not more warm-natured.

Cat Chaser: I'd never make it there.

Ella: I'm thinking that maybe a few martinis will warm me up?

Lib: I only saw one cute pantsuit tonight, and it was over $300--but I may try another mall. Some great black heels would go well with the dress I ordered though.

Thomas said...

I think this is a little out of my purview, Ally. But let us know what you pick.

Anonymous said...

Well it's Saturday night and I'm reading your blog so it's probably too late to give any advice. I'm sure you put together something adorable to wear. I personally think Forever 21 is the best place to get something for a party, if you're on a budget. Otherwise Macy's has some cute cocktail dresses.