Thursday, January 04, 2007

Gratitude: The Letter "P"

Passion (imagine life without it), pogo sticks, peppermint patties, Peter Gabriel's "In Your Eyes," the Pixies, prayers, Paul, photographs, Phil Collins, Positive K ("I Gotta a Man"), parties, pepperoni, pastries, pink, pineapple, Pez candy, pizza, peppermints (especially the cinnamon ones), popsicles, pumpkin, presents (especially when they are a surprise and for no reason), pretzels (hot ones from the mall with cheese), pinatas, Pride & Prejudice, and pimiento cheese (especially from the Masters)

Peanut butter: I like it on top of ice cream sundaes and in brownies, cookies, candy, Oreo bark, cakes, buckeyes, icing, and between two slices of white bread.

Peace: The peace that I've experienced as I've submitted my life to God is greater than any description I could provide.

Pancakes: Lately I've liked the blueberry ones at Cracker Barrel, but my favorite pancakes ever were served at a cafe in some hippy surfer village in Costa Rica. They were banana pancakes with chocolate syrup. Yummy.

Pearl Jam: I would name my favorite songs, but I have too many. Can anyone name just one? The first time I saw them in concert, we traveled to Charlotte with general admission tickets to a stadium. Somehow we lucked out and ended up in the mosh pit directly in front of the stage, mere feet from Eddie Vedder. It was awesome. I think a mutual love for this band kept my high school boyfriend and me together for four and a half years since it was our one shared interest:)

"Pride:" This is my favorite sermon so far by Tim Keller. It's one of those that's excellent and on point whether you're a Christian or not; it definitely helped me see how so much of my motivation is (unfortunately) pride.

Pete Yorn: I'm always surprised by how many people aren't familiar with his music; let me know if I need to send you a CD.

Neighbor update: I knocked on my neighbors door one evening after work, but they didn't answer. They might not have heard me though; I'm not very good about knocking loudly since I hate bothering people. So the next day I left a big post-it note on their door, thanking them for the offer and giving them my phone number in case they ever need anything like directions or flour.


Anonymous said...

You're such a good neighbor!!!

Love your P list!! Peppermint Patties & Pez plus Peanut Butter--yummy!! I'm going to the cupboard now!

Ryane said...

Oh P's are such fantastic things to be thankful for...I am in total agreement, especially Pancakes, peanut butter and Pearl Jam. They are like the trifecta of good P things...=-)

allbilly said...

In honor of Elvis' birthday you should have a Peanut Butter and Banana sandwich...fried of course. (how ever you do that? ? )

ON the Pride thing. I would like for you to give me that sermon in a nutshell. While being overly prideful might be viewed negatively by some, pride can be such an excellent motivator. I think Pride is a very good thing. Pete Yorn CD's? I like a couple of his songs. Have you ever listened to KGSR 107.1 out of Austin? I think you'd like it.

DCVita said...

GREAT LIST! I am infatuated with Pete Yorn too!

ella w. said...

Peace...something I pray for every day.

Can you sent me the link to Tim Keller's sermon?

e.b. said...

Pppplenty to be thankful for. There was serioulsy a whole sentence there where I was drooling.....pineapple, Pez candy, pizza, peppermints (especially the cinnamon ones), popsicles, pumpkin

Aaron said...

I knew that Peanut Butter and Pearl Jam would be on this list! I've got a bunch of Pearl Jam loaded on the iPod. Good stuff with some entertaining memories tied to it. Catch up with me in chat and I'll tell you of a neat Pearl Jam story from a friend in Seattle.

I'm definately down with some old school Peter Gabriel, too! Send me what you got, please! :D

(On a side note, I like Phil Collins, too. I wonder if he likes Disturbed's cover of Land of Confusion? I _LOVE_ that song.)

And I'll take the link to that sermon; you know I need it.

Ally said...

FC&F: I love all of that stuff so much that I can't really keep it in my cupboard:)

Ryane: I like the idea of the trifecta of good P things.

Billy: I'm not familiar with that radio statio; I actually listen to very little radio anymore. I'll have to disagree with you on pride generally being a good motivator. I agree that it motivates us though, but I think there are much better sources of motivation. Maybe I'll do a post some time on it, and I'll try to summarize the sermon for you when I have time. It's a 40 minute sermon though and almost all of it is very useful stuff.

DCVita: I saw him in concert, and he was great!

Accidentally Me said...

Puppies!!! With their floppy ears and oversized feet...

brookem said...

I love this "gratitude" theme.

Ally said...

Ella & Aaron: I've searched around a bit on the internet for a link to a free version of the sermon and have had no luck. You can order the TAPE of what I think is this sermon on Redeemers website, but that doesn't seem like a fun option. And unfortunately I can't e-mail the mp3. I would however be more than happy to burn you guys a copy and mail it. Just e-mail me your address if you want me to. I'll throw in some Pete Yorn and Pearl Jam too:) Aaron, unfortunately that's the only Peter Gabriel I have though.

AM: How did I forget?!

Brookem: I can't believe how it's flown by. It's definitely a good reminder for me.

e.b.: It's making me hungry all over again!

Jordan said...

I'd like to hear the sermon as well... I listen to Joel Osteen a lot but I'm up for listening to others also.

Can't believe you're in the p's already! Did you skip any letters? haha

Ally said...

Jordan: I'll be happy to mail all sorts of sermons to you! I have a lot of Andy Stanley and Tim Keller's sermons. And no, I didn't skip a single letter (unless I don't know the alphabet and did it inadvertently:)

Anonymous said...

Did Petit Fors miss the cut???

Ally said...

Donatello: How could I forget? Those are my favorite!?