Wednesday, January 31, 2007

New York, New York

So a week from tomorrow I'm heading to New York. I'll arrive there at 10:20 a.m. on Thursday morning, and Ozzy will join me the next day around dinner time. So basically I have two days to myself and need to figure out a rough itinerary. I'm really excited, but I'm a bit anxious too. I feel like I need a plan of sorts, especially since it's going to be so cold. I've already got some Cuddle Duds out to pack and wish I could wear one of those toboggan things that comes down over your face with holes for your eyes and mouth. From what I know, NYC seems a lot different than the other cities I've visited. It seems so much larger and complicated. I also don't know where I want to go, so right now I'm trying to figure that out and would welcome any input. It's funny how I've always wanted to visit NYC, but I didn't really have any specific places in mind. I just like to wonder around and absorb a place and the people who live there.

On Saturday Ozzy wants to visit Central Park, Ground Zero, and the Museum of Modern Art. On Sunday, I want to attend church at Redeemer Presbyterian and eat brunch somewhere delicious. From talking to Ella, I think I'd enjoy knocking around and shopping in Greenwich Village and the East Village. She's recommended Magnolia Bakery too. I'm definitely taking her up on that suggestion as City Search says the cupcakes "are slathered in an icing that's as pure an expression of sugar, butter, and vanilla as you're going to find." Oh, and our hotel serves warm chocolate chip cookies every night. I wish I could quit eating now to have extra room for all of the yummy food I want to try while in New York.

I've also thought it might be fun to walk across the Brooklyn Bridge and have pizza. Or visit Grand Central Station. And I think I'll wait and buy a discounted ticket on Thursday to a Broadway show for that night since I'm not dead-set on seeing any particular show. I'm very open to ideas and suggestions of places to eat/visit, especially if you have any "must sees."

Is everyone else as glad as I am that it's almost Thursday? I guess the only downside to having such a wonderful weekend is that a work week pales in comparison:)


Anonymous said...

NYC does sound glamerous but I'm like you, I'd have no clue what all I'd like to do. I have always said visit the Today show. I'd also like to catch a broadway play with a famous actor/actress in it (Bat saw Ashley Judd in Cat on a Hot Tin Roof). I'd also like to go to the top of the Empire State Bldg.

I gave you a little credit tonight on my blog.

Have a fun trip!!

allbilly said...

You are such a planner. Whatever happened to going with the flow. And how does this OZ guy end up everywhere except in your arms kissing you goodnight? ? ?

I like to just show up in a city with a first nights reservation and see where it leads.

Obviously we wouldn't travel well together. Good thing I don't have a Match profile :)

All my bullshit to say...have a great time. Eat well...and in NYC....every lawyer should eat at Per Se....just because of the name.

PeeJ said...

Oh wow, I'm envious. I really do have to get back to the big apple sometime. Specially now there seem to be so many cool people there.

Oh and thursdays, as I said I just utterly love thursdays.


Aaron said...

I hate to do the touristy thing, but I didn't get to spend nearly as much time in the MET or Museum of Natural History the last time I was there (had to split them between one day). So I'd definately do both of those. The Statue of Liberty was a fun visit, even if it was freezing cold (but a beautiful sunny day).

I was too shell-shocked during my visit to Ground Zero to organize any real emotion but the visible emotions of other people there make it a very difficult scene to comprehend. It's probably the quietest block in New York now.

I've done a lot of little things in NYC... I'd like to return to the big stuff for a change. (Is it okay to be upset that I never got to see NYC from the top of the WTC?)

Aaron said...

Billy: Ally and Oz get their smoochin' done in the morning. :P`

Lost said...

It sounds like you have some great things in mind to start for your time by yourself here in NYC. How exciting! Pls feel free to email me if you need suggestions or if you get lost....

e.b. said...

I heart NY. You will have a wonderful time. Sarabeth's (upper west side) is great for breakfast/brunch - but the line can be killer. Serendipity for crazy good coffee and cocoa. You'll love it.

What about Les Halles for the foodie in you????

Allen Madding said...

Find the Cash Cab!! LOL

ella w. said...

If you want to do a fun indoor activity, the planetarium is fun. I think walking across the Brooklyn Bridge might freeze you - unless you are in a snow suit!

brookem said...

You're going to have a blast! How about the Sex and the City Tour? It's a totally girlie thing to do, AND they make a stop at Magnolia Bakery, and you get a FREE cupcake! It takes you around to tons of other places (if you want more details I can email them to you).
How about Rockafeller Center? Union Square? Park Ave/that whole area, just to walk/shop/browse around could be fun.
I'll keep thinking!

Trixie said...

Definitely catch a show (Broadway, Off broadway, etc..) there are so much to choose from!

Check out the website as well as the half ticket sale site. They will give you some info on bargain tickets.

Serendipity was a dessert place that was recommended to me before.

We also rode a ferry (free) to go around Staten Island.

The Little Italy of NY is also a nice spot to eat... tons of restaurants.

Of course also visit, Central Park, Museum of Modern Art, Ground Zero.

Have fun... NY is amazing... the city if so full of energy!