Thursday, January 11, 2007

Musical Thing.....

I started doing this the other day (yes, I know, my life is terribly exciting:), and it was kind of funny.

If you're so inclined or super-bored at work and have your ipod, here's what you do:

1. Open your music library (iTunes, Winamp, etc.)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Lather, rinse, repeat ...

Opening Credits: "Better Be Good to Me" -- Tina Turner

Birth: "25 Minutes to Go" -- Pearl Jam

School: "Ace in the Hole" --George Strait (I did not put this in my itunes! Must be compliments of Donatello)

Driving Theme: "Black" -- Pete Yorn

Prom: "Deeper & Deeper (David's Klub Mix)" --Madonna

Graduation: "When We Recovered" -- Toad the Wet Sproket

Falling In Love: "No Scrubs" -- TLC

Fight Scene: "River Kwai March" (It's the whistling like song that kids march to at camp; I remember it from Parent Trap.)

Breaking Up: "Desperado" -- Clint Black

Life: "On the Way Down" -- Ryan Cabrera

Mental Breakdown: "Somebody Told Me" -- The Killers

Wedding: "Who Wouldn't Want to Be Me?" -- Keith Urban

Divorce: "40 oz. to Freedom" -- Sublime (Isn't it sad that this is just naturally in here?)

Flashback: "In Between Days" -- The Cure

Birth of Child: "Highway to Hell" -- AC/DC I didn't like this, so I pushed shuffle again and came up with a track from Bach's Brandenburg Concerto--much better.

Final Battle: "99%" --Soul Ayslum

Moment of Triumph: "A Better Man" -- Clint Black

Work: "Spaceship" --Angie Aparo

Death: "Hands Up" -- Black Eyed Peas

End Credits: "Joyride" -- Oleander

On an unrelated note and for those of you who remember the discussion about whether age is just a number when it comes to dating, I met the 24 year old at a party recently. He seemed nice and was cute, and I can see why my friend Kate wanted us to meet. He's evidently been dating someone though (although I've heard that has recently ended). He definitely appeared younger. We only talked for a few minutes, and no sparks flew. However, he does fall into the "if his personality clicks with mine, I could find him very attractive" category. Most of the guys I've dated have been in that category.

So who gets a three day weekend? Unfortunately I do not. Oh, Billy Bob told me that if he got MLK day off (he doesn't), he would refuse to take it because he basically doesn't think it's something that should be celebrated (he actually said something a lot worse but you get the idea). Ridiculous. But as I mentioned, I'm going to be baptized this weekend AND my mom, great-aunt, sister, and nieces are coming. FUN! I am excited.


Aaron said...


Opening Credits: Set It Off- Audioslave
"Set it off, set it off, set this f'er off!"
Birth: You Turn the Screws - Cake
School: Since I've Been Loving You - Led Zeppelin
Driving Theme: Everything Counts - Depeche Mode
Prom: Just Can't Get Enough - Depeche Mode
Graduation: Cold Hard Bitch - Jet
My sentiments on college exactly.
Falling In Love: The Happiest Days Of Our Lives - Pink Floyd
Title is fitting, but not the lyrics.
Fight Scene: Forgiven - Disturbed
Breaking Up: Awkward - Lost Prophets
Life: Black Seed - AFI
Mental Breakdown: Someday - Nickleback
"Someday somehow I'm gonna make it alright but not right now.."
Wedding: Do This Anymore - Nickleback
"Why is what's best for you always the worst thing for me?"
Divorce: Only - Nine Inch Nails
"There is no you, there is only me."
Flashback: Spoonman - Soundgarden
Birth of Child: Stellar - Incubus
Final Battle: Kashmir - Led Zeppelin
Moment of Triumph: Hot Hot Hot!!! - The Cure
Work: Exploder - Audioslave
Death: Sunday Bloody Sunday - U2
End Credits: Points of Authority - Linkin Park
"You want someone to hurt like you, you want to share what you've been through."

allbilly said...

I don't own an Ipod, so I can't participate in that shuffle thing. You own way too much Clint Black. You know he's a High School drop out from Katy, Texas. Gotta make us Texans proud.

Congrats on the baptism. That is wonderful.

What kinda law firm doesn't take MLK day off? Yikes. I mean out of pure political correctness.....

Allen Madding said...

Opening Credits: Show Me Your Glory - Third Day
Birth: Under Pressure - David Bowie
School: What's Your Name - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Driving Theme: Rock & Roll - Led Zeppelin
Prom: My God Reigns - Darrell Evans
Graduation: Chicks Dig It - Chris Cagle
Falling in Love: Let's Get it On - Marvin Gaye
Fight Scene: Are You Ready - Creed
Breaking Up: Round Here - Counting Crows
Life: Tuesday's Gone - Lynyrd Skynyrd
Mental Breakdown: How Awesome is the Lord Most High - Chris Tomlin
Wedding: Come Undone - Cravin' Melon
Divorce: Jane Says - Janes Addiction
Flashback: Where the Green Grass Grows - Tim McGraw
Birth of a Child: Photograph - Def Leppard
Final Battle: Daughter - Pearl Jam
Moment of Truth: The Middle - Jimmy Eat World
Work: Another One Bites the Dust - Queen
Death: Chrome - Trace Adkins
End Credits: Rooster - Alice in Chains

e.b. said...

I will be working 9-5 (if only, but you get the picture) come this Monday.

Ella said...

A couple years back, we didn't get MLK off. Instead, there was an optional viewing of a documentary on MLK which was being shown during our lunch break. How lame is that?

We've gotten ever MLK day off since then.

Croaker said...

Age is just a number it is maturity and the connection you have that matter.

Ally said...

Croaker: I guess age and immaturity sometimes correlate, but in large part, I agree with you.

Ella: That's ridiculous. They should have asked you guys to organize a parade down the hallway during your coffee break too.

e.b.: I totally understand.

Allen: Welcome! I love Chris Tomlin.

Billy: I agree that it's crazy, but our firm is certainly not alone. And I didn't put any of that Clint Black on my itunes; my ex must have.

Aaron: I love the verses you set out; it's funny how some of the songs just fit perfectly.

Kimberly said...

Opening Credits: "Leave the Pieces" -- The Wreckers

Birth: "She Has No Time" -- Keane (well, I was impatient - born 2 months early)

School: "Everything's Right" -- Matt Wertz

Driving Theme: "The Happy Elf" -- Harry Connick, Jr. (I love elbow dancing in the car to this one...don't ask)

Prom: "The Guitar Man" -- Cake

Graduation: "Happy Valentine's Day" -- Outkast

Falling In Love: "L.O.V.E." -- Natalie Cole

Fight Scene: "Vienna" -- The Fray

Breaking Up: "Pinback" -- Loro

Life: "Here I Am" -- EmmyLou Harris

Mental Breakdown: "Would You Go With Me" -- Josh Turner (I do accompany people in precarious mental situations quite often..and then there's my job)

Wedding: "Hold My Hand" -- Van Hunt

Divorce: "Mary's Little Boy Child" -- Harry Connick Jr.

Flashback: "When It's Cold Outside" -- John Legend

Birth of Child: "The Luckiest" -- Ben Folds

Final Battle: "Can't Stop Now" -- Keane (doesn't really make sense?)

Moment of Triumph: "Thunder only happens when it's raining" -- Fleetwood Mac

Work: "Family Man" -- Hall & Oates Ha!

Death: "A Gozar Timbero" -- Tito Puente (this is the salsa song from Along Came Polly)

End Credits: "Dead Wrong" -- The Fray

Ryane said...

I love that you have Oleander on your iPod. Fun list...

brookem said...

Cool idea:) Maybe I'll post about this soon- it's something different and I like that. Besides, I need something to take my mind off of things.
Congratulations on your baptism this weekend! That's wonderful. Enjoy the time with your family, Happy Friday.

Allen Madding said...

TY for the welcome. I love Chris Tomlin's music Ipod is crammed with it. Congrats on the baptism that is awesome.

Jeff Price said...

I can't believe you were at a party with him and didn't make the most common of small talk to find out if he has seen "Swingers" or not!!!

Ally said...

Jeff: I totally let that ball drop! Sorry. I'll get my friend to ask:)

Allen: Thanks!

Brookem: It's nice to do mindless stuff like that sometimes.

Ryane: I've been a fan for years!

Kimberly: I love your death song. I want my funeral to be a celebration, and salsa would be one way to do it. Also, I can't help it--I want to see that dance!