Sunday, April 15, 2007

Sleeping and Working Out

I read a section of a fitness book today that said you're sleep deprived if at any given time during the day, you can fall asleep within ten minutes. I must be incredibly deprived as I can pretty much curl up whenever (like today and yesterday) and nap for hours. I did, however, get up early both today and yesterday.

Yesterday's early morning wake-up was so I could try a 9:00 a.m. class at my gym called "Body Attack." The description made it seem like it was boot campish, but fifteen minutes in, and I still felt like I was in some floor aerobics class. You know--all of the same things (side, side, knee up and repeat a hundred times with different arm motions just to confuse you) over and over. So I noticed someone bailing, and I joined her. At least my run on the treadmill and weights didn't make me feel bored, like I was wasting my time, and uncoordinated.

Speaking of the gym, I had a lady stare me down the other day. There are about 16 treadmills at my gym, and I was using one that was surrounded by two unused treadmills. Perhaps I am wrong, but wouldn't anyone (in their right mind) choose to use the piece of cardio equipment of choice that isn't surrounded my cardio equipment in use? Or in other words, wouldn't you prefer to use a treadmill next to an unused treadmill rather than use one next to me? Evidently not. And those people who don't share my thoughts like to (1) wear Old Spice, (2) not bathe and/or wear deodorant, (3) douse themselves in baby powder or other strong scents, (4) sweat a lot, or (5) talk on their cell phones. The smells sometimes literally make me feel sick, especially super strong cologne. So the other night I'm running and a girl takes the treadmill next to me. Whatever. Then a few minutes later another woman comes and takes the other treadmill next to me despite the fact that there are at least four unused treadmills (not next to any in use). I was at the end of my second mile anyway, so I grabbed my ipod and moved to one of other treadmills to avoid feeling irritated and claustrophobic. The lady then proceeded to stare at me until she left as if I had personally offended her or something.

So why do people do this? Maybe I'm just weird about being boxed in when it's not necessary and no one else even thinks about it. I wondered if it was a competitive thing at first, but almost all of these people are slow walkers or joggers. So I just try to grab a treadmill on the end and that way only one weird smell can float my way. And then on pretty days like Friday, I go to one of my favorite places in Macon--Rose Hill Cemetery--and run or walk there. No one bothers me there:)


PeeJ said...

Horrible isn't it - my gym is the same. You can pick the treadmill furthest away from the action and think to yourself "No one will horn in on my action here" but you can bet that within ten minutes someone will come and run next to you, and it'll always be the sweatiest stinkiest person you could possibly imagine. Bleee!


Accidentally Me said...

This is why it is so much easier to just avoid the gym entirely!!!

nicole d. said...

Stinky people or not stinky people, I don't like to be boxed in either.

Aaron said...

I can't stand the heavy runners or those with sporatic strides next to me on the treadmill. They ALWAYS jack up what little rythm I have.

e.b. said...

I always aim for the machines with no one next to them. I just like the space.

kathrynthomas said...

okay. so i still am able to use the student rec at the university for free, which is both good and bad. good because we have a very nice facility filled with very nice free classes and a climbing wall. bad because undergraduates are there.

what drives me crazy is the stereotypical sorority girls who come in, water bottle and ipod in hand, hair and makeup perfectly done, and some colour-matched workout outfit. they get on a crossramps machine or treadmill and proceed to walk snail pace for about five minutes. then they get off, wipe the "sweat" from their forehead, and leave. i'm just wondering, why waste your time?

that's what i thought about while working out yesterday, and who cares what lady thought. i would've given her a cutsie smile and a wave on my way out just to be sarcastic. then again. that's probably not so nice. :)

Jordan said...

haha.. I've had the same thing happen to me and like you, I've grabbed my things and moved farther away from them.

It's like the times you're waiting in a waiting room and there are rows and rows of seats, yet someone sits right next to you or a chair away, when they had many empty ones to choose from. Whether they smell good or not, I don't like intrusion.

and... HAHAHA @ AM!

Princess Extraordinaire said...

On the infrequent times I have been to the gym lately it bothers me whem someone does that - it's annoying...

Lost said...

I'm soooo with you. I always pick the one removed. Exactly, why do you want to be near other people when you can work out with no one around you? I'm just the type of person who doesn't want to talk to anyone or be near anyone...esp at the gym, i'm sweaty, don't want to really be there anyway

Maybe she's just extremely insecure and felt like you were snubbing her. No's HER issue, not yours.

Ally said...

Lost: Exactly!

Princess: Agreed.

Jordan: Maybe if enough of us move away from them, they'll finally figure out gym etiquette.

Kathryn: Did you know they make push up, padded sports bras now? That only adds to what you're describing.

e.b.: Me too.

Aaron: How do you feel about those of us who run intervals? Does that mess up your rhythm too?

Nicole D.: It makes me extra hot and sweaty too.

AM: I guess that is one solution!

Peej: I almost want to say "I respectfully request that you use another treadmill WEIRDO."

ella w. said...

Unfortunately I don't have that luxury in yoga class. I usually don't get stuck next the smelly, sweaty guy since usually it's all women. But once I was unfortunate to have that happen and the guys sweat managed to drip onto my mat! I went home and disinfected my yoga mat.

allbilly said...

this is all why running/walking should be done outside. as should biking.

Kimberly said...

What about if the TV with the show you want to watch is right next to someone else's treadmill? That would make me guilty of taking one next to someone even though otherwise I'd generally prefer my own space. I don't think I'm that sweaty though.
How crazy of that woman to give you the evil eye for moving away from her? She must have been one of those uber-competitive types and she secretly wanted to race you.

Ally said...

Ella: I can understand not wanting someone else's sweat on your mat...but then again I've also used the mats provided by my gym, so who knows?

Billy: I usually run at night, so inside is a much safer bet.

Kimberly: At my gym each piece of cardio equipment has its own television, so it doesn't matter which machine you use--you get to set the channel. I'm not sure what the lady's deal was--I wondered if she thought I was being racist or something by the way she glared at me.

brookem said...

yeah, i try and go to the machine against the wall for those reasons. good for you for trying out that class though- sucks it didn't turn out like you thought!

ps- im definitely sleep deprived too then!