Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Zippity Do Da Zippity A: The End of the Gratitude Alphabet!

The zoo!! Who doesn’t love the zoo?

Zippers, Zebras (but not Zebra Cakes because they are disgusting), Zest, Zing, Zeal, Zoloft

Zip: He was my adorable (stuffed) monkey. I carried him a lot of places, including over the furnace we had in our hallway, which resulted in slightly burned Zip. But hey, I got him a girlfriend (Tippy), and she was a very cute blond.

That’s all I’ve got, but since this is a gratitude post and I am not otherwise inspired: I love how not having had something at one point makes me incredibly grateful to have it now. Like today when I walked in the Soup Kitchen, I saw an older attorney who I’ve had an affinity for ever since I met him. I love that—running into people I know in restaurants, at the gym, or at church. Last week I ended up having an impromptu workout with a friend who just happened to be at the gym. My year at UGA and year in Atlanta in which I literally could count on one hand how many times I ran into anyone I knew has made be cherish the occurrence now.

Almost every morning on my drive to work I think about how glad I am that traffic is never an issue and how easy it is to get to my office. I never have to wonder how long it will take to get to work. Or had to park on the tenth level of a parking garage, then walk through another parking garage, take an elevator down, cross a courtyard, and then take an elevator to the 45th floor like I did when I was a summer associate in Atlanta. It’s easy.

So many days when I get home I think about how lovely it is to come home to an empty apartment, not having to look around the parking lot to see if my roommate is home and wondering if she’ll have taken over the living room (or if her friend will be having sex with a stranger, who happens to be a felon, on the sofa).

And my year as a poor freshman (in part thanks to my last minute decision to go to college early) makes me so glad that “number 3” at Burger King is no longer a splurge or treat. Or that invitations to certain events require that I go shopping because I truly didn’t have the appropriate clothing.

I could go on forever, but in short, it’s neat how not having something is a blessing because it makes you extra appreciative when you have it later. And the gratitude alphabet has helped me focus on what all I have rather that what I don’t have. Now that it’s over, I think I’ll end each post with something I’m grateful for, which is how my best friend Nicole and I always end our e-mails to each other.


brandy said...

I enjoyed your gratitude alphabet and admit, I'm a bit sad it's over. Z is a hard one... I think you said everything I thought of. And I know what you mean about appreciating things when you don't have them. I feel that way everytime I get a flat tire (which happens often) and the spare gets put on. Suddenly tires filled with air are the most glorious things ever!

allbilly said...

Zero favorite candy bar.

Ally said...

Billy: I don't think I've ever had one.

Brandy: I'm a little sad too. And not having to buy a new tire is always a good thing!

ella said...


Ally said...

Ella: I think I've only had that high school. I tried to make it better by putting Jolly Ranchers in it, but I think my buddy's little brother just ended up drinking it.

Princess Extraordinaire said...

It's nice to see a gratitude list - it's a reminder for me of how grateful I am for so many things I take for granted

brookem said...

It's the end! Well, I really like your idea about ending each post with something you're thankful for. What a neat concept.

SEE YA Sanjaya!
PS-Grey's is new:)

e.b. said...

That is very sweet and a really great idea - it helps keep things in perspective and remind you of what there is to be happy/grateful for.

Oh and Zoolander.

Ally said...

e.b.: While I don't enjoy Zoolander as much as some of my friends, it's definitely got some funny lines. Good addition.

Brookem: People should drop p.s. on their comments with something they are grateful for--like a new Grey's!!

Princess: I'm good at taking things for granted too.

Anonymous said...

WOW It's over! What's next? I really enjoyed reading you from A 2 Z!!

Anonymous said...

I like the grateful idea... thanks!