Sunday, January 04, 2009

I'm It...Now You're It

I'm not that good about responding to being tagged, but it's a lazy Sunday afternoon and I'm trying to distract myself a bit from thinking; so here it goes.

Amy tagged me, and I am suppose to share ten things about myself that are "pretty interesting" and then tag seven bloggers to share their ten things.

1. I learned to read upside down and write with my toes in gifted class in elementary school. I subsequently told my mother that I thought gifted class was pointless and that I wanted out; she didn't agree. Back in the day, they thought your IQ changed and retested students every three or so years to see if they were still gifted. Guess whose IQ dropped below gifted range?

2. I struggle with binge eating. I can eat crazy amounts of sweets in one sitting and have a very hard time stopping once I start (I usually stop when it's all gone). I can't keep sweets in my home and at times have even avoided keeping brown sugar around (b/c I'll eat it out of the bag). It's definitely frustrating to have pretty much no willpower when it comes to this. I feel powerless.

3. I love music but because I put songs on repeat and fixate on songs for so long, there's tons of old (and current) music I am only recently learning about (thanks Pandora!) like Damien Rice, Augustana (only two good songs so far), Aqualung, and Iron & Wine. I can seriously just listen to about five songs a month and be fine. When I like it, I really really like it.

4. About 3 and a 1/2 years ago I gave up a sin that I had held on for my first few years as a Christian--and God really got a hold of me; I've changed more in these last few years than I had in all of the years before. It's been incredible and such a blessing. I had no idea how broken and lost I was--or how sweet, peaceful, and joy-filled life could be. I wasn't miserable before and life isn't a bed of roses 24/7 now, but I am so very grateful that the Lord pursued me so faithfully and that I know him so much better now--and that I'm experiencing true freedom.

5. I now use Christian jargon that would have probably made me roll my eyes ten years ago....phrases and words like "quiet time," "accountability," "witness," "time in the Word," "spiritual warfare," "the enemy," and so on. I'm almost to the point that it doesn't make me uncomfortable from time to time.

6. Taboo, Scattegories, and Catch Phrase totally get my heart rate up and raise my blood pressure. I can just feel it. I love those games. And my team dominated last night in Taboo--49 to the boys' 29.

7. My ears don't product much wax, if any, if my Q-tip is a good indicator, but I think it's cool that some people get all sort of gross gook out of their ears.

8. I've only read the Bible through once, but I'm doing it again this year with a One Year Bible.

9. I just discovered the deliciousness of black beans last year.

10. My step-sister and I have the same first name, middle name, and birthday.

So now I'm suppose to tag seven people, and since I'm not a stickler, feel free to disregard my tag. The following blogs are now tagged: Cadleized, Jennsational, Traveling Chica, Ys, Happyascanb (although I know you just did a meme so feel free to skip:), Still Just Me, and that's enough!

p.s. I'm grateful for prayer--the power of praying, the gift of my friends' and Jesus' prayers for me, and the fact that my Lord is always listening.


Amy said...

#10 is crazy! Thanks for doing and sharing! Enjoy your lazy sunday.

Lib said...

Yeah...are you for real about #10?! The chances are astronomical!

I'm with you on the music. My latest fixation is Andrew heard of him? He rocks my world.

I'm still cheezed out by all those Christian terms..."quiet time, devotionals, personal relationship, etc, etc." I didn't used to be, but I've been a Christian for over fifteen years now, and each year they seem to annoy me more and more. To me, they represent a lot that is cliche and plastic about the church...they skim the issues but don't get to the heart of them...but I'll save that soapbox for later. I wonder if I'll get to a point where I don't roll my eyes at them anymore.

Oh, and I still haven't read through the whole Bible. I know, isn't that horrible to admit? I get stuck in Numbers and Leviticus everytime. A lot of the OT feels like drudgery to me. I can't get through it on my own. I need other people to make sense of it for me. (Though I do LOVE the Psalms and Ecclesiastes).

Wow...brown sugar out of the bag! Sweet. Literally!

(I'm not a binger, but I am a grazer. I can't go more than two or three hours without eating before I start feeling deprived.)

I really loved this post AJ. I love your quirks, your honesty, and it's a delight to get to know you better.

Hope that 2009 is your best year yet.


DEb said...

I LOVE #5.... I'm the EXACT same way..always saying "I'll never talk like Christian dorks", I AM ONE! And quite proud of it..hahaha.

I've already been "tagged" a million times...tired of talking about myself. LOVE YOURS THOUGH!!

Jennifer said...

First, every time I check your blog, in my head I'm saying "Car-pay Dee-em" like Cher does in Clueless (I spelled it phonetically.) Don't know why that is, just one of my quirks, I guess.

I'm the same way about #2. I have been known to eat brown sugar right out of the bag...but just a spoonful. Okay, maybe just one more...

I typically make a playlist and listen to it over and over again for a month or so at a time. And even more quirky, I title almost all of my playlists "New list" so when you go through my CD's there's about 14 cd's with that title on it. I'm so creative like that.

And Pandora is my friend and my checkbook's enemy. I hear a song or artist on there and have to download songs or even go buy cd's. But I love Pandora and would marry it if I could.

I have to be very careful with games like Taboo and Scatergories, because if I'm not careful, I cross over to the dark side and get ultra competitive and yell things like "In yo FACE sucka" to my pastor or my students." So mostly I don't play, just observe.

And now, without asking, you know random stuff about me. Sorry...

TC said...

Whoa... I am soooo the opposite of you on #7!!! Mine produce crazy amounts of it! lol

Ally said...

TC: Nice!

Jennifer: Yes, you def. have to be careful with those games. My mother swore at one of my bfs when he buzzed her in was funny but sort of scary too.

Deb: Funny how things change.

Lib: You gotta get a One Year read a little OT, little NT, and a bit of Pslams and Proverbs each day. That way when Numbers is a bit mind-numbing you're only reading a little of it and have the other stuff to look forward to reading. As for #10--she's 4 years older but otherwise same day/month, first name, last name. Crazy. And no, but now I'll check Andrew Bird out. Thanks for the recommendation.

Amy: Thanks!

Anonymous said...

I just discovered Pandora recently. I love it!! I need sweets, too. I have always been afraid it was a sign of diabetes, but my blood sugar checks out okay. I just have a serious sweet tooth much like yourself.

Cat_Chaser said...

I eat peanuts right out of the can sometimes. I've never been able read through the whole Bible but, only parts of it.

I'm still a seeker and I think the jargons and cliches are little rigid.

Like the "p.s" section of your posts :)

KennethSF said...

I share your tendency to become fixated with a short list of songs. Unfortunately, during my holiday shopping, I was exposed to "Last Christmas, I gave you my heart." :-(

Ys said...

I've been tagged! I'll get onto that in tomorrow's post :)

#5 is so me these days too. Sometimes I hear myself and wonder who the hell I am! Hehe.

HappyascanB said...

Yay! I've been tagged! I'll get right on it!!! You have cool things!!! Serious, fun, random, all in one list! I love it!

Jennifer said...

I've gotta say, I'm reminded here of one of the reasons I love blogging and reading other's blogs. I mean, where else does conversation come up about what we find on our Q-tips? This made me laugh out loud.

Libba Lemon said...

Regarding #7: have you ever been with someone when they've used ear candles? Talk about gross gook! You would love it.

Thanks for checking out Miss Ruthie! She's curled up on my chest right now and seems to like your blog as much as I do :)

Kyla Bea said...

I love this one! I fixate on songs too - I'll completely wear them out. It's great though, because I can always remember where I was and what I was going through when I hear them.

OK Chick said...

Wow on #10, that is an interesting fact. The ear wax one made me laugh. If you think that's cool you should check out those ear wax candles. It will rock your socks off after it's been in your ear.

Good luck on reading the whole bible this year. I'm doing the same thing this year.

Brandy said...

So much good stuff here! I'm the same way about a song, it drives everyone around me bonkers... but if I REALLY love it, yeah I'm going to be playing it on repeat until I start to hate it.

Then, I won't want to hear it for a few months and then the process starts all over again.

"Cannonball" by Damien Rice was the last song that I did this to.

Ally said...

Brandy: I just discovered Damien Rice....loving "9 Crimes."

OK Chick: I totally want to see someone do that. You're going to feel so accomplished after this year!

Kyla Bea: Me too. Really strong associations.

Libba Lemon: So sweet!

Jennifer: Exactly!

HappyascanB and YS: Thanks for playing along:)

Kenneth: Not good. Not good at all.

CC: The p.s. part is often the most fun to write too.

F&F: Seems like we have a lot in common....