Monday, March 16, 2009

Really really wanna zigazig ha.

This was a fun exercise to get my mind working this rainy Monday morning. Hope your day is off to a more productive start!

I am…glad the sun came out for two hours late yesterday.
I think…more than I should about things I shouldn’t and probably less than I should about other things.
I know…that I have a ridiculously easy and blessed life.
I want…more despite that knowledge.
I have…a lot of recipes I want to try.
I wish…I had a trust fund and could just volunteer, bake, read, write, send people packages, and do whatever else strikes my fancy.
I hate…how broken and sinful we are.
I miss…having a best friend who lives in the same place I do.
I fear…that God’s plan might be really different from mine and that I might not like it.
I feel…relatively content.
I hear…traffic.
I smell…my gum.
I regret...very little if anything.
I love…my nieces.
I care…almost inexplicably for some people.
I always…have more ideas.
I am not…perfect.
I believe…in miracles.
I dance…poorly and infrequently.
I sing…a lot despite a severe lack of talent.

I write…some of my prayers in my journal.
I win...word games a lot.
I lose…patience with adults more than I wish I did.
I never…want to be depressed again..
I listen…half-heartedly sometimes.
I can usually be found…multi-tasking.
I’m scared of…roaches.
I read…too much on the internet.
I forget…a lot, which is why I take notes.
I just…want what I want when I want it.
I am happy about…the fact that spring weather has to almost be here.

Feel free to do this meme I found on Sparkel's blog.

p.s. I'm grateful for my friend's birthday party at the skating rink this Saturday. So excited!


Aaron said...

You REALLY need to update your music collection. :P

Princess Extraordinaire said...

I think way more then I should too..

HappyascanB said...

Oh, how fun! May I play along?

Ally said...

B: Absolutely! Please do.

Pam said...

Fun meme!

I'm really happy Spring is nearly here as well.

Bone said...

I'm with you on the dancing and singing. And I love Scrabble! And Boggle.

Also, now I have this song in my head:

I believe in miracles
Where ya from
You sexy thing...

Thanks for that :)

W T G said...

Yup, God having a plan that differs from ours tend to make us uneasy but it's been like that since the beginning of time. Sometimes I ask myself, - what am I holding onto that I won't let go ? Sometimes I have such a Kung-Fu grip on things & I don't wanna let go ... Wrestling w/ God and I always wind up tapping out. SHESH !BTW, good post Ally ... Be well !

Ys said...

I just…want what I want when I want it.

That sounds scarily familiar ;) Fun meme. I may have to steal it too.

KennethSF said...

I'm glad to find someone else who believes in miracles. I think miracles are made possible by those who believe in them.

Thomas said...

I keep waiting for Obama to send me a government-sponsored trust fund. Where is my "change I can believe in"?

Anonymous said...

I just…want what I want when I want it.

Me too!

This is a fun meme!

Kimberly said...

What does "meme" mean? I am not familiar with that blog term.

I am totally with you about missing best friends in the same place. Things are just too far apart these days. Thank goodness for phones and facebook, but they don't quite work like good old face to face time.

OK Chick said...

I like this meme. You shall see it on my blog today. :)

Ally said...

Kimberly: Not sure what exactly it means, but they are usually surveys/quizzes and stuff of that like that people complete on their blogs, facebook, etc.

Thomas: Seriously!!

WTG: That question is a good way to figure out what we're treating as a god in our life....

cat_chaser said...

"I sing…a lot despite a severe lack of talent."

Were you secretly on American Idol? :)

Anonymous said...

I have a feeling this one will end up on facebook before too long. Good job.

Was that a spice girls title????

Isabella said...

My favorites were 'I wish' and 'I fear'...because I feel exactly the same on both!