Wednesday, April 08, 2009

Match Date #3

What: First date with another Match guy
Who: "Will"
When: Today after work
Where: Starbucks
Why: Well here's what I know about him....

Christian/Protestant (attends a non-denominational church)
30 years old, 6'3, "athletic and toned," blond/blue-eyed, lives in Atlanta but frequently travels in North Georgia (where I work)
Self-employed real estate attorney
Really into Crossfit, which should make Jennifer happy, and does triathlons, etc. Very active. Loves Dead Poets' Society.
He's in a Facebook group called "People who are from Tennessee and hate UT." That makes me smile. Orange is an awful color on almost everyone.
And the "Match O Meter" shows us matching up in every category except exercise (and that doesn't match b/c I checked the wrong box).

We've been e-mailing for two weeks and trying to get together for over a week now...finally our schedules have synced up. And you know, I'm not dreading this at all. Yeah positive attitude and totally "normal" seeming boy.

In other Match news, MJ, the Chicago guy who brought me a half dozen delicious cupcakes, has emailed and called. While I like him and enjoy talking to him, my gut is that we might be a good fit but not an awesome fit (but what do I know?). He's asked me twice when I was going to be in Atlanta again, and both times I've said that I didn't have any plans to be. I finally threw out that my hometown (where I occasionally stay during the work week) isn't that far from where he lives--about 40 minutes, so maybe we could work something out next time I'm there. He liked that idea and asked me to let him know the next time I'd be there, but honestly I think he should ask me out on a proper date and just come to Chatty. Plus it'll be at least another week and a half or more before I can be in Calhoun and available for dinner (b/c usually when I'm there I'm spending time with my family).

That's enough updating for now. There are three more guys, I think, but short of making a chart it's just too much for one post. And yes, it feels weird to be "talking" to so many different guys, but other than telling a few to take a rain check what do I do? Oh, I think one may be reading my blog (thanks Sitemeter); if so, hi there :) I found his blog, but then felt guilty about reading it so I stopped. I am impressed with my restraint.

p.s. I'm grateful for my evening home alone with no plans and only one phone call.


Accidentally Me said...

First, there is no reason to limit the number of people you meet, except to fit your own schedule. The whole point of Match is to meet it should be understood that you meet more than one.

Second, I will reiterate that "sparks" are overrated. You can tell if you hate someone after one meeting, but I don't think you can tell if someone is definitively "long-term relationship" material. If you basically like him, then you should try and go out again at least once to see how your opinion evolves.

OK Chick said...

Oh my goodness! I'd been all over that one guys blog. I'm impressed.

Well I will gladly take cupcake guy off your hands, if it doesn't work out. But I think you neeed to listen to your gut. I'm having the same problem with Guy #5. He's nice, cool, blah, blah; but I don't know if we are an awesome fit (as you called it). My gut says no- my friends say give him another chance because they think yes. How many chances are guys suppose to get? They don't give us a bunch of chances?

Good luck tonight, and as normal please keep us posted. I promise I'll post about Guy #5 soon.

HappyascanB said...

Yay for a First Date tonight and looking forward to it! You go right ahead and be careful with making yourself too available for MJ. I'll read other guy's blog for you!! :)

jennifer said...

Nice! CrossFit, "Dead Poets Society," Starbucks ... is he the C.S. Lewis quoter too? Hope you enjoy your date. Oh, and I too am impressed with your blog-reading restraint.

Anonymous said...

I dated a guy I met via blog a few years ago - it did not go well.

If you like this guy whose blog you found and would like to maybe date him, it's a really good thing you stopped reading.

Have fun on your date tonight - I'm hoping to arrange one myself with a new guy I've been talking to.

Thus far he seems very normal, which, in my experience, means it's only a matter of time before he says/does something weird.

I really dislike dating sometimes.

Anonymous said...

SO glad I am out of the dating game! Marriage is so wonderful.

Anonymous said...

Crossing my fingers for a good date for you!!! Hugs.

Mamacita said...

Update today?

cat_chaser said...

Must love Dead Poets' Society ? I gotta rent this movie :)

Scotty said...

seems like none of these guys are close, no?

TC said...

I'm super impressed by that self-restraint! Wow. No way.

Man, I couldn't handle this many guys at once. Even just e-mailing 'em. I definitely a one-man kinda woman. Because, let's face it, if you aren't totally in that gaga-over-him stage in the beginning, is it even any fun?